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Sociology Lecture 1 Chapter 1

Sociology Lecture 1 Chapter 1

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Published by FVCproductions
Sociology Lecture 1 Chapter 1
July 2013
Uploaded for your pleasure.
Sociology Lecture 1 Chapter 1
July 2013
Uploaded for your pleasure.

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categoriesTypes, School Work
Published by: FVCproductions on Jul 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 22, 2013 9:28:12 AM
July 17, 2013 8:25:23 PM
Tidewater Comm College Pond 1700 College Cres Virginia Beach, VA 23453-1918 Unit
Sociology Lecture 1: Chapter 1
Sociology definition: scientific study of reciprocal relationshipbetween people and society 
People have impact on society and vice versasociety consists of peopleman vs self, man vs man, man vs societyconform: socialization (process all go through)one must be socialized to live in a certain cultureleaders vs supervisor: leader has influence and presents idea instrong voice- binds vision to people-- TED talk on company purpose,supervisor is just part of hierarchy and can impose consequencesscientific because in sociology it is credible and can be repeated
groups influence people
how people are influenced by their societypeople who share a culture/territorywhat is a society? A society is a group of people who share a certainculture and territory
Social location: corners in life
 jobs, income, education, gender, age, race/ethnicityhistory (events going on in current timeframe that impacts society)and biography (how do personal experiences impact individuals life)
Sociology and the other sciences
natural sciences: explain and predict events in natural environmentsocial sciences: examine human relationships, divided intospecialized fields based on their subject matter 
5 areas of social sciences
1. Anthropology: studies culture2. Economics: studies production and distribution of goods and services3. Political science: studies how people govern themselves4. Psychology5. Sociology
Goal of science
explain why something happens, make generalizations, look for patterns, predict what will happen, move beyond common senseexample of little Johnny and reasoning behind aggressive behavior 
Origins of sociology
tradition vs scienceindustrial revolution: masses of people moved to cities in searchof workgrew out of social upheavalimperialism of the timerise of the scientific method
Risks of sociology
nooks and crannies people prefer hiddenpeople feel threatened by informationthey peer behind the scenes to get past those sugar coated images
August Comte and positivism
 applying scientific method to social work, Comte began to wonder what holds society together coined term "sociology", "armchair philosophy"
Herbert spencer and Social Darwinism
second founder of sociology, disagreed sharply with Comte's idea thatsociologists should guide social reform, lower and higher forms of society, coined phrase "survival of the fittest", Spencer's idea that itwas wrong to help the poor offended many

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