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News Journal 2002 (October) [MansonMurders.com Backup]

News Journal 2002 (October) [MansonMurders.com Backup]

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Published by MansonCaseFile
Bill Nelson gives an overview of what's new on the Manson Family in the year 2002
Bill Nelson gives an overview of what's new on the Manson Family in the year 2002

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Published by: MansonCaseFile on Jul 26, 2013
Copyright:Public Domain


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Dateline California - August 16, 2002
According to a reporter from an inland California newspaper, the California Board of Prison Terms has been given more time to do an appeal with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals concerning the Leslie Van Houten Superior Court action taken in June 2002.The position of the California Attorney Generals attorneys, the BPT has given VanHouten fair and reasonable parole hearings. The attorney for Van Houten and theinmate disagree of course.Los Angeles based radio talk show host George Putnam reported today that a bill in theCalifornia Legislature will allow prison authorities to use reasonable force to take DNAsamples from inmates. The bill will move to a conference committee after having passed in the state Assembly. People working on unsolved cases believe this bill will help insolving multiple murders and attacks throughout the state.
Dateline California - August 10, 2002
Doris Tate was the one who kept the case alive. She was compelling, she had charisma,she was a grandmother, and her daughter was semi-famous at the time of her murder.Sharon Tate is much more famous in death according to many admirers of today thanshe might have been had she not been murdered by the Manson family. It was from1987 until the fall of 1991 that I traveled extensively with Doris. We went to Canada,Sweden, Washington, D.C. and New York. I was with her when she met RomanPolanski after not seeing him for ten years. That meeting took place in June of 1990.The fact that Polanski had fled the United States and was a convicted felon did notsway Doris in her enthusiasm and the prospect of meeting him again. She confided onthe way to see him that she will always remember Roman and Sharon as being together.
NEWS JOURNALhttp://web.archive.org/web/20021002194548/www.mansonmurders.co...1 van 727-01-2010 15:17
The reunion I witnessed was warm, sincere, and spontaneously filled with mutualadmiration. No one really keeps the flame alive much now days. No one has filled her shoes. The press does not respond the way they did when it was Doris Tate, the matriarch of murdered victims and a founder of Parents of Murdered Children. It was a title sheneither sought nor desired. She would have gladly traded the fame and kindness'expressed by media personalities for the life of her daughter.
This weekend
marks the 33rd year since the needless crimes were carried out by acareer criminal to start a race war that shocked the conscience of America. I found noarticles or even a reference to the murders in either the Orange County Register or theOrange County Edition of the Los Angeles Times.One of the problems is time. Another problem is the all too often repeated stories of violence and murder against the youth of our country. Even the stories of negligent parents leaving children to die in over-heated cars is reported all too frequently. Theseare the crimes that shock the nation, much like the ones carried out by the Mansonfamily.Charles Manson sells well on the web and his followers have established sympatheticsupporters who host web sites for the infamous killers now in their late 40's or early50's. Not much news about the murders here in California. Not for the 33rd year.He was one of the most honest, sincere, respected people to have given the CDC or California Department of Corrections thirty years of service. He walked in and out othe CIW prison that houses the Manson female killers for more than twenty-two years.There were rumors started inside the prison at one point suggesting that Lt. RobertSebald and I were in business together making money off the case. The CDC actuallyinvestigated the rumors and purchased a taped interview that I had conducted withSebald for the 25th anniversary of the case. It did not seem fair that a career officer of the CDC should have a shadow cast over his illustrious career at the suggestion of threeManson woman. Sebald and I kind of laughed about that one day when he told meabout the investigation. Nothing ever came from the investigation to be sure. He will beoff on a new adventure in life and we wish him well. Lt. Robert Sebald was a rare breed and the department will find it hard to replace his talents and mannerism in dealingwith the media. The replacement sat in on the parole hearing of Leslie Van Houten inJune 2002.Well before Digital cameras were available, I had to rent broadcast television equipmentto tape a parole hearing. It cost me as much as $150.00 in fees. Then I often paid another $100.00 to make a master tape of each hearing for duplication purposes. Thefirm that I stored my masters with just found a box marked with my personal name this past week. Inside the large box were many master copies of Beta Cam SP, Super VHS,and 1" tape of parole hearings dating back to 1990.Television producers or interested  parties may contact me by e-mail for additional information. These tapes containcomplete footage of each parole hearing.
NEWS JOURNALhttp://web.archive.org/web/20021002194548/www.mansonmurders.co...van 727-01-2010 15:17
Dateline California - August 6, 2002CIW
has some pretty new programs for the inmates and television personalities arestanding in line to gain interviews. ABC and Diane Sawyer got the first interview withthe Lifer organization at CIW where the Manson women are housed and a producer of Dateline told me that she was literally beat out of that slot by five minutes. Sawyer,who had interviewed Manson for the 25th anniversary of the murders in 1994 upsetsome of the inmates who participated. Sources have indicated that other networks have been delayed due to the inmate reactions. Dateline was to gain access for the first week of August but the inmates now say they want to wait until September.A national magazine has indicated a desire to feature the fight of Leslie Van Houten togain release and the actions of the Board of Prison terms position on releasing peoplewho have been convicted of murder. The magazine people are well aware of the battleand the claims from our present governor that no killers will go free on his watch.A source close to Leslie Van Houten said that she is willing to meet with AngelaSmaldino, the niece of Leno LaBianca, in person but that she will do so only if there isno tape recording of the meeting. I was told that Ms. Smaldino said she wanted to voicetape the meeting and use it in her graduate studies for a paper. This, said the source, isunacceptable because Ms. Van Houten believes it could be exploited.When I met inside CIW with Susan Atkins for almost ten hours in 1992, I did so withthe understanding there would be no video, voice or other recording of theconversations. Susan had her attorney at that time present for most of the conversations but I did speak to Susan Atkins for quite some time in the attorney room withoutDeborah her attorney.The ground rules seem to be reasonable and only time will tell if Ms. Smaldino acceptsthem.
Dateline California - July 24, 2002
NEWS JOURNALhttp://web.archive.org/web/20021002194548/www.mansonmurders.co...3 van 727-01-2010 15:17

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