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Colorado ElliptiGO Double Peak Challenge Trip Report

Colorado ElliptiGO Double Peak Challenge Trip Report

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Published by Bill Pinnell
Along with friends I took my ElliptiGO 11R on a roadtrip to Colorado to ride up Flagstaff, Mt Evans, Pikes Peak and walk up The Manitou Incline on a long weekend in July 2013
Along with friends I took my ElliptiGO 11R on a roadtrip to Colorado to ride up Flagstaff, Mt Evans, Pikes Peak and walk up The Manitou Incline on a long weekend in July 2013

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Published by: Bill Pinnell on Jul 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Last weekend in Colorado there were two notable hill climbing cycle races:
July 20
- The Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb up Mt Evans from Idaho Springs
July 21
- The Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb from Manitou Springs / Crystal LakesThis was the first time these two annual races have been held on consecutive days and provided an opportunity for acyclist to do both to complete the
Hardest and Highest Cycling Weekend 
 I had already signed up to do Pikes Peak and then was persuaded by my friends at ElliptiGO that I should also come out
to Colorado for the Mt Evans race as well…
 I also popped into the Qualcomm Boulder office on Thursday
what a great location!
The night sky from Eldora Lodge, Wondervu, Golden, CO (8000ft)
On Friday I wanted to do a small ‘warm
up’ ride as I hadn’t been on my bike all week. An
interesting route looked like riding down to Gross Reservoir then up to Flagstaff. The earlymorning had beautiful weather and I really was in the middle of nowhere
I saw more deeron the trail then people!The dirt track was pretty bumpy as it had rained theprevious couple of days
so lots of ruts caused by rainwashout. These caused my 2
water bottle to jump itscage
and unfortunately to open
so I only had half my
water left…
Once I got off the dirt and onto Flagstaff Rd things werebetter
even if pretty steep (15-20% spikes!). Made it upover the top past the lovely Lake Hoosier then down toFlagstaff itself. Great views down into Boulder, but nowater at
the restrooms so decided I couldn’t go back the same way, I would have to
go through Boulder instead. A short descent plus a long journey south on the not-so-pleasant 93 then it was time to climb back up to Wondervu via Coal Creek Canyon Rd.Approximately 5000ft ascent.. A nice warm up
Saturday July 20
. Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb.
Mt Evans, CO. 27.3 miles. 14,130’ Finish Elevation
Very early on Saturday I drove down from Wondervu to the start of the race in Idaho Springs, where I met up with theother ElliptiGO riders
some local, some from the ElliptiGO Company in Solana Beach (who flew over) and some otherowners from Oregon and California. All of them athletes in much better shape than me!The climb up Mt Evans was totally gruelling
you start out 7,500’ so you ar
e already a bit out of breath
by the time I
got to 11,000 I was seriously light headed and had no energy in my legs because I wasn’t sucking in enough oxygen! The
last stages of the climb are really nasty
lots of corners to go round where you find another flight of switch-backs which
still don’t take you to the top. I knew two ElliptiGO riders were behind me somewhere. I thought I was close to the top
when some of my friends went past me on their descent -
I still had over an hour to go…
Finally made it to the top in5hr09min (Rusty came first in 3hrs!) Everybody was packing up as lightning had started
so time for a quick photo and
my descent…
 The road surfaces was pretty bumpyand there were some big drops overthe side
at one point I moved to the
right to let a car past but didn’t see a
huge pot hole in the road until it wastoo late to avoid or brake
so I did
my first ever ‘bunny
hop’ on
theElliptiGO is a desperate attempt tonot end up in a big crash or worse
sailing over the mountain side… Tookover an hour to get down…
 We refuelled in Idaho Springs before driving 100 miles south to Colorado Springsto pick up our race packets for the Pike Peak ride. The organizers recommendedwe leave our hotels by 4.30am to get parking at Crystal Lakes for the start of the
race…. Nice
have to get up before the sun!

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