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Larry Grathwohl on Obama and Weather Underground 2012

Larry Grathwohl on Obama and Weather Underground 2012

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Published by tuffstuff49
obama, bill ayers, weather underground, communist, communism, revolution
obama, bill ayers, weather underground, communist, communism, revolution

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Published by: tuffstuff49 on Jul 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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White Reds Exploiting Blacks:The Weather Underground, BarackObama, and the FundamentalTransformation of the United States
Remarks to America’s Survival, Inc. July 19, 2012,conference
By Larry GrathwohlOn September 11, 2010, Cliff and I sat down with former FBI Weatherman TaskForce supervisor Max Noel for a series of interviews. Max told us that the FBIhad a CARL test when it conducted background checks on people. CARL stoodfor Character, Associates, Reputation, and Loyalty. On all four points, BarackObama fails. Like so many former FBI and law enforcement agents and officials,he was alarmed by the fact that someone like Barack Obama could attain thepresidency. Since there was no vetting four years ago, let the vetting begintoday.I am in a unique position to know Barack Obama’s associates. I worked with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn in the Weather Underground as an informant for theFBI. I never heard of Obama during my time in the movement, although Iunderstand Joel Gilbert has developed information that Obama was active with aWeather Underground support group, the May 19
Communist Organization, inNew York. That does not surprise me. Obama has associated with communistsall of his life, from Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii to Alice Palmer, Bill Ayers, andBernardine Dohrn in Chicago. This is a pattern of associations that should havedisqualified him from the presidency. After I left the Weather Underground and testified against Ayers and Dohrn for their involvement in a murder plot that killed Police Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell,they surfaced in Chicago helping Obama launch his political career. Like truecommunists, who have been manipulating black Americans since shortly after the Russian revolution, Ayers and Dohrn would have seen revolutionary potentialin Obama. He was, in the words of communist operative Frank Chapman, a“revolutionary mole.” Perhaps that term was meant to be more than a figure of speech.You see, Obama was a different kind of Democrat – one that would work with thecommunists. He and Danny K. Davis, his old friend and current Congressmanfrom Chicago, were “New Party” Democrats, working to take over the DemocraticParty from within. That is how Frank Marshall Davis worked in Hawaii to takeover the NAACP and the Democratic Party. These are the tactics of infiltration
now being practiced in a different way by the Muslim Brotherhood and its frontorganizations. As Trevor points out in his report, that activity in Chicago included working with Alice Palmer, a communist agent with close ties to the old Soviet Union and itsinternational front organizations. Look, folks, this is no accident.Many do not seem to understand the revolutionary warfare that engulfs our country at the present time. It is time to get educated – and quickly.Essentially, nothing has changed since the days I was reporting to the FBI. Thecommunists are working with the Arab and Muslim terrorists against the UnitedStates.I remember one meeting when our Weatherman “collective” brought up thesubject of the Kennedy assassinations. At least 20 to 25 people were presentand Bill Ayers was one of them. I heard Bill state that the murders of both JohnF. Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy were a good thing because liberalscompromise the conflict between U.S. imperialism and the socialist revolution.Liberals prevent the contradictions from becoming obvious and thus prevent arevolution. Therefore, the assassinations of the Kennedys were to be welcomedas a necessary advance on the road to communist world revolution.This gives you some idea as to why the political statement of the Weather Underground, "Prairie Fire," was dedicated to a number of people, includingSirhan Sirhan, who killed Robert Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan was a PalestinianMarxist terrorist who had been associated with the Communist Party USA. TheCPUSA was also involved with the Weathermen.Note that Sirhan Sirhan was from the Middle East while Lee Harvey Oswald wasCaucasian and from Texas. I believe that’s why Oswald’s name wasn't includedin the dedication for Prairie Fire. You see, white people were not “oppressedpeople.” Arab terrorists, representing the “oppressed people” of the Middle East,were allies of the communists from the get-go. And they still are today.
It is possible, of course, that Bill knew something about Oswald that was notacknowledged back then – or even today by many people. And that is that hewas a Marxist with a love for the Soviet Union and Cuba who had contacts withintelligence officers from both countries.
Oswald had been active in the Fair Playfor Cuba Committee.Bill and Bernardine certainly had contacts with Castro’s intelligence service, theDGI. Then, and now, the DGI runs a “travel service” to Cuba. Then it was knownas the Venceremos Brigades.The nature of the communist conspiracy is such that we don’t know preciselywho knows what. Who was in on the secret about Oswald and Sirhan?By the same token, who was in on the secret about Obama? Why was theidentity of “Frank” in Obama’s book revealed when communist writer GeraldHorne spilled the beans back in 2007? What was he thinking?Ladies and gentlemen, these are operations that involve foreign intelligenceservices hostile to the United States and which are prepared to use any tactics,up to and including political assassination, to carry out their plans. They have notgone away.

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