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Published by Cosmin Pio

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Published by: Cosmin Pio on Jul 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SKPlayer Version 1.1 for Windows95/98/ME/XP/NT/2KCopyright (c) 1999-2003 by Andreas Thorstensson.All Rights Reserved.bds@geekboys.orghttp://www.schroet.com/skplayer/About:----------------------------------------------------------------------SKPlayer is a demo utility for Half-Life. It lets you browse and watchclient recorded (or HLTV recored) demos with ease. With a GUI you willbe able to see the information about the demo before playing it, suchas an image of the map and player names. SKPlayer also offerscustomization to suit your needs with command line options, has specialfeatures such as a mini file browser, teamsay stripper, playback speedchanger and support of the viewdemo GUI playback interface. It alsoworks as a tool in creation of movies. Where it outputs BMP versionsof the demo which you later can use in another program to createmovies.SKPlayer works with all Half-Life mods that uses the standard demoprotocol.SKPlayer was coded in C/C++ using the Windows API. No class librariessuch as MFC were used.Big thanks to Fredrik "Zynaps" Berglund <frbe0100@student.mh.se> fordeeper information about the demo format.Features:----------------------------------------------------------------------* Automatic creation of movies. If you start a demo in startmovie modeyou will end up having BMP's named geekmovieXXXXX.bmp in yourHalf-Life root dir. These can later be used in programs likeVideoMach (http://www.gromada.com/VideoMach.html) to create movies.* Timdemo playback support.* Ability to playback demo both as playdemo and viewdemo. Viewdemois a more advanced playback mode that supports slowmotion,fast-forward, pause, jump between frames and more. All in a GUIwith a timeline.* Ability to repair demos with playback on wrong map and stuck console.Half-Life have a serious bug which makes demos unplayable ifmultiple demos are recorded on more than one map. Another bugcauses the console to be stuck throughout the whole demo.* Ability to remove fade to black in demos. Now you can watch demosrecorded under fade to black as if they were recorded normally.* Detects:- Half-Life version of the demo.- Demo Version.- Network Version.- Map used in the demo.- Mod the demo is recorded in.
- HLTV recording.* Displays the names of the players that are in the demo.* Resolution converter, you can now convert the resolution of a demoand store it to disk.* Has the ability to remove all teamsays (say_team) from a demo (tohide tactics and other unnecessary comments).* Comes with a small file browser for easier demo navigation.* Displays a bitmap of the map used (if the image file exists).Note: Maps can be added manually.* Adds the ability to change the playback speed of the demo.* Adds the ability to use a customized command line. * Works with all Half-Life mods that uses the standard demo protocol.Installation:----------------------------------------------------------------------Full----1. Unzip the files to a dir of your choice (Note: NOT to yourHalf-Life/CounterStrike dir).2. Double-click the .exe file.3. Click browse (the bottom one) and locate your hl.exe or cstrike.exe4. If you want a customized commandline add that in the Command LineOptions box.5. If you want to use a different playback speed, add that in theDemospeed box. Default is 1. For faster playback use 1.5, forslower use 0.5 or any other value you desire (Note: Use points notdecimals).4. Click save.Upgrade-------1. Unzip the files to your old dir and overwrite the files. Make surethat you unzip all subdirs to their current paths. Its importantthat you unzip the files to your old dir, otherwise you willhave cross references and SKPlayer won't always find the necessaryfiles needed.2. Make sure that the latest version number is displayed on the GUI whenyou start SKPlayer.Now your SKPlayer is installed.Usage:----------------------------------------------------------------------There are two different ways to view demos with SKPlayer.

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