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A Large Place

A Large Place

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Published by glennpease

" He brought me forth into a large place."
(Psalm xviii. 19.)

" He brought me forth into a large place."
(Psalm xviii. 19.)

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A LARGE PLACEBY CHARLES CARROLL ALBERTSO" He brought me forth into a large place."(Psalm xviii. 19.)Some one asked the chaplain of GeorgeIV. if he felt no fear when preaching toroyalty, and the good man replied, " I for-get that there are princes before me andremember only that there are souls to in-struct in godliness." The author of thispsalm forgot that he was a king when hewrote these verses, and remembered onlythat he was a soul, that he had been helped,and by Whom he had been helped.There are three singular facts about thispsalm. It occurs twice in the Holy Scrip-tures, once in II Samuel and once in thePsalter. It contains two verses quoted inthe ew Testament, one in Romans and69A LARGE PLACEthe other in Hebrews. These verses areascribed to Christ, as they appear in the"ew Testament, so we may believe thatit is something more than a psahn of David, — ^that King David's Lord speaks throughit.But here, at the nineteenth verse, it is a
human soul speaking. He is rehearsingthe many mercies of the Lord. He has just said, " He delivered me from mystrong enemy. He drew me out of manywaters. He was my stay." You knowwhat a stay is in building. It is a prop.As applied to persons, a stay is a stand-by,and the Greek for stand-by is " Paraclete,"and we translate it " Comforter" or " Ad-vocate." " If any man sin, we have anAdvocate with the Father." So thePsalmist says, " The Lord was my Ad-vocate." ow foUows the text, — " Hebrought me forth into a large place."And this is not the least precious fact hereadverted to, by any means.70A LARGE PLACEDavid was bom in a small place, movedin a small circle until the Lord led himout. ot at once was he led into a largeplace. He mounted to the throne. by wayof many a hardship and many a battle.It was so with Joseph. He reached thepalace by way of the prison. But he cameto the large place in time, as did Abrahambefore him. Ur of the Chaldees was asmall place. Abraham had no outlook there, but he found a large place inCanaan, a large place on earth, and alarge place in history. Even so Moseswas led. Egypt was a small place, — notsmall in extent of dominion, nor in itspower among the nations of the world, — but its horizon was small. The palace is
a poor place for a prophet. Better thedesert. Better the meadows of Midian.Better the mountains of Moab. Betterthe wandering through the wilderness.Better the Sinai of law, the ebo of glory.71A LARGE PLACEThis has been the song of all God's ser-vants in every age, — " He brought meforth into a large place." Obedience toGod never contracts our powers. Christdoes not lead men backward, but onward,outward, upward. Matthew was led intoa large place when he left the toll-boothto follow Jesus. Peter had never seenanything larger than the Sea of Galileeimtil Jesus made him a fisher of men.Paul at his best was only a theologicalhair-sphtter, a heresy-hunter, untU Christappeared to him and filled his heart witha passion for the preaching of the Gospeland the glory of the cross. If the voiceof Patriarch and Prophet and Apostlecould be heard to-day it would cry,"ever say "o' to God. If He caUthee, go. He wUl lead thee into a largeplace."o experience is more common to themost of us than a certain contempt forthe littleness of the things by which we73

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