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The Distinctive Ideas of Jesus

The Distinctive Ideas of Jesus

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE DISTICTIVE IDEAS OF JESUSBY CHARLES CARROLL ALBERTSOCopyright, 1914,Bv F. M. BraselmannCOTETSPAGEPreview 9CHAPTER I. The Seeking God 2311. Man's Vast Value 37III. A ew and Living Way to God 51IV. ew Life from God 67V. An Efficient Motive 93VI. The Unbroken Continuity of Life 109VII. The Distinctive Personality of Jesus 125Bibliography . . ; 147PREVIEW
HEATHEISM gave iis a seeking religion; Ju-daism a hoping religion, but Christianity is therealization of what heathenism sought and Judaismhoped for. — Luthaedt.A mere Plato, theorizing about life, a Seneca, full of moral apotheg-ms, Jesus never was, nor could be. Hehas wrought a revolution in the moral and intellectuallife of mankind. patient Jesus, touching us with Thystrong, strange, quiet, loving strokes, calming our hearts,nerving and girding us for duty, no time or distanceseparates from Thee. We see Thee, hear Thee, feel Theestill ! — Chaeles McTyeire Bishop.But, irrespective of the miracle-working of Jesus, Hispower is altogether an unparalleled fact in history. Anew era dates from His birth. His coming, as DoctorSears has well said, was a new influx of power. Jesusseems to concentrate in His own person the great con-structive forces of religion. ... It was His wonderfulwork to create in the Roman Empire a new faith, a newhope and a new joy. The belief in immortality becamethrough Him in Judea what it had never been in Athensor Rome, a li\dng, working faith, which transformed theearth and transfigured death. . . .The unexampled power of Jesus was creative, like-wise, of a new humanity. It poured its fresh, renewingstreams through all the channels of social life. Modernsociety as well as modern history dates from the adventof Christ. ... It was the peculiar power of the de-spised azarine to call forth, by a mighty voice, a newcivilization from the grave of the old. It may be saidthat philosophy rolled away the stone, but to restore lifewas the miracle wrought by Christianity. — ISTewman"Smith, Old Faiths in ew Light, 2d ed., pp. 210, 211,215.
PREVIEWCHEISTIAITY has in it much that iscommon to other faiths. The discov-ery of the common ground npon which we,as Christians, may meet Jews, Confucians,Buddhists and Mohammedans is a veryessential part of the ministry of the modernmissionary. Jesus did not repudiate theteachings of those who had preceded Him,save as He believed them to misrepresent theFather and to burden needlessly the sons of men. or did He ever intimate the worth-lessness of the doctrines of those who shouldcome after Him. He fulfilled the truths of Judaism ; that is to say, He filled them full,made up what was lacking in them. So,Christianity is Judaism plus. It is Confu-cianism plus — ^plus very much. It is Bud-dhism plus. Whatever in these systems isgrotesque or puerile, Christianity is minusthat. And Christianity is plus by so muchas it makes plain what they make vague,[9]THE DISTICTIVE IDEAS OF JESUSmakes sure wliat they leave in doubt, rendersvital what they impose as merely mechanicalor imitative, or what they leave powerlessand dead.Christianity is not unique in holding a doc-trine of sin. That man needs to be rescuedfrom error in thought and practice is one of 

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