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Tex Watson Exposed by Fellow Inmate [MansonMurder.com Backup]

Tex Watson Exposed by Fellow Inmate [MansonMurder.com Backup]

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Published by MansonCaseFile
Bill Nelson writes an exposé on Manson Family member Charles 'Tex' Watson (2000)
Bill Nelson writes an exposé on Manson Family member Charles 'Tex' Watson (2000)

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: MansonCaseFile on Jul 27, 2013
Copyright:Public Domain


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A frequent visitor to this web site sent me a copy of an old magazine that exposed thelead killer in the Manson family in ways not done before. The date of the publication
Manson Murdershttp://web.archive.org/web/20030419005045/www.mansonmurders.co...1 van 829-01-2010 12:42
was March 1978, one year before the marriage of Tex to Kristin, one year before thestart of the Abounding Love Ministries, and just after meeting Chaplain Ray. The storywas related by a prison inmate who gained the confidence of Watson and spentcountless hours listening to the ramblings of the serial killer. These conversations wereconducted in the privacy of the prison cells. No lights. No cameras. No actioncommands. It was just Tex at his best, braggadocios, proud, fearless and bad.The magazine was published by Globe Communications under the name
. I have informed the present day Globe organizationof my obtaining this magazine which is now out of print. I have spoken to aneditor/publisher but he does not know anything about the archived edition. I publish ithere for the historical value of the material and the insight that may be gained as we cansee the present day actions of Tex in an almost prophet kind of way.
 "I was housed in quad D and first saw Charles "Tex" Watson a week after I arrived there.Mike, an inmate who had been there for several months, filled me in on the inhabitants. Onour floor alone there were forty-one murderers, twenty rapists and ten child molesters."-Inmate Charles Starkey "See that guy over there, the one watering the flowers?" Mike would say. "He chopped uphis family and put them in the deep freeze. And the guy who just left was busted for collecting." "Collecting what?" I asked."Redheads.""What's wrong with that?""Just the heads, man, just the heads!""Yet, despite this constant meeting with murderers and rapists, my knees got weak and Ifelt a chill envelop me when I first saw Watson. It was, appropriately enough, at the chapel.Mike told me there were some nice women at the Colony who visit church services so wedecided to go.""When we arrived at the Protestant chapel, I noticed one inmate giving orders to the rest.He turned to talk to the guest and they hung on every word he said. But it was when hetook over the service that he showed his ability to control and captivate. All he did wasraise his hands and a hush fell on the chapel.""All right brothers," he called out, "Let's show our guest just how much spirit the Christianshere can show." "He turned towards the alter and asked that all join in a few moments of silent prayer. Then he prayed aloud. It was a very moving prayer. He reached under the podium and took out a tambourine, saying 'Now let's praise the Lord with song'. He hit thetambourine against his thigh in time with the music. The chapel was filled with Christiangood spirit. After Mike and I left, he kept muttering about how hypocritical those guys inthe chapel were-what with half of them in for child molestation or rape or murder. Whowas that guy leading the services, I asked.He looked really startled: You don't know who that guy is? 
Manson Murdershttp://web.archive.org/web/20030419005045/www.mansonmurders.co...2 van 829-01-2010 12:42
I found out quickly enough. It was Charles Tex Watson, Helter Skelter's number one man.He had been convicted of brutally murdering seven people. He was Charles Manson'slieutenant and private executioner. Yet there he was leading a Christian service under theworshipful eyes of those young ladies. I decided to find out what made this guy tick, whyhe had killed all those people and what he was doing as a Born Again Christian.We met by accident through my work as a clerk in the Clothing Distribution Department.The phone rang and I answered my usual - Clothing Distribution Department, InmateStarkey speaking.Well, howdy, Inmate Starkey. This is Charles Watson and I was wondering if y'all could dome a favor? You see we've got some converts to the Lord and there's going to be a baptismal service...He wanted some of our laundry carts to baptize the people in. I asked a supervisor and hesaid, Well, whatever Tex Watson wants, Tex Watson gets. What was the persuasive and deceptive hold Watson had over the inmates and staff alike?I delivered the laundry carts myself. Tex was standing at the end of the courtyard, sniffingflowers. He sure didn't look like much. He was pale and real thin. How on earth could thatscrawny little runt murder seven people? That takes a bit of strength.He offered me a cup of coffee which I accepted. That's when I saw his 'sanctuary'. It was asmall office in the chapel littered with religious books, posters of evangelists, of Jesustalking to little children. He asked me where I was from and I told him Texas.Hey, great! I'm from Texas myself. There's not too many of us Texans in California prisons.We have to stick together. We also found out we lived in the same quad. I'm in room 8172,I said. But I don't think the man will let you come down the hall.Yes he will.And, he did too. Tex Watson was allowed to go anywhere in the institution under the cover of Christian work. That was the beginning of my personal relationship with Tex. From thatday until my release from the California Men's Colony we saw each other nearly every day.We talked sports, Texas, the law. And we talked of Charles Manson, of the Manson family,of Helter Skelter and two nights of terror.When Tex thought back on those days, a vacant look would come into his eyes and he'd stare into the sky. I want to tell you something, Chet, A lot of guys in the prison think they're bad. Some of them are, but when it comes to being bad in every sense of the word, I have been bad  before and I can play the role pretty good.When I killed those people, especially that foreign guy, Frikowski, or whatever his namewas, they didn't exactly stand there and not do anything. I stabbed that guy fifty-one timesin the chest, and I didn't think before I was done that I was going to be able to make it.I stabbed him so many times in the chest that my hand was sinking into it up to my elbow. Istabbed him so hard that the handle of the knife broke off. These people don't know what bad is. 
Manson Murdershttp://web.archive.org/web/20030419005045/www.mansonmurders.co...3 van 829-01-2010 12:42

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