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Sinhala Archaeology Focuses Operation in North-East Corridor

Sinhala Archaeology Focuses Operation in North-East Corridor

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Jul 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[TamilNet, Saturday, 27 July 2013, 09:07 GMT]
Sri Lanka’s Postgratuate Institute of Archaeology (PGIAR), based inColombo and exclusively staffed by Sinhalese, has recentlyundertaken a special project called “Yan Oya Middle Basin”research for the years 2011-2015, which will be focussing on aregion that links the Northern and Eastern provinces of the countryof Eezham Tamils in the island. Yan Oya is a river that originates inthe North Central Province, follows the boundary of the EasternProvince and enters into the sea at Pul-moaddai that links theNorth and East. The selection of this location for intensearchaeological research by an exclusive Sinhala team, go hand inhand with the accelerated Sinhala-Buddhicisation of the region,observers said, citing a State-sponsored Buddhist enclave comingup at Pulmoaddai in 500 acres of land.
The PGIAR team excavating a site at the Yan Oya Basin. The PGIAR that issupposed to have a ‘multicultural’ team of reasonable proportions, doesn’thave any Tamil staff or student. [Image courtesy: yanoyaarchaeology.com]
The PGIAR project area for 2011-2015. Note how it borders the EasternProvince and gets into the North and East link at the narrow corridor atThennaimaravadi-Pulmoaddai. The research area overlaps with theterritory, where the Colombo-government is now intensely spearheading aSinhala colonisation programme to wedge the North and East. [Imagecourtesy: yanoyaarchaeology.com]So far the archaeological research, titled as ‘mortuary archaeology’ in theYan Oya basin, has unearthed many megalithic burials, which essentiallybelong to a South Indian cultural stratum. But as it typically happens in theisland such researches carried out exclusively by the Sinhalese, includingBuddhist monks, end up in twisting interpretation and in suppression of facts as it happened with the Tissamaharama Tamil-Brahmi potsherd foundin a similar context.Megalithic culture is a common cultural substratum for the Dravidiancultural formations in South India as well as the Eezham Tamil and Sinhalaformations in the island.But the Eezham Tamils do not have any belongingness of antiquity to the
island, they are not a nation of their own, they don’t have any territorialityin the island and they were just invaders, mercenaries and traders, is thehistoriography promoted by the Sinhala State and its institutions.In the recent decades, the discovery of widespread distribution of megalithic burials throughout the island and the absence of evidence forthe arrival of any other culture at that period of time, have proved that thecultural stratum of South Indian genre was the sole basis for theprotohistoric cultural formations in the island.This has blasted the Mahavamsa-based, Sinhala-Buddhist historiographyharping on ‘Aryan’ migration for the genesis of ‘Sinhalese’ in the island inthe protohistoric times, differentiating them from the Tamils, who wereportrayed as ‘invaders’.Out of a common stock, Sinhala and Eezham Tamil identities evolved inparallel through long historical processes, such as language replacementassociated with the arrival of Pali-Buddhism and developments such as theTamil-speaking population in the North and East renouncing Buddhism etc.,finally to culminate into two nations having their respective territories inthe island.Altering the millennia-old historical evolution by a few years of internationalEstablishments-abetted war, mass killing, displacement, militaryoccupation, subjugation, colonisation and other engineering, is the currentexperiment undertaken in the island. Obviously it is folly to expect thepartners to accept the ‘experiment’ as genocide. The partners in theforefront are the Establishments in New Delhi and Washington.

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