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Chapter 8 Protection Orders

Chapter 8 Protection Orders

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WSP Special Operations - Procedures Manual
WSP Special Operations - Procedures Manual

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Published by: Andrew Charles Hendricks on Jul 28, 2013
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Chapter 8 Protection Order File
WACIC Manual 
Chapter #8-3
 Revised 10/2010
CHAPTER 08: WACIC Protection Order FileSECTION 01: IntroductionProcedure #:
 Special Order:Supersedes:
WACIC Manual 2003 Edition
 Applies to:
 Effective Date:
 August 1, 2006
 See Also:CALEA:I. DEFINITIONSA. Purpose of the Protection Order File
1. This file is provided by the Washington Crime Information Center (WACIC) and is available for all law enforcement agencies throughoutthe state. WACIC provides a computerized central repository for storing information contained on any court order that has been issuedin accordance with current laws of the state pertaining to theprevention of domestic violence, stalking, intimidating, or unlawfulharassment. Inquiries can be made on this file through ACCESS toascertain if any protected person (petitioner) has made a petition to acourt which has been granted or if a restraining order has been placedon a subject (respondent) by a court.
B. Background of NCIC Protection Order File
1. In April 1995, at the request of the Brady Act Task Group, the FBIprepared a proposed design for a Protection Order File and presentedit to the Working Groups and the CJIS Advisory Policy Board. InDecember 1995, the design was approved, and in support of theViolent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, the Protection Order File (POF) was established.2. This new file was implemented on May 4, 1997, and was established insupport of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act for theprotection of persons from stalking and domestic violence.

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