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Setting Up and Using Wetpaint Wikis

Setting Up and Using Wetpaint Wikis

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Published by soydescuajaringado

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Published by: soydescuajaringado on May 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Weblogs— A. Go to the menu on the left of your screen. Click on “1. weblogs”. Then click onthe “easy edit” button.
B. You will then see something similar to the above diagram. Simply mouse over the highlighted box and click. Begin typing and look out, you are already publishing text content to the Internet as you type. You can select different fontsizes,
underline, and
just as you would with
MS Word 
. Even keyboardshortcuts work! Use the “Easy Edit Toolbar” to toggle through these options. Whenfinished blogging, click “save” on the “Easy Edit Toolbar”. You will pop out of theeasy edit mode and you will see your content as others view it on the Internet. Taketime now to add to our wiki by making a short blog journal entry regarding your thoughts and feelings about this summer’s institute. Consider this: have youenjoyed the presentations? Have you enjoyed the theme, diversity? What will youdefinitely incorporate into your classes in the Fall or Summer? Who was the mostdynamic presenter? If you could change something, what would it be? How wasthe food? etc. Feel free to sign your name to your blog entry . . . or not.
2. Weblinks—  
A. Weblinks can be added in two different ways. Both options are shown above. The secondoption is the quickest to employ, but it’s a little clunky for students to use. You simply type a titlefor your link, then space a couple of times, then paste the link you would like your students to use.The second option is to create a title for the link, then, to create a hyperlink out of this title, as can be seen in the blue “Spanish practice activities” above.B. To create a weblink of the second option type, simply click on the “2. Weblinks” page on theleft hand menu, then click the “easy edit” button, then click in the textbox provided and type a titlefor your weblink. The title I chose was “Spanish practice activities”. Then highlight this title.C. Then click on the “Link” button on the “Easy Edit Toolbar”.D. Then type in (or cut and paste from the Internet) the address of the site you would like your title to represent. Put this address in the “Link to:” box that you see above. Click “Add link” andyour favorite website will now have a blue hyperlink to it on our wiki, based on the title of the sitethat you typed in step B. Feel free to add a few of your favorite educational weblinks to our wiki.Do it now!! Use both posting methods. Click “save” on the “Easy Edit Toolbar” when finished.
3. Videos— 
A. There are basically two ways to add video content to the wiki. First click the “Easy Edit” button. Next, youcould click where it reads “Video” in the upper right corner of the “Easy Edit Toolbar” dialogue box. This will popup a window with a browse button, similar to attaching an
MS Word 
document to an email. If you choose thisoption you must add video from
your hard drive. To add streaming video from YouTube or other sources click onthe “Widget” button.B. Now click “select” depending on from where youwould like to harvest your streaming media content. Ichose
in this case.
C. Now you can search for videos on
directlyfrom your wiki. Just type in your key word in the“Search YouTube” box and click “Search”. Click thevideo you like the most (like “lol funny dog” in thiscase) then click “Add YouTube Video”.
D. You will then see this sizing guide. Make the video as large as you choose and decide how you wouldlike the video situated in relation to text. Then click “Done”. Then “save”. Feel free to add video contentto our wiki sight now, following these simple steps.

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