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To Be Free

To Be Free

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Published by John Wanyoike Makau

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Published by: John Wanyoike Makau on Jul 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dorothy Ngumy &Kingsley Ndiewo 
To be free is to be constant, To be free is to choose your master, and follow him in every instant, To be free is to chooseyour noose and die in it, To be the defining function rather than the variable, To change others rather than be changed, To hold an idea with all ones’ might and carry it through, To have an independent will, to define rather than accept definition. To be free is to be constant, like the ebb and flow of the tide, To be free is to have a choice, even the beggar should ride,To be free is to choose your noose, and life that should end in it,To be free is to find your love, to forever hold what light will be lit,To be free is to revel in change,to be its greatest instrument at will,To be free is to hold ideas fragile,to nurture all what none should kill,To have an independent will, to define rather than accept definition.
 To be free is to feel the breeze in your face, To be free is to stretch your arms and touch the wind, To be free is to soar in abstract heights and mountain peaks, To be free is to smile atthe sun and the storm, To be free is to walk on water and rise from death, To be free is to drink something cold on a sunny day, To be free is to hear the moon’s song while you rest, To be free is to find joy on a painful day.  To be free is to reach out to theworld, and show them your truth, To be free is to soar in the highest heights, with no fear of falling,
 To be free is to speak your mind, open heart and sing your soul,  To be free is to have much care,and someone worth that caring.  To be free is a process; itdoes not come overnight, To be free is a privilegeof few; it is not a choice, To be free is a reflection; it is not a picture, To be free is a fire; itmay not burn forever, To be free is a cycle, it does not end, To be free is a journey; it’s not a step, To be free is a war, not just a battle. To be free is to dance in the fields, with that carefree joy of play, To be free is to face the sun, and smile away its radiant glory, To be free is to roam like the wind, yet find someplace to stay, To be free is to learn by error, and feel good to say you're sorry. To be free is difficult, can you handle it, To be free is painful, can you bear it, To be free is the high road, can you walk it, To be free is expensive, can you afford it, To be free is shameful, can you despise it, To be free is lonely, can you last through it. To be free is to make time, when it seems that life's too busy, To be free is to never mind, and always have kind words handy, To be free is to find great strain, and make things seem so easy, To be free is to be good, ever to try and make friends happy. To be free is to find truth, and tell it, To be free is to find hope, and show it, To be free is to find faith, and leap with it, To be free is to find your way, and walk in it,

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