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Obligations and Contracts Outline

Obligations and Contracts Outline

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Published by lightwynd
oblicon outline
oblicon outline

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Published by: lightwynd on Jul 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COURSE OUTLINECourse Description:
An in-depth study of the nature, kinds, effect and extinguishment of obligations;contracts in general, their requisites, form and interpretation; kinds of defective contracts; and naturalobligations, estoppel, trust, and quasi-contracts. (5 units)
I. LAW ON OBLIGATIONSA. General Provisions: Definition & Sources of Obligation (Arts. 1156-1162)
Sagrada Orden v. NACOCO, 91 Phil. 503
B. Nature & Effect of Obligations (Arts. 1163- 1178)
1. Breaches of Obligationsa. Delay
Agcaotli v. GSIS, 165 SCRA 1Queblar v. Garduno, 62 Phil. 879SSS v. Moonwalk, 221 SCRA 119Eastern Shipping Lines v. CA, 234 SCRA 78
- b. Fraud
Arrieta v. Naric, 10 SCRA 79Telefastv. Castro, 158 SCRA 445Legaspi Oil v. CA, 224 SCRA 213Go v. CA, 272 SCRA 752RCBC v. CA, 305 SCRA 449Metrobank v. CA, 237 SCRA 761
c. Negligenced. Fortuitous Event
Nakpil & Sons v. CA, 144 SCRA 596Sia v. CA, 222 SCRA 24Tanguilig v. CA, 266 SCRA 78Dioquino v. Laureano, 33 SCRA 65Republic v. Luzon Stevedoring, 21 SCRA 279
2. Resolution or Rescission of Reciprocal Obligations (Art. 1191)
Tan v. Court of Appeals, 175 SCRA 656Velarde v. CA, 361 SCRA 56Ayson v. Adamos, 131 SCRA 439UP v. De los Angeles, 35 SCRA 102De Luna v. Abrigo, 181 SCRA 150Palay Inc. v. Clave, 124 SCRA 638
3. Breach by both parties (Art. 1192)
Camus v. Price, 5 SCRA 581
C. Different Kinds of Obligations
1. Pure & Conditional Obligations (Arts. 1179-1190)
Pay v. Palanca, 57 SCRA 618Javier v. CA, 183 SCRA 171Central Philippine University v. CA, 246 SCRA 511Lao Lim v. CA, 191 SCRA 150
Trillana v. Quezon College, 93 Phil. 383Security Bank v. CA, 249 SCRA 206Romero v. CA, 250 SCRA 223Naga Telephone v. CA, 230 SCRA 351Tayag v. CA, 219 SCRA 480
2. Obligations with a Period (Arts. 1193-1198)
Gaite v. Fonacier, 2 SCRA 831Chaves v. Gonzales, 32 SCRA 547Radiowealth Finance v. Del Rosario, 335 SCRA 288Gregorio Araneta Inc. v. Phil. Sugar Estates, 20 SCRA 330
3. Alternative Obligations (Arts. 1199-1206)4. Joint & Solidary Obligations (Arts. 1207-1222)
Ronquillo v. CA, 132 SCRA 274Republic Planters Bank v. CA, 216 SCRA 738Un Pak Leung v. Negorra, 9 Phil. 381Quiombing v. CA, 189 SCRA 325Inciong v. CA, 257 SCRA 578Imperial Insurance v. David, 133 SCRA 317Braganza v. Villa Abrille, 105 Phil. 456
5. Divisible & Indivisible Obligations (Arts. 1223-1225)6. Obligations with a Penal Clause (Arts. 1226-1230)
SSS v. Moonwalk, 221 SCRA 119Jison v. Court of Appeals, 164 SCRA 339
Extinguishment of Obligations
1. General Provision (Art. 1231)
People v. Jose, 71 SCRA 273Torrijos v. CA, 67 SCRA 394
2. Different Modes of Extinguishmenta. Payment or Performance (Arts. 1232-1261)
i. When obligation is understood paid or performedPagsibigan v. CA, 221 SCRA 202Esguerra v. Villanueva, 21 SCRA 1314Tayag v. CA, 219 SCRA 480**ii. Payment by a third personTanguilig v. CA, 266 SCRA 78**iii. To whom payment must be madeBPI v. CA, 232 SCRA 302iv. Dacion en pagoCaltexv. IAC, 215 SCRA 580
Atty. Fretti Ganchoon
Barons Marketing v. CA, 286 SCRA 96vi. Legal TenderGutierrez v. Carpio, 53 Phil. 334vii. Foreign CurrencyC.F. Sharp & Co. v. Northwest Airlines, 381 SCRA 314viii. Extraordinary Inflation or DeflationFilipino Pipe & Foundry Corp. v. NAWASA, 161 SCRA 32Singson v. Caltex, 342 SCRA 91Velasco v. Manila Electric Co., 42 SCRA 556ix. Application of paymentEspina v. CA, 334 SCRA 186x. Tender of payment & ConsignationSoco v. Militante, 123 SCRA 160De Mesa v. CA, 317 SCRA 24Vda. De Quirino v. Palarca, 29 SCRA 1
b. Loss of the thing due (Arts. 1262-1269)
i. Impossibility of performancePNCC v. CA, 272 SCRA 183ii. Relative impossibilityPNCC v. CA, 272 SCRA 183Naga Telephone v. CA, 230 SCRA 351**Magat v. CA, 337 SCRA 298
c. Condonation or Remission (Arts. 1270-1274)d. Confusion or Merger of Rights (Arts. 1275-1277)e. Compensation (Arts. 1278-1290)
Republic v. Mambulao Lumber Co., 4 SCRA 622Ong v. CA, 177 SCRA 402PNB Madecor v. Uy, 363 SCRA 128Miailhe v. Halili, 6 SCRA 453Perez v CA, 127 SCRA 636Sesbreno v. CA, 222 SCRA 466Mindanao Portland Cement v. CA, 120 SCRA 930
f. Novation (Arts. 1291-1304)
Ajax Marketing v. CA, 248 SCRA 222

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