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2007 08 Student Handbook

2007 08 Student Handbook

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Published by marysvilleschools

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Published by: marysvilleschools on May 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Student Handbook 2007\u00ad2008
Marysville Exempted Village Schools
East Elementary
Edgewood Elementary
212 Chestnut Street
203 Grove Street
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Phone: 937\u00ad642\u00ad4871
Phone: 937\u00ad642\u00ad7801
Absence Line: 937\u00ad645\u00ad3414
Absence Line: 937\u00ad645\u00ad3417
FAX: 937\u00ad642\u00ad7138
FAX: 937\u00ad642\u00ad1854
Mill Valley Elementary
Raymond Elementary
633 Mill Wood Boulevard
21511 Main Street
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Raymond, Ohio 43067
Phone: 937\u00ad642\u00ad3822
Phone: 937\u00ad246\u00ad2861
Absence Line: 937\u00ad645\u00ad3447
Absence Line: 937\u00ad645\u00ad3422
FAX: 937\u00ad642\u00ad5526
FAX: 937\u00ad246\u00ad2801
Navin Elementary
Northwood Elementary
16265 County Home Rd.
2100 Creekview Dr.
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Marysville, Ohio 43040
Phone: 937\u00ad578\u00ad0138
Phone: 937\u00ad644\u00ad8106
Absence Line: 937\u00ad578\u00ad0205
Absence Line: 937\u00ad644\u00ad8107
FAX: 937\u00ad578\u00ad0198
FAX: 937\u00ad644\u00ad8251
Crisis Hotline: 1\u00ad800\u00ad731\u00ad5577
Safe School Hotline: 1\u00ad800\u00ad418\u00ad6423
This Handbook Belongs To:

Name:_______________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________ City:________________________________________________ State:_________________________ Zip Code:______________ Phone:_______________________________________________


It is the policy of the Board of Education that each child who will be five years of age on or before September 30 will be eligible to enroll in Kindergarten. Each child who will be six years of age on or before September 30 and has successfully completed Kindergarten will be eligible to enroll in the first grade.

The Board of Education requires that each child who registers for entrance to school furnish the following:

birth certificate
immunization record
social security number
proof of custody as appropriate
proof of residence in Marysville Exempted

Village School District
Kindergarten students are to participate in the school
district screening program.


In order to safeguard the school community from the spread of certain communicable diseases and in recognition that prevention is a means of combating the spread of disease, the Board requires all students to be immunized against poliomyelitis, rubeola, diptheria, rubella (German measles), mumps, pertussis, and tetanus in accordance with state statutes, unless specifically exempt for medical or other reasons. Required immunizations prior to entering school:

DPT\u00ad 4 doses required (should have 5)
Polio\u00ad 3 doses required (should have 4)
Measles/Mumps/Rubella \u2013 2 doses required,
both after child\u2019s 1st birthday & 28 days apart
Hepatitis B Vaccine\u00ad 3 doses required for all
students entering Kindergarten
Varicella (Chicken Pox) Vaccine \u2013 incoming

*Children who do not have evidence of proper immunization will be excluded from school after fourteen (14) days.

Elementary studentswalking to school or transported by
their parents may not arrive at school before 8:40 a.m.
The school day begins at 9:00 a.m.

Students arriving between 8:40 and 8:55 a.m. have sufficient time to be in their class and ready to begin the school day. Bus students are to go directly to their classroom upon arrival at school and remain in their classroom.

The schools are not responsible for the supervision of children before 8:40 am. (all elementaries)


Dismissal times may vary in the elementary buildings due to bus schedules. Students who walk home or to a sitter\u2019s are expected to go directly to their destination. Please refer to \u201cBicycles\u201d for rules regarding that mode of transportation. Adults who come into the building to pick up their children are asked to wait in the lobby or designated area and not go to the classrooms. *Our staff is not responsible

for supervision of any student beyond dismissal
NOTE:Students from Intermediate, Middle and

High School should not be on school property at the end of the elementary school day, without prior permission for picking up an elementary student.


1. Bus transportation is provided to and from a child\u2019s home and school. A bus student cannot take a friend home on the bus unless prior permission is given by the Building Administrator. Buses can only legally transport a specific number of students that are assigned to a bus by the Transportation Director according to legal capacity.

2. BOTH students involved in \u201cgoing home with a friend\u201d must bring a note from their parents to give to the teacher. Example: Bill is going home with Jack. Wemust have a note from each family. Otherwise, students may decide during the school day to go home with someone and some parent will have a surprise visitor and the other parent will be frantic worrying where their child has gone!


Students are welcome to celebrate their birthday at
school. If treats are being sent in please check with
the teacher to confirm that no student has an allergy
to what is being sent in. It is encouraged to try to
provide healthy snacks for student treats. If a child
is having a party outside of school, invitations may
only be passed out at school if the entire class is
being invited.


Periodically (weekly/monthly) a school
newsletter with information, activities, PTO
activities, and accomplishments of our students
is sent home via hard copy or e\u00admail to each
family. Non\u00adcustodial parents may request a
mailing of the newsletter if desired. Also, check
out the Marysville Web site for more up to the
minute information and school specific up dates:


Students are expected to attend classes\u2019 regularity and to
be on time to develop habits of punctuality, self\u00ad
discipline, and responsibility. Students must be in regular
attendance if they are to derive benefits from our
educationally sound activities.

The following reasons for excused absence are established by state law and by regulations of the Ohio Department of Education.

1. Personal illness of the student (doctors excuse may be required by the school for every absence overSIX days during a calendar year.)

2. Illness in the home (student must be 14 years of
age or older).

3. Quarantine of the home by local health officials. 4. Death of a relative (limited to three days unless reasonable cause can be shown for a longer absence.)

5. Observance of a religious holiday (consistent
with the student\u2019s established creed or belief).
6. Work at home subject to the following
a. emergencysituation

b. student must be at least 14 years of age
c. regular school attendance record
d. good academic standing

7. Alternate learning experience approved in advance by an administrative committee. Must be submitted twenty (20) school days prior to absence.

Tardy/Early Dismissal\u00adTardy (Elementary)
Students arriving at school after 9:00 a.m. and before
10:00 a.m. will be consideredTARDY.

For each five times that a student arrives late to school (without an authorized excuse) a day of unexcused absence will be added to the student\u2019s total number of absences.

Students arriving at school one hour after school begins or leaving one hour before the end of the school day will be considered absent for one\u00adhalf day.

Students leaving during the last hour of the school
day will be consideredEARLY DISMISSAL\u00ad
When Your Child is Going to be Absent from
School\u2026Ohio law (\u201cMissing Children\u2019s Act\u201d)

requires schools to contact parents when a student is absent from school. The intent of the law is to notify parents as soon as possible that their child is not in school in case of kidnapping, truancy or other dangerous situations a child may encounter on the way to school without the parent\u2019s knowledge.

YOU can help make the Ohio Law protect our
students in a very simple way. If your child is going
to be absent from school on any day, the following is
1. Call the school attendance line:
East \u00ad 645\u00ad3414

Edgewood \u00ad 645\u00ad3417
Mill Valley \u00ad 645\u00ad3447
Navin \u2013 578\u00ad0205
Northwood \u2013 644\u00ad8107
Raymond \u00ad 645\u00ad3422

2. A written note by the parent/guardian MUST ACCOMPANY your child upon the FIRST DAY he/she RETURNS TO SCHOOL. This note must be submitted to the office.

Truancy Mediation

When a child has five unexcused absences, the Marysville Schools may make a referral to Conflict Resolution Associates for family mediation to discuss reasons for the child\u2019s truancy. Report of mediation would be made to Marysville Schools that includes the family\u2019s commitment to make specific changes to return the child to school on a consistent basis.

Students truant from school or class will not receive credit for schoolwork missed. Students suspected of being truant from school will be referred to school officials.

Students may also be referred to Conflict Resolution Associates for court mediation for any of the following reasons:

1. An accumulation of five consecutive unexcused absences, 7 unexcused absences in a month or 12 unexcused absences in one school year.

2. An overall attendance rate below 90%.
3. Any incident of truancy.

Incidents of truancy may involve the purposeful act of not attending classes and/or leaving school property without permission.

Excessive absenteeism may also lead to a home visit by the Attendance Officer, legal action, and discipline, including suspension/expulsion.

Please remember that a tardy maybe considered an
Family Vacation Policy

Any absence from school due to vacation is an UNEXCUSED absence. Schoolwork missed during a vacation absence may be made up if written notice has been given to, and approved by, the building principal two weeks PRIOR to the start of the vacation. Individual teachers will give students the work missed and determine the time limit for makeup work. If there is no two week written notice and approval of the vacation absence by the building

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