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Develop Basic Volleyball Skills

Develop Basic Volleyball Skills

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Published by Tom Beagle
Badic volleyball skills and how to develop them.
Badic volleyball skills and how to develop them.

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Published by: Tom Beagle on May 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Develop Basic Volleyball Skills

The worst situation that a volleyball team could be in is to show up at a game without knowing the skills they needed to able to be competitive. How to hit, being in the right place, physical conditioning, and a player's ability to jump can help to win the game as well as gain confidence in the sport. Focusing on the basics for volleyball can help a player to gain the skills necessary for victory.

General Playing Skills That Should Be Developed

1. Serving. This is what always starts the game and is a skill that must be mastered.
There are two basic types of serves. One is overhand; where the player will throw the
ball in the air first, then hits it on the way down. The other being underhand, where the
server cradles the ball in one hand and swings their other arm underneath the ball to hit it.
Once the basics are mastered, a player can the practice variations of either one of these.

2. Pass or reception. This is usually set up by the setter of the game. It is used in order to receive the ball and give it to the another player on your own team. Your teammates will then have the ability to put the ball to the other side in a manner to win the point.

3. Tip. A tip is used as a way to fool the opponent into thinking that the ball will go
further than it will. The player hits the ball gently, making it barely go over the net but
not too far into the other team's area so that they can't hit it back.

4. Dig. This is a player's ability to save the ball from striking the floor after it has been spiked. A player may often dive underneath the ball and extend his/her arms to save the ball.

5. Rebound. This occurs when the ball stays on one side (from a block), making the
players "rebound", or take the ball back.
Physical Skills That Should Be Developed
1. Quickness. People frequently lump being fast and quickness together. A volleyball
player does not have to have the speed of a sprinter, but having quickness is a big plus.

2. Vertical Jump. If everything else is the same, a volleyball player that can jump higher
than the opposition has a great advantage. Being able to jump up to hit a ball prior to your
opponent can help to win many points.

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