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Published by Guadalupe Gonzalez

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Published by: Guadalupe Gonzalez on Jul 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kashmir Media Service
Monday, July 29, 2013Kashmir reader Geelani ‘gives police slip’ to address peopleReiterates boycott call for upcoming ‘un-Islamic’ elections
Mon, 29 July 2013 SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani,who has been mostly under house arrest since late 2010, Sunday gave slip to the policecordon outside his residence to participate in a seminar in a local mosque at Hyderporahere.The swift escape, the likes of which kept police on toes in 2008 and ‘09, came after thepolice disallowed a religious seminar titled ‘Nazool-e-Qur’an’ that was scheduled to beheld at the conglomerate’s headquarters adjacent to Geelani’s residence at Hyderpora.Eyewitnesses told Kashmir Reader all entry routes to the venue were guarded by policeand paramilitary CRPF personnel, preventing everyone from moving towards to it.The restrictions prompted the conglomerate to shift the venue to the nearby JamiaMasjid, the eyewitnesses said, adding that Geelani too came out of his house andimmediately sped away in his car before the police could stop him. “Police failed tocomprehend what Geelani was up to when he had already reached the mosque,” theeyewitnesses said.Confirming the incident, Hurriyat (G) spokesman Ayaz Akbar told Kashmir Reader thatmany expected participants missed the seminar due to police restrictions. “Though abouta thousand people attended the seminar held in the mosque, a good number of peoplecould not come because of the restrictions imposed by the police. They (police) hadalmost cordoned off the area since morning to thwart the seminar,” he said.Police and CRPF personnel surrounded the mosque while Geelani and others, includingformer president of Kashmir High Court Bar Association Mian Abdul Qayoom, addressedthe gathering. Geelani, who addressed a public meeting after a long time, reiterated theboycott call for upcoming elections, saying that voting is “exploited by India” and is “un-Islamic”.“The participation of people in the elections is projected by India and its agencies as our acceptance of Indian rule in Kashmir. It is a bitter fact that people must not ignoreconsidering that we sacrificed everything for this movement,” he said. “The people youvote for are all characterless, corrupt and materialists. So, voting for them has no justification in Islam,” Geelani said.Geelani lashed out at Senior Superintendent of Police, Srinagar, for arresting manyyouth who had staged protests over the ‘desecration’ of the Holy Qur’an and killing of four civilians by BSF in Ramban on July 18. “Police here has become so arrogant that itfirst arrests youth for protesting over desecration of the Holy Qur’an and then makesannouncements about more arrests to come,” Geelani said. “The approach of thegovernment and its agencies reflects that all forces in Kashmir are at war with thecommon people. Kashmir has been converted into a police state.”Geelani said Hurriyat (G) would not allow division of the state “as is being planned inNew Delhi”. He said, “Granting more powers to Ladakh Hill Council and to set up a
Kashmir Media Service
separate police range there is a step towards diving the state. We don’t oppose anycommunity. We don’t oppose return of Pandits to Kashmir, but we do oppose setting upseparate colonies for them.”The octogenarian leader urged the people to desist from renting their properties to non-local laborers, and described as “shameful” the participation of Kashmiri girls in Indian Army’s ‘Sadhbhavna’ programmes. He also expressed concern over the blasts inPakistan. He said those involved in blasts can never be friends of Pakistan or Islam.“There may be problems within Pakistan, but carrying out blasts and killing people onlyamounts to cutting the branch on which you are sitting,” Geelani said. He reiterated hisdemand of limiting the duration of Amarnath Yatra, “which has been turned into a politicalissue”.The seminar concluded with youth staging a protest outside the mosque. They stood onthe main road shouting anti-India, pro-freedom and pro-Geelani slogans. The protestscaused disruption in the traffic until the protesters dispersed peacefully after about half an hour. Geelani returned home where he was placed under house arrest again.The police, however, refuted that Geelani gave it a slip. “If he (Geelani) couldn’t escapetill now, how do you expect him to give us a slip today?” said Station House Officer of Humhama police station Zahoor Ahmad, adding that “there were no restrictions at all onthe seminar.”
Rising Kashmir Geelani justifies use of gun to fight ‘occupation’‘Afghan Taliban good, Pak Taliban bad’
Srinagar, July 28: For the first time in the year 2013, octogenarian Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Geelani addressed a large gathering outside his residence by giving police a slip.Waving at people with smile on his face, Geelani took everybody by surprise when heentered Hyderpora Jamia Masjid, the changed venue for the Nazool-e-Quran seminar after authorities denied Tehreek-e-Hurriyat to hold at his Hurriyat Chairman’s residence.“I was not allowed to come out but with the help of Allah, I came out of my house. By thetime the police deployed outside Hurriyat (G) office thought what is going on, I gave themslip and reached here,” the 83-year-old leader said in his one and a half-hour longspeech. Geelani had ‘hoped’ that authorities will allow this seminar at his office, “butwhen they didn’t, we thought of an alternate venue.”Justifying the use of gun, Geelani said the occupied nations have a right to fight for protecting their sovereignty. “The use of gun by the people of Afghanistan is justified asthey are fighting the occupational forces of America and NATO. They have foughtagainst Soviet Union and succeeded and we pray for their success again. They are thereal freedom fighters,” Geelani said in his praise for Afghan Taliban.However he criticized Pakistan Taliban saying their fight in Pakistan is unjustified andthey are cutting the roots of Pakistan. “Pakistan Taliban and other forces fighting inPakistan is unjustified leading to an immoral fight without any reason. That is unislamicand against the interests of Pakistan. They are the worst enemies of Pakistan,” he said.He also criticized Pakistan for its ‘weak policy’ and said the successive governments
Kashmir Media Service
have not fulfilled the purpose for which Pakistan was formed. Geelani demanded peopleshould come out on roads when asked for protests.“Whatever may be the situation you should not lose hope and take a strong pledge tofight till the logical conclusion? You should come out on roads for protests when youreceive a call. There may be lathi-charge, tear gas shelling but an occupied nation has toface these difficulties till it achieves freedom. There is no justification for Indian military.We have to get united and be mentally prepared to work out a strategy and protest in apeaceful manner,” demanded Geelani raising both his fists.Reiterating his call for poll boycott, Geelani said, “Pro-Indian parties are the stamp of Indian oppression in Valley. Whether it is Congress, National Conference, PeoplesDemocratic Party, Peoples Conference or any other independent candidate, they are theone and only strengthening Indian rule here. They are the stooges of India that are killingus. People should desist from voting and launch a campaign starting from their houses toaware people about the need to boycott elections,” he said.“It doesn’t augur well for a good Muslim to vote for the Indian parties who are involved inkilling our youth. The government is standing on the basis of oppression and justice can’tbe expected from these people. The pro-Indian people lure people for the sake of development but people should understand that these roads, flyovers are most neededby India for their military and strategic purposes,” Geelani said.He also criticized the clerics saying that they have turned a blind eye towards the issuesof Kashmir. “They don’t raise their voice about the social and political issues confrontingthe valley. Whenever the Indian establishment visits the shrines, they are beinghonoured by the clerics,” he said.Geelani asked people to beware of the dangerous tactics used by India to divide Jammuand Kashmir and the agenda of carrying out massacre of Muslims in Kashmir.“India is working on its agenda of massacring Kashmiri Muslims on the pattern of 1947Jammu massacre. They are hatching a conspiracy to divide Jammu and Ladakh fromKashmir. But we have to fight against this division, Kashmir is one from Jammu toKashmir to Ladakh to Azad Kashmir (PaK). Don’t rent your houses to non-statelabourers (Biharis) to breach your privacy to outsiders,” Geelani said.Hurriyat (G) Chief said it is shame on part of the parents who send their girls on Army organised tours andfunctions. At the conclusion, Geelani was taken in a procession amid ‘pro freedom and anti-India’slogans. Police was waiting outside the mosque in large numbers and took him away inan ambassador car. People especially youth stood in front of the car till it reachedHurriyat (G) office where they dispersed peacefully.
Kashmir reader Punish VDC members involved in Kishtwar gang rape: MirwaizDemands immediate disbanding of VDC
Mon, 29 July 2013 Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq,on Sunday demanded stern punishment for the government constituted Village DefenseCommittee (VDC) members who were allegedly involved in the gang rape of a minor girl

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