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Economy Efficient Prod

Economy Efficient Prod

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Published by Pemburu Jablay

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Published by: Pemburu Jablay on Jul 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This document is subject to change without notice – page
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For updates see www.boehler-welding.com.
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Efficient Production of Welded Joints
Consideration must be given to the most varied criteria in component design to achieve low-costproduction of a component. Above all these include designing the component with a view to function,stress, material and production. If the component needs to be designed as a welded structure, there areadditional factors, which have an impact on the efficiency audit such as the material and finishing costsof the individual parts and welding costs.It is not possible to give any generally applicable instructions and solutions for low-cost construction of welded components although one can define a series of individual basic rules that make the work easier and save costs. The following list details such rules although the sequence does not necessarilycorrespond to the importance of these rules.
Dimension fillet welds correctly 
Keep fillet welds as thin as possibleTake note of fillet weld formation, use deeper penetrationProvide for thin and long fillet weldsProvide for double fillet welds where possible
Ensure accessibility 
Use economic weld shapes on butt weld 
Deposit as little weld metal as possibleTake notice of welding procedureCheck weld preparation angle for MAG weldingCheck effect of material on weld shape Allow for back welds
Utilise potential cost reductions in production
Specify standard operating times Analyse times and look for possible ways to make savings
Reduce the actual welding time
Use more current with same electrode diameter Use thicker electrodesUse other types of electrodesUse other welding consumablesUse procedures with higher output
Choose more favourable welding position
Mechanise Production
Partial mechanisation of the welding procedure usedReplace the existing procedure with a mechanised welding procedureUse special welding machines Adapt weld preparations
Use weld pool backings
Do not deposit more weld metal than necessary 
 Assemble to exact sizeProduce more accurate flame cutsMonitor weld thicknesses and weld reinforcements
Reduce downtimes
More efficient organisation of productionMore efficient organisation of the workplaceBetter information provided for welders

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