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Yang Xiao Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks 2010

Yang Xiao Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks 2010

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Published by myoneslove

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Published by: myoneslove on Jul 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UnderwaterAcoustic SensorNetworks
3D Television (3DTV) Technology, Systems,and Deployment
Daniel MinoliISBN 978-1-4398-4066-5
 Applied Aspects of Optical Communicationand LIDAR
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Edited by Syed A. Ahson and Mohammad IlyasISBN 978-1-4398-0315-8
Cognitive Radio Networks: Architectures,Protocols, and Standards
Edited by Yan Zhang, Jun Zheng,and Hsiao-Hwa ChenISBN 978-1-4200-7775-9
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Edited by Yan Zhang, Hsiao-Hwa Chen,and Mohsen GuizaniISBN 978-14200-6469-8
Evolved Cellular Network Planning andOptimization for UMTS and LTE
Lingyang Song and Jia ShenISBN 978-1-4398-0649-4
Fundamentals of EMS, NMS and OSS/BSS
Jithesh SathyanISBN 978-1-4200-8573-0
Handbook on Mobile Ad Hoc and PervasiveCommunications
Edited by Mieso K. Denko and Laurence T. YangISBN 978-1-4398-4616-2
Edited by Borko Furht and Syed A. AhsonISBN 978-1-4200-7863-3
IP Communications and Services for NGN
Johnson I. AgbinyaISBN 978-1-4200-7090-3
Mobile Device Security: A ComprehensiveGuide to Securing Your 
Information in aMoving World
Stephen FriedISBN 978-1-4398-2016-2
Mobile Opportunistic Networks: Architectures,Protocols and Applications
Edited by Mieso K. DenkoISBN 978-1-4200-8812-0
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple AccessFundamentals and
Edited by Tao Jiang, Lingyang Song,and Yan Zhang,ISBN 978-1-4200-8824-3
Overlay Networks: Toward InformationNetworking
Sasu TarkomaISBN 978-1-4398-1371-3
RFID and Sensor Networks: Architectures,Protocols, Security, and Integrations
Edited by Yan Zhang, Laurence T. Yang,and Jiming ChenISBN 978-1-4200-7777-3
Security of Self-Organizing Networks:MANET, WSN, WMN, VANET
Edited by Al-Sakib Khan PathanISBN 978-1-4398-1919-7
Security of Mobile Communications
Noureddine BoudrigaISBN 978-0-8493-7941-3
Socio-Technical Networks: Science andEngineering Design
Edited by Fei Hu, Ali Mostashari, and Jiang XieISBN 978-1-4398-0980-8
Transmission Techniques for Emergent Multicastand Broadcast Systems
Mario Marques da Silva, Americo Correia, Rui Dinis,Nuno Suoto, and Joao Carlos SilvaISBN 978-1-4398-1593-9
Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Edited by Yang XiaoISBN 978-1-4200-6711-8
 Wireless Sensor Networks: Principlesand Practice
Fei Hu and Xiaojun CaoISBN 978-1-4200-9215-8
ZigBee Network Protocols and Applications
Chonggang Wang, Tao Jiang, and Qian ZhangISBN 978-1-4398-1601-1
UnderwaterAcoustic SensorNetworks
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