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July 7-13, 2013

July 7-13, 2013

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Published by bikolreporter
Bikol Reporter - local newspaper, Naga City
CamSur, Bicol Philippines
e-mail: rubenbabar_br@yahoo.com
Bikol Reporter - local newspaper, Naga City
CamSur, Bicol Philippines
e-mail: rubenbabar_br@yahoo.com

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Published by: bikolreporter on Jul 29, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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outstanding local newspaper
For Five Consecutive YearsSt. Peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards
e-mi: bebb_b@y.cm
regional exponent for progress
3rd Floor, GERONIMO BLDG., BARLIN ST., NAGA CITY • TELEFAX: (054) 475-62-62 • CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766
CamSur gov to focus on education,housing, water and livelihood
Naga’s new Sangguniang Panlungsodvows faster, more pro-poor ordinances
By Paul John F. BarroSa
NAGA CITY --- With anew Sangguniang Panlung-
sod ofce as well as a new
set of legislators, the 11thSangguniang Panlungsod of Naga under its new leader,
Vice Mayor Nelson S. Lega
cion, pledged to push for re
forms more efciently andmore openly.
In his inaugural speech lastSaturday, June 29 at The Tent,Avenue Plaza Hotel, Legacionsaid that the SP’s performancewill be measured in two key points: promptness to passsound legislations; and capa-city to pass “welfare legisla-tions.”
For the rst one, the city
council has already set in mo-tion the conduct of paperlesssessions through full comput-erization of its system.Thenew Sanggunian Panlungsod
Naga City Vice Mayor Nelson S. Legacion takes his oath of ofce before Court of Appeals
asscite Jstice Cistie Jcb  Je 29, t Te Tet, aee P hte, ng Cit. Ipt e is fmi: (l-r) nei Emes, ndie ae, ntie Emi, is siste ntiiddl. Bme, is wife, we Mi Eis, d nepte Em.
a ei iew f te Wd’s Biggest hm n Smkig lg ttempt f pepe f abeded b Ge Je Ste Sced t te gd f Bic uiesit (Bu)  Fid(Je 28, 2013). (Pna pt b legspi Be) FFC/
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Robredo les
F DiscseBi i Cgess
rep. roBrEDo
resentative Maria LeonorG. Robredo of CamarinesSur third congressionaldistrict recently led theFull Disclosure Bill which
seeks to require all gov-
ernment agencies, includ
ing its subsidiary branch
es, to entirely divulge theirnancial transactions orprojects which involvespublic fund.
The said bill is also pur-suant to the provisions stipu-
B analIza S. MaCaTanGay
PILI, Camarines Sur--- Governor Migz Vil
-lafuerte, during the inau-gural session of the Sang-guniang Panlalawigan of 
Camarines Sur Tuesday
A Full FIrST dAy
Provincial ofcials and employees of CamSur met their new chief executive en masseofcially for the very rst time immediately after the customary Monday morning ag raisingceremony last Monday, July 1 that also marked Gov. Miguel Luis R. Villafuerte’s rst working
d s te gest eected ge i te ist f Piippies pitics. rigt fte 
addressing his capitol family, Gov. Migz sat out the rest of the day at his ofce desk (inset)
f  seemig edig stig f cfeeces, pes   te pe,  te iteetd see cepes, wit te c medi, meetigs wit eds d pese f isdeptmets, geetig ctes ces, etetiig isits d ttedig t  st f 
ofcial transactions that make up a public servant’s day.
B ana-lIza S. MaCaTanGay
laid down his priority pro
grams concerning innova
tions on education, housing,provision of potable waterparticularly to the residentswithin the provincial out
skirts and livelihood pro
grams for Camarinenses.
Dubbed 4Ps which means“Paaralan, Pabahay, Patubigand Pangkabuhayan-Puhu-nan,” and 4Ts for “Trabaho,Tinampo, Training and Pa-
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bikol reporter
 july 7 - 13, 2013
is emboldened in its expenditure programbecause of positive gains in its collectionprogram – particularly by the BIR.The administration is unmindful of theperceived feelings of business and industrythat they are being taxed to the hilt. The
rst to succumb to the overheating of tax
collections are the small and mediumbusinessmen and many closures are nowbeing reported.ELECTRIC COOPS: The total debtsof (rural) electric cooperatives with theprivate power generators have reachedP4.88 billion. The swelling liabilities of theRECs are expected to adversely affect the
nancial viability of said creditors (power 
generators). These huge debts are apartfrom what the RECs owe the state-runPower Sector Assets and LiabilitiesManagement Corporation (PSALM)which as of last year have ballooned toP14 billion. Albay Electric Cooperative (ALECO)has been tagged as logging the mosthefty obligations estimated at P963million. There are at least 45 claimantsfor ALECO – and most of these are themajor power producers. The PhilippineElectricity Market Corporation istroubled by the RECs’ huge liabilities
as the nancial capacities of the power 
generators are all offered in the grosspool-designed Wholesale ElectricitySpot Market (WESM) where power prices are being set.BICOL EXPRESS: There are reportsthat some well-meaning
havebanded together to form a
“Convenors’ Group” 
– the main objective of which is to propel a Bicolano to thepresidency. The members conducteda survey of potentials for the short andmedium terms – selecting from among
current national gures who hail from
Bicolandia. The survey topnotcher isJustice Secretary
Lilia de Lima (Iriga).
The other favorites are Cong.-
elect Leni Robredo (Naga City), SenatorsChiz Escudero (Sorsogon), GringoHonasan and Antonio Trillanes III 
.We are wondering why there was nomention of the highly capable AlbayGovernor 
Joey Salceda, Congressmen Andaya and Dato Arroyo
, Theconvenors must dig deeper to discover key political leaders from CamarinesNorte, Catanduanes and Masbate aswell as other names which may havebeen sidelined by recent politicaldefeats. 
WISDOM: The plans of the diligent 
always lead to profts, as surely as
undue haste leads to poverty.
(Atty. APA – chairs Acyatan & Co.,CPAs-DFK International – is PICPA pastpresident and Hall-of-Famer, past chair of  ASEAN Federation of CPAs, and ACPAPPLifetime Achievement Awardee).INVESTMENTS: The PHL 2013Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) has been
nalized with tightened specic guidelines
to ensure that only deserving projects
will be granted government and scal
tax incentives. The annual IPP shouldhave been released last March 30 – butthe Board of Investments was delayed inits formulation. The IPP list of preferredeconomic activities will be submitted toMalacanang this month.
Government tax and scal incentivesgranted to qualied projects consist of 
income tax holiday (maximum of eightyears). DTI Undersecretary AdrianCristobal - managing head of the BOI saidthey are looking at stricter guidelines evenas registration of hospital projects are alsomulled. Medical tourism is now a priority –thus, we have to upgrade and expand our hospital and related medical facilities. Asa sunrise industry – incentives therefore
are justied.
GROWTH GOALS: Our nationalgovernment is intentionally spending morethan what it can earn in the hope that itsexpenditures will spur the needed growthto further expand our economy. Financialexperts are claiming that the budget
decits for the rst ve months are still
lower than the self-imposed ceiling. The
P42.8B accumulated decit is 31% below
the P61.9 billion program for said period.Our Finance secretary said government
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What our top ofcials are doing-moving
heaven and earth to save a convicted drugcourier from being hanged-is surely veryinteresting to people outside our shores.But many of them won’t understand our reasons.Even some of our kababayans maynot understand. Why try to save fromexecution a drug mule who has been inthe trade for years. Is that not queer?Poverty, extreme poverty must be thereason why many Filipinos court death inChina. But is there no other way to live.There is big money in drug courieying.There is little in decent jobs. But in drugtrade, the consequence is terrible.If you are caught, that is.Critics have described this attitude
of our ofcials as encouraging people
to work as drug mules. They have their government to take up the cudgels for them.Working to save them from thehangman’s ropes is commendable. Drugcouriers are still our people But is there noother way to help them?The lamentable failure of successiveadministrations to address poverty hasresulted in many people’s plungingthemselves into the risky job.
Kapit sa patalim
is the right work to describe thelunacy.The stubborn belief our governmentwon’t let them down has probablysomething to do with it.But there are more deserving overseasworkers who need the helping hand, the
victims of sex for ight for instance. The
best help, however, is to see to it that
erring embassy ofcials be severely
punished. And our government should loseno time in replacing them with female
ofcials. At least they cannot take
advantage of the distressed overseasworkers. But they must be carefullychosen. Crooks can destroy thecountry’s image.The culture of corruption hasinfected almost everybody, those in thegovernment and those in the private
sector. You will rarely nd upright
people today. Almost everybody is interested inmoney, big money. Most politicos arethere to enrich themselves. Some police
ofcers have the same objectives.
Private traders are no different.The honest people are those in thelower social strata, the poor. Becausetheir most precious possession is their good reputation, they keep it unsullied.They won’t sell it for anything.to establish or at the very least, lendcredence to the narration in his Petition.”
“It must be emphasized that the
Commission (First Division) cannotannul the proclamation of respondentbased on mere sweeping statement,unsubstantiated and unsupported.”“Having established the proclamation,the Commission (First Division) has noauthority or jurisdiction to hear the subjectPetition.”Wherefore, premises considered, theCommission (First Division) Resolvedas it is hereby resolved to dismissthe Urgent Petition to annul and setaside Certificate of Canvass andProclamation dated May 17, 2013for lack of jurisdiction and merit. Soordered. Signed by Commissioner Lucenito N. Tagle, Christian Robert S.Lim and Al A. Pareño on June 26, 2013.Presiding Commissioner was LucenitoN. Tagle.The COMELEC resolution saidthat Aga Muhlach made sweepingstatements without any evidenceor proof. Isn’t that lying and foolingpeople?
* * * * *
Vice President Jejomar Binaycame to Abo, Tigaon, Camarines Sur to administer the oath of office of Representative Felix William “Wimpy”Fuentebella. Provincial Board Member Pacamara and the eight mayors of theOn May 17, 2013 Ariel Aga Aquino
Muhlach led a petition to the Commission
on Election seeking to annul the canvassand proclamation of respondent FelixWilliam B. Fuentebella as the dulyelected representative of the 4
Districtof Camarines Sur having obtained atotal of 82,834 votes as opposed to thepetitioner’s 80,629 votes.Counsels for the petitioner were Atty.
Maria Bernadette Carrascoso, Atty. Beatriz
 Aurora A. Vega, Atty. Howard M. Calleja, Atty. Jean Marie L. Uy and Atty. Elmer 
Joseph R. Guerzon.
 Atty. George Erwin M. Garcia was theCounsel for the Respondent.The following are excerpts from theeleven page Resolution of the FirstDivision of the Commission on Electionpromulgated on June 26, 2013:“First, the petitioner failed to dischargethe burden of proof that the proceedingsof the board of canvassefrs were taintedwith illegality.”“Petitioner failed to proffer any evidence
lee g. dullesco ii
 Head, Advertising Associates0920-533-7766 
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On the joyful occasion of the feast of Sts. Peterand Paul, June 29, Caceres Archbishop RolandoTria Tirona received his pallium from Pope Francis.Together with 33 others, Tirona is the only Filipinometropolitan Archbishop who was bestowed withthe “circular woven band of white wool with veembroidered crosses.” In his homily, Pope Francisemphasized the word, “conrm.” According to him,“The Bishop of Rome is called rst to conrm thefaith. The second task is to conrm in love.”
“The Bishop of Rome is called to conrm his broth
-ers and sisters in this love for Christ and for all others,without distinction, limits or barriers,” he said. “The
third task is to conrm in unity. The pallium is a symbol
of communion with the Successor of Peter, ‘the lastingand visible source and foundation of the unity both of faith and of communion’ (Lumen Gentium, 18).”Thus, the Supreme Pontiff exhorted, “We have to goin harmony to build this unity.”
St. Peter, the rst Pope, and St. Paul, the Apostle,
who both died as martyrs, are lovingly remembered asthe builders of the See of Rome. And it is for this rea-son that each year, June 29 is slated as the Day of thePope. In the Archdiocese of Manila, Apostolic Nun-cio to the Philippines, Most Rev. Guiseppe Pinto, andManila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle bothcelebrated the mass, as main presider and homilist re-spectively, at the Church of San Agustin (Intramuros,Manila) last June 28 for the said occasion.In his homily, the young Cardinal focused on “thereality that the discipleship and the apostleship of Peter and Paul are pure grace from God.” He said, “This isthe mystery that we are celebrating today. Not so muchthe accomplishment of Peter, not so much the achieve-
ment of Paul, we are celebrating rst and foremost, the
mystery of divine love, the mystery of the tendernessand compassion of God in choosing sinners, in choos-ing people who have hurt not only Jesus but also thedisciples of Christ, but God sees something in themand God sees that these persons will one day be His
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bikol reporter
 july 7 - 13, 2013
Membes f te ab-legpi Pess assciti, Ic. d te Piippies news agec-legpifmi ji epesetties fm te diffeet its f te amed Fces, Piippie nti
Police, non-government organizations, the academe, volunteer groups under the Ofce of CivilDefense Bicol regional ofce, and residents of Barangay Manaet and neighboring villages in
Bcc, ab, ji ds i ptig 3,000 mge ppges i tese cst bgs f te tw s pt f te Eimet Mt ceebti.
(Pna pt b legpi Be) bc/
B Danny o. CallEJa
-gineer Noel Rosal started
his 10th year as mayor of this prime Bicol city Mon
day with a vow of morepublic investments towardsthe further growth of localeconomy and better life forLegazpeños.
“We are going to investin every Legazpeño as partof massive local governmentinterventions that would fur-ther uplift their economicconditions and at the sametime fuel the progress of thecity into Bicol’s leader inall aspects of development,”Rosal said in his inauguraladdress before thousands of well-wishers, including all
ofcials of the city’s 70 ba
-rangays.The mass oath-taking of the new set of elected local
ofcers was originally sched
-uled Sunday but moved toMonday due to the threat of typhoon “Gorio.”Rosal, who had earlier ruled the city governmenta business-friendly environ-
ment which sparked an inux
of private investments -- mak-ing the city now a businessinvestors’ favorite.Her administration is alsocredited for outstanding ac-complishments in publichealth concerns, one of whichinstalled the city governmentin the Hall of Fame of the De- partment of Health’s Red Or-chid Awards for its success-
ful ght against tobacco use
within the past three years.Also attributed to Mrs.Rosal’s works as city mayor is the dramatic evolution of the local tourism industry thatlast year posted a growth rateof 22.16 percent compared tothe previous year.The city received nearly
500,000 tourists in 2012
largely complementing the49 percent tourism growthrate achieved by the entire province of Albay in thesame year.“We are going to operateunder the guidance of the ad-ministration of Pres. BenignoAquino III that gives more
M roSal
for nine years from 2001 to2010, ran unopposed in last
May’s elections under theLiberal Party.He won a fresh mandateand starts a new term witha reconditioned mission: re-spond dynamically to thenext starting gun of the racefor modernization where the
nish line is just a few more
strides away.He replaced his wife,Carmen Geraldine, whoended Sunday her three-year term marked with sterlingachievements in good lo-
cal governance, sound scal
management and creation of attention to public invest-ment and government inter-ventions for the bettermentof the living condition of our  people,” the newly installedmayor said.He said part of these pub-lic investments will be oninfrastructure wherein thecity government is continu-ing works on its “mega high-
way” project to connect the
city’s urban district with theSouthern Luzon InternationalAirport now undergoing con-struction in the nearby Dara-ga town and expected to be
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