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Brigand Camp

Brigand Camp

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Published by Elfdart
A low-level mini-adventure for beginners. Compatible with most editions of (A)D&D.
A low-level mini-adventure for beginners. Compatible with most editions of (A)D&D.

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Published by: Elfdart on Jul 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brigand Camp
I came up with this encounter a long time ago. It's for VERY low-level PCs and should be easy toplug into any campaign (it's pretty generic). I noticed a thread in the 1E forum about what novicePCs can do before taking on the Moat House in
The Village of Hommlet 
, or even after T1 but beforethey try to invade the Temple of Elemental Evil. I drew up a new map for the encounter, and addednames for the two main villains, but otherwise it's pretty much the same.In all there is about 5500 XP to be had if the party defeats the brigands and loots their campthoroughly. There is more to be had if the party helps the NPCs. The DM can make this encounterMUCH easier by having one or more of the brigand guards asleep or drunk, and much HARDER bykeeping the bad guys alert and taking advantage of cover and posting extra guards.Here goes:
 A gang of outlaws led by the notorious brigand Burthallon has been robbing and killing those whocome to town. Not only have traveling merchants and tradesmen been accosted, but farmers and herdsmen have also been attacked, with farms and homes burned to the ground -usually with thevictims inside. Few have survived encounters with this cruel and vicious bunch. These cutthroats arecurrently holed up on a wooded hillside just a few miles outside of town -right under the noses of thelocal authorities! 
Brigands:Burthallon (fighter 3): S 16, D 15, Co 15, Ch 15; Chaotic Evil, THAC0 17, 20 hp,
ring armor +2
of climbing
battle axe +1
, 200 g.p., dagger, bullwhip, light warhorse (AC 7, MV 24, HD 2, 13 hp)Denchay (thief 2): I 15, D 17, Co 16, Chaotic Evil, THAC0 20, 12 hp, leather,
knife +2
ring of feather  falling
, fast riding horse (AC 7, HD 2, 9 hp, MV 30 -worth 500 g.p.), 125 g.p., gem worth 50 g.p.The rest of the brigands are mounted on riding horses (AC 7, HD 2, 9 hp, MV 24) and are armed asfollows:8 sword (assorted types), shield, leather4 light lance/spear, club, shield, leather2 battle axe, shield, studded2 light crossbow (w/40 bolts), club, studded2 polearm (choose randomly or pick), hand axe, leather2 short bow (w/40 arrows), hand axe, leatherNOTE: All brigands are 0-level. Each has 4 hit points and carries 4 gold pieces, 19 silver pieces and20 copper.The brigands have recently waylaid a fat drink merchant [wagon #1], a thrifty, plain-dressed traderin various cloth and leather goods [wagon #2], and a wizened old shepherd, whose flock isscattered along the hillside.Wagon #1:large empty chest with good lock (-20% to pick lock)50-gallon barrels: wine(200 g.p.), ale (20 g.p.), beer (10 g.p.), mead (100 g.p.)The chubby drink merchant and his burly but dimwitted driver are writhing in pain on the ground:they have been whipped nearly to death and the brigands find it humorous to pour mead on theirmany welts and stripes. They were flogged and flayed in order to find the location of the money theoutlaws thought would be in the locked trunk. They have no money, aside from a few copper andsilver coins, since the merchant has
yet sold his barrels of drink. The merchant has somestanding in town, and his rescue will be rewarded with 100 g.p., plus a round of free drinks, mealsand lodging every time the PCs (and only those PCs who actually took part in rescuing the merchant -
the reward can’t be transferred) visit town for six months.
The drink merchant is a normal man (4 hp -though reduced to 1 due to the beatings), but the driveris a half-orc (one who is indistinguishable from a pure-blooded human) and will gladly work for anyPCs who recruit him after this job is done. He is rather dumb (Int 6) and will gladly work forteamster wages instead of the pay a man-at-arms or henchman would demand.

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