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Greg Palast - Armed Madhouse, rev. ed. (2007) - Synopsis

Greg Palast - Armed Madhouse, rev. ed. (2007) - Synopsis

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Published by Mark K. Jensen
Synopsis of Greg Palast, Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans—Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild (New York: Plume/Penguin, 2007). Discussed at Digging Deeper (www.ufppc.org) on July 23, 2007.
Synopsis of Greg Palast, Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans—Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild (New York: Plume/Penguin, 2007). Discussed at Digging Deeper (www.ufppc.org) on July 23, 2007.

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Published by: Mark K. Jensen on May 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UFPPC (www.ufppc.org) Digging Deeper XXXIII @ Mandolin Café (Tacoma, WA) July 23, 2007, 7:00 p.m.
Greg Palast,
 Armed Madhouse: From Baghdad to New Orleans—Sordid Secretsand Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild 
(New York: Plume/Penguin,2007). Original ed., titled
 Armed Madhouse: Who’s Afraid of OsamaWolf? China Floats, Bush Sinks, The Scheme to Steal ’08, No Child’sBehind Left, and Other Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Class War 
,published June 2006.
Vision of future (1-2). Aregime of “militarized greed” (3). Palast’sinvestigative journalism (3). This book, “likemy last,” can be read “in any order” (3).Summary of book (4-5). “I am not a niceman” (6).
Ch. 1: The Fear: Who’s Afraid of OsamaWolf?
It is ridiculous to advertise a terror“alert level” (9-10). On Apr. 29, 2003,Rumsfeld acknowledged that U.S. armedforces were leaving Saudi Arabia, which hasbeen bin Laden’s mission (10-11). It’s aboutoil (111-14). Southold, NY, prepares forterrorists but Kimberly Haeg’s parents can’tpay their medical bills (14-16). U.S. pulledback from A.Q. Khan investigation to assuageSaudis (16, 18-20). Library record snooping(20-21). Call back from U.S. gov’t to Turkish-speaking applicant: “I see you speak Terrorist… uh, uh… Turkish!” (21-22). Failureto investigate Muslim club until Sept. 13,2001, because of its Saudi connections (22-26). Osama planned 9/11, but the U.S.“made” Osama (26-33). There is no war onterror; there are only some terroristscommitting crimes (34-37). ChoicePoint canbe asked under the PATRIOT Act for data theU.S. is barred from obtaining, thusoutsourcing unconstitutional search andseizure (38-42). ChoicePoint’s involvementin Latin American election campaigns (43-45). General Dynamics and Lockheed (45-49). The politics of 
Ch. 2: The Flow: Trillion Dollar Babies.
“A Secret History of the War over Oil in Iraq”(52-55).
Part 1: Plan A: In and Out inThree Days
(52-64). Meeting in WalnutCreek, CA, home of Falah Aljibury in February2001 of State Dept. people favoringoverthrow of Saddam (52-54). Opposed byneocons in Pentagon favoring PNAC andprivatization of oil (54-56). Grover Norquist(56-60). Wolfowitz’s testimony in March2003 (60-64).
Part 2: Chicago TakesBaghdad
(64-78). “O.I.L.” (64-65). Garner,who favored elections, ousted (66-68).Bremer and his decrees (69-76). HaroldRhode in the Pentagon’s “Office of NetAssessment” part of plan to destroy OPEC(77-78)
Part 2½: A Brief History of Gulf Wars One through Six
— T.E. Lawrence’s1919 memo (79-82).
Part 3: The War forOPEC: The No-Brainers versus theWitches Brew
(83-106). U.S. seat in OPECis the true prize of Iraq war (
neocons’ambition to destroy OPEC), but a strugglecontinues in U.S. policy circles over what todo with it, with Big Oil [Philip Carroll of ShellOil USA] production sharing agreement (PSA)plan prevailing (83-106).
Part 4: Jerks,Euros, the Hubbert Humbug and Mr. 5%
(107-24). Rejects the petrodollar theory of the war (107). Rejects the peak oil theory(108-14). The war was about
,not getting, Iraq’s oil (114-24).
Part 5:Wolfowitz Dämmerung: Twilight of theNeo-Con Gods
(124-34). Big Oil’s victoryled to raid on Chalabi, ouster of neocons(124-31). But a “neo-con counter-coup” in July 2005 (131-34).
Oil Wars BonusChapter! The Best Little LegalWhorehouse in Texas
on James Baker’srole in supporting the Saudis (135-41).
Ch. 3: The Network: The World as aCompany Town.
Lines [of ‘Arthur Jensen’]from Paddy Chayevsky’s “Network”: “Thereare no nations” (143-44). The petro-dollarsystem (144-47). The revaluation of theyuan and privatization of Social Security arereally “about moving our capital from a dyingeconomy (America) to rising economies(China)” (147-53). Critique of ThomasFriedman (153-58). Euro presented asmeans for capital to subvert Europeanwelfare state capitalism, designed byAmerican economist Robert Mundell,“Godfather of the euro” (158-62). China
(162-66). Ecuador and Argentina (166-76).Venezuela (176-85).
Ch. 4: The Con: Kerry Won. Now GetOver It.
New York Times
dismissesthose who challenge the 2004 election (187-88). Exit polls, spoilage: Kerry won (188-99).
Part 1: “Caging Lists”: Great WhiteRepublicans Take Voters Captive.
JohnWooden give Palast Bush caging lists (199-201). Palast shows them to the Republicans(202-06). Provisional ballots, but many arenot counted (206-10). Not counting votes inOhio (210-12).
Part 2: The IndecisiveIndian.
7.3% of voters in “majority Nativeprecincts”in New Mexico supposedly didn’tvote in 2004 (213-17). Purging of voter rolls(217-19). In one Hispanic area, spoilage was9 times that of white districts (219-20).Some officials claim they “don’t want to votefor President” (221-22). Voters who don’texist (222-23). Type-of-machine factor (223-24). Using stray marks as reasons not tocount votes (224-26).
Part 3: Jim CrowGoes Digital.
Electronic voting not themost important problem (226-36). Absenteeballots not the solution (236-39).
Part 4:Old Dogs, Old Tricks.
Reprise of thetechnique of purging felons (240-43). Theillegality of vote suppression (244-46).
Part5: Democrats Concede 2008.
New Mexicowas a dry run for America in 2008 (247-51). The Baker-Carter Election ReformCommission recommended mandatorynational voter ID card (251-53).“Disenfranchisement is class warfare byother means . . . income is the real predictorof vote loss” (254). Palast’s earlierinvestigations in New Mexico (255). NewMexico politics (265-58). Democraticnational leaders’ lack of interest (258-59).Kerry caved in 2004 because he knew hewould lose a challenge (259-61). Fearsomefact: 59 million Americans
vote for Bush(262-63).
Election Chapter Bonus! TheNecklace-ing of Dan Rather.
On the“lynching” of Dan Rather over the Bush Texas Air Guard story(265-75).
Ch. 5: The Class War: Hope I Die beforeMy Next Refill.
Growing inequality in theU.S. (278-84). “What’s at stake here is theNew Deal” (284). ADM price-fixing recordedon tape (285-87). Americans can sue price-fixers, unlike Europeans (287-88). The attackon class-action lawsuits (288-92). May 17,2001, meeting of Ken Lay, Michael Milken,Arnold Schwarzenegger, et al. on how to“settle” the state’s legal actions againstEnron & friends (292-93). The attack onregulation (293-97). Bush’s plans for SocialSecurity (298-99). Companies taking backassets and benefits from workers in thename of competitivity in an era of globalization (299-303). The Gore-Perotdebate of 1993 was the Democratic Party’s“Munich” (304-09). The No Child Left BehindAct as “educational eugenics . . . to providethe new worker drones” (309-19). Anger atthe Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 propelledthe career of Huey Long (319-25). Programsof Huey Long, “
Hugo Chávez,” were theprototype for the New Deal (325-26).
THE END: The House I Live In.
Statementof belief in America as “a nation conceived inliberty and dedicated to the cause that allmen and women are created equal” (329).Declaration of Independence still applies(330). “Yes, America does have a ManifestDestiny—to Let Freedom Ring—which the eviland greedy and pernicious would twist into agrab for land and resources and ethniccleansing. And so the Manifest Destiny of the journalists in our shitty little offices inNew York and London is to expose thesemotherfuckers” (331). George W. Bush is“UN-AMERICAN” (332).
New Added Bonus Chapter! Busted: and How to Steal Back Your Vote.
Palastarrested for filming Katrina evacuees heldbehind barbed wire near Exxon Petroleum’sBaton Rouge refinery, a “Critical Asset andVulnerable Infrastructure Point” (CAVIP)known as “Cancer Alley” (335-36). WhiteHouse didn’t let locals know levees werebreaching for “a day and a night” (337-41).Computers are not how they’ll steal theelection; in fact, the Republicans are usingthis fear to arrange the next theft, byrequiring state secretaries of state to rejectvoters whose ID doesn’t match “a state‘verification’ list,” despite a lack of evidenceof any significant voter fraud (344-51). Thescience of vote rustling is “a game of numbers, of probabilities, of shaving apercentage point here, a percentage pointthere” (351-52). Arizona’s Proposition 200,which became law in 2006, requires proof of citizenship to register (353-54). In somestates fines are imposed on those submitting

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