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In the PRONAOS of the Temple of TruthFranz Hartmann

In the PRONAOS of the Temple of TruthFranz Hartmann

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Published by Marco de Koning

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Published by: Marco de Koning on Jul 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 of the
 Franz Hartmann
 , M.D.
CONTAINING THE HISTORY OF THE TRUE AND THEFALSE ROSICRUCIANS + WITH AN INTRODUCTION IN-TO THE MYSTERIES OF THE HERMETIC PHILOSOPHYAND AN APPENDIX CONTAINING THE PRINCIPLES OFTHE YOGA-PHILOSOPHY OF THE ROSICRUCIANS ANDALCHEMISTSOriginal Edition Published in Boston andLondon, 1890 by The Theosophlcal Societyand Occult Publishing CompanyThis Edition of In The Pronaos Of TheTemple Of Wisdom by From. Hartmannis Limited to Two-hundred and FiftyCopies — Printed and Published by TheAries Press — Chicago, Illinois, 1941Reprinted, March 1945
This copy was scanned by hermetics.org. from the original1945 copy.
 I thought the above hauntingly graceful inscription in the book jacket was worth preserving.CONTENTS
Chapter One—Introduction.
Occult Literature—Allegoricallanguage of the Rosicrucian books—Its secret meaning
Chapter Two—The Hermetic Philosophy.
The Neoplatonists—Ammonius Saccas— Plotinus— Malchus Porphyrius—Jamblichus— Proclus— Hierocles
Chapter Three—Mediaeval Philosophers.
'Magic," according toCornelias Agrippa
Chapter Four—Among the Adepts.
"The Brotherhood of theGolden and Rosy Cross"— Occult and mysterious powers—
Adepts and Sages— Alchymists and Goldmakers—The TrueHistory of Flamel— The Count de Saint Germain—Cagliostro— The art of making alchemical gold— Well-authenticated facts
Chapter Five—The Rosicrucian "Orders." 
"History" of theRosicrucians— The Universal Reformation; the FamaFraternitaris and the Confessio— Truth and Fiction— TheChemical Marriage of Christian Rosencruetz— ValentinAndreae— The Sphinx Rosaceae— Andreas von Carolstadt—Theophrastus Paracelsus— Rosicrucian Literature
Chapter Six—Pseudo Rosicrucians. Impostors and Fools.
 Mysticism during the Middle Ages— Secret Societies—Schroepfer— J. C. Woellnerand Bischofswerder— Political Influence— The Jesuits and theIlluminati— Weishaupt— King Frederic William II
The Principles of the Yoga-Philosophy of theRosicrucians and Alchemists
Chapter Seven—In the Pronaos of the Temple of the True Cross.
 The Cross and the Rose— Rosicrucian Rules— The duties of aRosicrucian— The Secret Signs of the Rosicrucians—Rosicrucian Jewels— Rosicrucian Symbols—Signs from theHeart of the celestial Mother— Signs referring to the Divinechild.
Chapter Eight—Alchemy.
The Science and Art of Alchemy—The Prima Materia— The Spiritus Universalis— The SecretFire— The fouralchemical rules—The five things necessary to observe in thepractice of Alchemy— Axiomata Hermetica
a number of books dealing with the "History of theRosicrucians" have appeared of late for the purpose of amusingand gratifying the curiosity of the mystery-loving reader; but itdoes not appear that they have proved to be very instructive, or

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