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Teacher evaluations

Teacher evaluations

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Published by doctorrao
Teacher evaluations
Teacher evaluations

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Published by: doctorrao on Jul 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Teacher evaluation in Medical Colleges
Will it succeed?
Evaluating teachers in Medical colleges have started in many Deemed universities, and many wellorganized medical Colleges, it continues to be topic of debate. Rather it was centered on the criteriato be used in evaluating teachers to distinguish good teachers from bad ones. I was a part of thesystem to be evaluated. I have never seen the results of such assessments; nobody told me I amgood or bad, only some people who were evaluating are praising themselves, and covering theirinefficiencies I looked that it is a part of the NAAC exercises to sustain the Deemed status. Or else itmade to change the unworthy teachers. When the results go poor in many Medical colleges, theAdministrators start suggesting that we should identify the Bad teachers, and what next nobodyknows? My little observation in the University nothing works in this country we have not criteria of Merit in selection of Teachers we just go on the basis of supply and demand, that these evaluationswere likely to be biased, because allegedly they would be greatly affected by whether administratorsliked or disliked particular teachers instead of by their actual classroom performance. I really feelstudents are still the unbiased towards the good teachers their expression are the best and rest areHOAX, I have been just following my children and Grandchild in the lower grades of elementaryschool, are confident that they and other students know which teachers to avoid, and which to try toget. Nevertheless, to provide more objective measures, teacher evaluations have been shiftingtoward using performance on standardized tests that measure knowledge -related subjects.Teachers whose students perform well on these tests are deemed good teachers, whereas thosewith poorly performing students are considered weak teachers. If we analyse the students admittedmy merit it too makes a difference as some teachers get some times good students and other timesbad students. Actual test scores are not appropriate measures of teacher contribution since someteachers get students who are better prepared when they enter their classes. I have seen lessmeritorious students have done very well. For this reason the criterion used in evaluating teachersby many Colleges systems and also by academic articles on College reform is the value added (VA) by
teachers to student performance; namely, the improvements in students’ test scores as a result of taking classes of different teachers. I'm sure teacher’s dream of the perfect student, but our
students rarely demand straight A grade of our teachers. For us, the notion of perfection doesn'texist. Some teachers are outstanding and obviously love their work. They motivate every one, andthrough them many learn to not only master the material they present but also to love learning.These are the people who make school or college fun and with whom we may stay in touch for therest of our lives. This statement continuous to be true with many of good teachers, I rememberthem whenever I do a better work in day to day performance, and my students are really drivingspirit to continue in Profession with dignity and respect. Some very ineffective teachers try to
discipline the students with power of examiner ships and being HOD’s and Principals and others all
sorts of administrators. The teachers at this end of the spectrum can be a huge problem, since evenhardworking students who face ineffective instruction can end up unhappy in colleges and incapableof getting much out of their relatively short time in the classroom. True, some students are hard foreven the best teachers to reach, but for students who are serious about their education, dealingwith a mediocre teacher is nothing short of a survival skill. It's incredibly frustrating to feel thatnothing is being done, or will be done, to put an end to bleak teaching, and that we students findsthey are powerless to make change happen. But that doesn't have to be the case. Many students I

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