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The Buoyancy of Faith

The Buoyancy of Faith

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BY Rev. J. H. JOWETT, d.d.

"He walked upon the waters to come to Jesus."

Matt. xiv. 29.
BY Rev. J. H. JOWETT, d.d.

"He walked upon the waters to come to Jesus."

Matt. xiv. 29.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BUOYACY OF FAITHBY Rev. J. H. JOWETT, d.d."He walked upon the waters to come to Jesus."Matt. xiv. 29.Faith is always the secret of buoyancy.We can plant our footsteps in the sea whenour faith is resting in the Lord. The wavescan never overwhelm us. We ride upon thestorm. When Mrs. Booth, the mother of the Salvation Army, was dying, she wit-nessed in great triumph, "The waters arerising, but I am not sinking !" When oldMr. Honest reached the river he found that,in Christ Jesus, its destructiveness wasbroken, and he went through the waters sing-ing, "Grace reigns!" And so it is in all therivers and floods through which the believerhas to pass ; he cannot be holden of them, herises above them, he is their superior in theLord.And thus the believer in Christ Jesus is42THE BUOYACY OF FAITH 43to be distinguished by his buoyancy. Thisis to be his song as he confronts the mosttremendous seas, " Therefore will we notfear though the waters roar and betroubled!" His fame is to be that of theman whom nothing can sink. He is to be
always on the top of circumstances, theirmaster and not their slave. Like theApostle Paul, he is to be " always confident,"knowing whom he has believed. When thespirits of others are sinking he is to be theone to hearten them, to lift them up by hisown unquenchable cheer. He is to sing songsin the night.And what times are these for the displayof spiritual buoyancy ! What great reasonsfor walking the troubled seas ! What oppor-tunities for witnessing to the power of theresurrection in lifting the soul above thefloods of death and hell! For the LordHimself is on the deep. He walks thewaters which He calls us to tread. He doesnot send us on a daring but lonely errand ;He invites us into His fellowship. The walk on the deep is a journey with the Lord. And,therefore, by faith we share His conquests.* i The works that I do shall ye do also. ' ' We44 THE FRIED O THE ROADcan walk the stormy sea ! And when thosewho do not know the Lord look upon ourpower to rise above the troubled circum-stance, their souls will begin to move towardthe secret of our life, and by faith they alsoshall find the same uplifting strength in thefellowship of Christ.1. 68 FREE BOOKShttp://www.scribd.com/doc/21800308/Free-Christian-Books

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