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The Simplification of Life

The Simplification of Life

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Published by glennpease
BY Rev. J. H. JOWETT, d.d.

"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Matt. xix. 14.
BY Rev. J. H. JOWETT, d.d.

"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Matt. xix. 14.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SIMPLIFICATIO OF LIFEBY Rev. J. H. JOWETT, d.d."Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."Matt. xix. 14.Simplicity is one of the great characteris-tics of the supreme life as taught and re-vealed by Jesus Christ our Lord. He wasalways seeking to lead people back from theimpoverished life in which the currents aresluggish, and the arteries are hardened, andall the movements are stiff and formal. Hewould constrain us back into the realm of vital freedom where life is liquid and musi-cal, and where intercourse is natural andunconventional. " Except ye turn, and be-come as little children!" That was a toneof warning, as that indeed is the line of promise. If our life is to be wholesome andprogressive we must repeatedly turn fromthe age of stone, which comes with the years,to the plastic and unexhausted susceptibilityof a little child.5556 THE FRIED O THE ROADLord Morley lias somewhere said thatsimplification is the keynote of the Kefor-mation. It pierced behind the artificial andconventional to the natural man and natural
life. But this is surely true of every healthyrevolution : its movement is from the compli-cated to the single, from the technical to thevital, from the merely traditional to theoriginal springs. Its tendency is frompalsied age to the little child.Crises continually arise which compel usto get rid of exhausting encumbrances. Wehave become overburdened with the multi-plication of harness. It is not always theordinary load of life which crushes us; itis the increasingly heavy and complicatedmeans which we have devised to draw it.Our yoke is more galling than our burden ;the harness is more harassing than the load.The complications increase with the years.Society becomes a steel network of hard arti-ficial bonds, instead of remaining a sweet,elastic and lovely fellowship. Prayer be-comes fossilised. Theology grows arid andtechnical. Public worship becomes merechurch-going, as tedious as the making of conventional social calls. "She has God onTHE SIMPLIFICATIO OF LIFE 57her visiting list!" Think of the formalityand artificiality which hide behind thatvivid phrase! Everything grows hard andunelastic in the conventional drip, drip of a petrifying formality.And so there is imperative need of crisesand revolutions which will compel us to seek a simplification of life and thought and feel-ing, and which will make us turn again andbecome as a little child. And may not this

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