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Cupping China

Cupping China

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Published by mrcyber

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Published by: mrcyber on May 21, 2009
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Active Health Foundation©James O'Sullivan www.active-health.org
Cupping Technique
By James O’Sullivan Lic.Ac. C.Ac. (China)In the ancient times in China Cupping technique was called “horn method”. It works onthe principal of vacuum, where negative pressure is created by introducing heat (in theform of an ignited material) into the cup and then applying the cup to the surface of theskin. The original animal horn was used to dispel pus and caused local congestion.Through clinical practice, the development of the Cups has greatly improved, with theuse of natural materials. The therapeutic effect is good resulting in an increase in therange of indications, to which it is used as a treatment. This therapy has attracted hugeattention and is applied in a large scale by the broad masses in China, and it is also usedas a complementary method to Acupuncture and Moxibustion.
Types of Jars
There are a great variety of jar
s, but the most commonlyused are as follows:
Bamboo Jars: made from a cut section of bamboo3 – 7cm in diameter and 8 – 10cm in length,forming as cylinder shaped as a drum. The rim of the jar should be sanded and rubbed to form asmooth edge. The bamboo jar is light, economical,easy to make and available in many places.
Glass cup: because the cup is transparent, localcongestion at the site for Moxibustion can be seen so as to control treatment.
The function of cupping is to warm and promote the smooth flow of Qi and Blood in thechannels. It will dispel Cold Dampness and it also reduces swelling and pain.In clinic, the cupping technique is primarily used to treat “Bi Syndrome” caused by thepathogens, Wind, Cold and Damp, with symptoms such as pain of the lower back,shoulders and leg. It is also used to treat gastrointestinal disorders such as abdominalpain, vomiting and diarrhoea, and lung disharmony such as cough and asthma. It iscombined with bloodletting as a particularly effective method for treating acute sprainswith Blood stasis.

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