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JD - Gospel

JD - Gospel

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Published by: JOHN FHILIP ORIT on Jul 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“J.D.  le  te gpel, umle  umu. He’ wtte  tt’ g f te Ct lg ue, te Cttempte t leglm, te Ct tempte t gult, te Cttempte t elfe. If yu wt t e ml  ftful, e-g ut wle lg ft, t  wll euge yu.”—M Dee, e pt, Cptl Hll Bptt Cu ut f 
 Nine Marks of a Healthy Church
“Wt t  J.D. Gee lfe  pt   tem f  yug egell e llg te twety-ft etuy u t te gpel. He pwefully  pgly w tt te gpel  ut eey  elet fte yu eme  Ct  t  efeeue te gpel e’t mply eue u fm te pt  eue uf te futue; t l eue u  te peet fm eg ele ttg le fe, euty, ge, elf-ele, ttee, ettlemet, gfe. J.D. me te le e tt we te w f tegpel—Ct le f u wtut tg tte—gp u et,t et u fee  ge eeytg.”—Tull T, pt f Cl Rge PeyteCu, Ft. Luele, Fl, ut f 
 Jesus + Nothing = Everything 
“My ul tue t e euge y te tg up f tg  e t pt peple t te gpel  wt ppe t e geuememet  t tt tg tt Pul e “f ft mpte.” J.D.  e  mteful  f lfyg  wgg ut te gpelmplt f te lfe f te elee. Wete yu e  pt, eee  u yu wle lfe,  e eetly eme  Ct yu wll f t  t e elpful.”—Mtt Cle, le pt, Te Vllge Cu“My fellw pt, J.D. Gee, tug  ,  elpe u t quet f gpel-tute lg. He te te pple f gpeletlty  w u w t et u le u t. I ppe-te w  efeg  el wy e me te gpel ele tte  tt tey  expeee t tfmg pwe. I epelly le te ’ ptl et  gpel pye   wy t t u eeg tee tut eep t u et  m. Wete yue explg Ctty f te ft tme  e lgg t ‘l ttee tg’ g  g, let me te yu t pe tme wt telpful .”—Tmty Kelle, e pt, Reeeme Peyte Cu ut f 
The Reason for God 
“Rl eee t te pe f Ct  ly pg fm e-le tut  te uffey f Ct. I m gteful t G f my fe J.D. Gee   ll t plt u le  ue lly  te lf te gpel. T  wll elp yu et ly  G’ get ge  yu le tully f G’ get gly.—D Pltt, e pt, Te Cu t B Hll ut f 
“Wt mg ety, J.D. ffe  gtful l t teptul elte w fe u ty. I le te et  ‘Yu New Ietty’! Pep te mt pgt  etl tut f me  ‘eg gpel etee  t mg pt te gpel ut tully wmmg eepe t t.’ I euge yu t e t .”—D. F Pge, m f te Exeute Cmmttee f teSute Bptt Cet“J.D. Gee  e f te getet me f G I w. A e f te mt llt. H lty t mmute te gpel   fe yetftful wy pefetly pt m t pe te lfe-gg mege f  Jeu t yu   wy tt yu e ee expeee. A   wy tt wll ge yu lfe fee.”—Stee Fut, le pt, Elet Cu ut f 
Sun Stand Still 
“I’e le lg eug t w tt tee’ ly e pe, e tg tt  tully el u  tfm u: te ge-tute gpel f  Jeu. J.D. Gee te u t e t te ttmle e f te gpelpl  f lfe tt eeply tfe.”—Ju Wlte, e pt f Cetl Ct Cu,L Veg  ut f 
,“Wt  left f te gpel  lt? Tt quet ul ut teegell m  we e w uue y  my fle Gpel,ptl Gpel,  fue Gpel. Aeg t emegey, J.D. Gee ffe u uel, lell tg,  te fullmeue f t  elpg Ct  ue ee teutet gpel f Jeu Ct.”—D. R. Alet Mle J., peet,te Sute Bptt Telgl Semy  ut f 
He Is Not Silent 
“Te gpel tuly ge eeytg. I
Pt J.D. Geeme tt tut ytl le. I t  yu wll le tt Ct’
peee  ppl e ll yu ee ty  lwy f eeltg  y. I le t  f te leg t wll e t te y f Ct. It  w f u ll.”—Del L. A, peet,Sutete Bptt Telgl Semy  ut f 
 Engaging Exposition
“I elee G  J.D. wte t  f u  tme  t,f tee  ee ee  tme  te u wee we  epetely eee t ee te gpel me lely,  te pe f Ct etl t te gpel. T    gft fm G t H u t te wl.”—Clyt Kg, peet f C Wlwe ut f 
Dying to Live 
“If yu’e t mze y te l-e g ew ttppe yu fm te ge, te yu ut mgt e  yu wy teg e t et. A em le t te futlty f te pe-fme, peteg,  ultmtely ep. I’m tful e f my fte pee  te wl, J.D. Gee, te ll tt   t. Wt pe  pu, J.D. g te   we f gpel pwe. T  w’t ut egge yu m, t’ll que yu pule.”—Ruell Me, e f te Sl f Telgy  e e-peet f Aem Amtt t te Sute Bptt Telgl Semy  ut f 
 Adopted for Life 
 I e pet my ete lfe tuyg memet. Get p-tul memet le Get Aweg  my memete t te ete te eey f te gpel. We epetely eeu  memet  u tme,  I f e elee we e eeg t. J.D. Gee ge lty  pepete t t gwg gpel me-met. T  ul e e y eey pe etg, weteelee  t, wete “lee”  t. Get t w fe te G w e y eg t ,  f eue f yu ul.—Al L. Re, pfe f Egelm  Stuet Mty,Bley Smt C f Egelm tSutete Bptt Telgl Semy “Ntg  ffete my lfe me t te gpel. My tty-fe ye f ptl mty e ge me  ee-eg lef,  eepe we f, t pwe. D. Gee  mu t ffe te y 

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