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Math Proposal for Steve McCrea to entice students to do projects

Math Proposal for Steve McCrea to entice students to do projects

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Published by Jk McCrea
Practice can be completed and then we can do our projects
Practice can be completed and then we can do our projects

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Published by: Jk McCrea on Jul 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ProposalBEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND -- Stephen R. Covey, 7 Habits
How can we turn “math class” into“I’m preparing for the SAT and it’sfun” class?
1. The word MATH is a four-letter word and we will try not to use it. Some fourletter words spark negative images in people.2.We want to make “time a viable” and to create independence in students.3.I want to learn more about Erika Twani’s system, so I want to organize mytime to allow myself time to go to other schools.I like the focus of worksheets.a)It’s something to completeb)Usually one skill is practiced from various angles in a flexible mannerc)Worksheets make learning visible.I am happy to take a pay reduction on days when I’m out of the classroom. Youhave to hire a substitute teacher so I should pay for that sub out of my paycheck The aim of the class is to prepare for the SAT. Our goal is to have kids ready tocomplete the basic problems in math when they are exiting the 8
grade.Begin with the end in mind.
 The end: students getting high scores on SAT.How to get there: lots of practice.How to make it possible for students to willingly do the work?
Show them thatthey get “project day” when they are completed with their worksheets.
SWISS CHEESE MATH (find the holes) To know WHAT to teach the student (what are their gaps?), I propose a series of diagnostic tests. I’ve found a collection of free sheets on the internet.http://www.mathmammoth.com/blue-series.php I propose using those sheets to get students to work their way through and identifytheir areas of weakness and strength.
My goal is to get students creating their own textbooks.
They will entersample problems and then write the explanations that make sense in their ownwords. They will practice the skill of summarizing the themes of each chapter of their book and some design sense in laying out the page.On days when I’m visiting Erika Twani’s two schools and meeting with Dr. Fischler, atotal of three days in the next 3 months, i.e. one day out each month, the substituteteacher will oversee the completion of worksheets. 100 minutes of doingworksheets? I propose 50 minutes of worksheets and 50 minutes of studentsvideotaping the explanations, showing only their hands and pencil work. I will havethree cameras available for students to use in turn. What do you think?SteveInstead of printed worksheets, I want to have each student OWNING and USING amath journal. They will spend part of their time describing the problem that they need to solve.

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