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The Dying Saviour Our Example.

The Dying Saviour Our Example.

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Friedrich, Schleiermacher 1768-1834.

{On Good Friday.)

Text : Mark xv. 34-41.
Friedrich, Schleiermacher 1768-1834.

{On Good Friday.)

Text : Mark xv. 34-41.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE DYIG SAVIOUR OUR EXAMPLE.Friedrich, Schleiermacher 1768-1834.{On Good Friday.)Text : Mark xv. 34-41.EAVELY Father! On all who are assembling to-day to commemorate the death of the Holy One,in whom Thou wast well pleased, look graciously down!Let not one go away from the cross of Thy Well-belovedwithout exclaiming, with new, living faith, Truly this wasthe Sen of God ! Let not one wipe away his tears of emotion until the heartfelt desire has taken possession of him that his end may be like that of this righteous One !Let not the feeling of holy reverence and admiration, thatmust lay hold on every one at the remembrance of the dyingChrist, be left behind within these walls and bear no fruit ;let it go forth with us all into our life, so that it may bemore and more consecrated to Thee, and become more like toHis, until at last we follow Him, in departing with goodcourage to Thee. Amen.A sad and moved heart, my brethren, I take for grantedin all of us at this hour, and to this I wish to addressmyself. Let us, I entreat you, lay aside, at least for thepresent, all the separate notions that each of us may haveof certain particular benefits and blessings from the deathTHE DYIG SAVIOUR. 53of Jesus. I honour them all, if they dwell in a heart that Ihonour ; but it would be sad if the most sacred of days werespent in raising questions, in sifting opinions, in instituting.discussions, by which minds are not moved for good, and areoften quite turned away from each other, through differ-
ences, which of course there must always be, coming to lightat the very time when we desire to be most cordially united.o, we wish to unite in such meditations as may be of equalimportance and equal blessing to us all, as surely as we allreverence in Christ the Author of our faith, as we all countHis death a death of love and obedience, as we all set beforeus His life even to death as the pattern which we seek tofollow ; yes. His life even to death, not even excluding thelast experiences of His holy soul. Whether we, like Him,shall retain to our last heart-beat the full use of all thefaculties of our minds, is a question on which we can come tono decision ; it is a special favour of God, depending on thecircumstances in which He brings about the close of ourlife. But the last heart-beat is not really the end of life ;life ceases with the last thought and feeling that ourspirit brings forth in union with its body ; with the lastglance in which the surrounding world is still visible to us ;with the last consciousness of our earthly circumstances;and if we are then to treat those circumstances, and toregard this world, and to look back on our past life just asHe did, that can be the fruit solely of a life led just as Hiswas, and of a mind just as collected. Therefore let us learnto die in seeing Christ die ! It is no small thing that Iexpect from you in calling on you to do this ; for it is withthe death of the Saviour as it was with His life ; let himwho seeks only happiness and joy shun likeness to Him ;let him alone seek it who covets what is great and perfect atany price. An easier end, a gentler sleeping away than theSaviour's there may easily be ; but none that would be moresublime, none more worthy of a pious and virtuous heart.54 THE DYIG SAVIOUR Let him who covets such an end look now with me at theperfecting of the Holy One of God.In wishing that we may die as Christ did, I do not meanto advert to that state of mind which for every one who has
walked in the right way is a matter of course. That regretfor a wasted life may not be our last crushing feeling, thata too fond clinging to the joys and possessions of this worldmay not make the leaving of it more difficult than it oughtto be, that no anxious doubt may mingle in our childlikesubmission to Him Avho is leading us into the valley of death ; let there be no question of these things among us.There are three other particulars to which I wish to directyour attention as something greatly to be desired ; desirable,I mean, just for this reason, that in order to act as Christdid in those circumstances, the close and complete likenessto Him, at which we are all aiming, will be necessary. Idesire, then, that in dying w^e may all have, in the firstplace, the same sorrow over unaccomplished deeds ; secondly,the same calmness under the unjust judgments of the world;and thirdly, that we may be in the same way surroundedby tender and faithful friends. Let your devout attentionbe directed for the present to these particulars.I. Oh, that we might all die with the same sorrow overunaccomplished deeds, which was so plainly revealed inthe Saviour's sorrowful cry, '' My God, My God, why hastThou forsaken Me ? " For do you suppose that this crywas wrung from Him by bodity suffering ? Heavy as thepressure of that may have been, yet for Him to whom itstill left strength for such expressions of kindness, of careand sympathy as Christ gave from His cross, it could notobscure the principle He had so often asserted, that suffer-ing can just as little be a token of the displeasure of theMost High as success is a pledge of His favour. Or wasit that Jesus clung to the joys of life, so that He was afflictedby the necessity of leaving it while so young? Or wasOUR EXAMPLE. 55it perhaps that His imagination was so filled with ideasof future worldly greatness that He was mortified at notbeing able to attain to it ? o ; but He loved His duty

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