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The Posse That Wouldn't Quit From Memory

The Posse That Wouldn't Quit From Memory

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Published by beejay
Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry are captured by Harry Waggoner and forced to rob a Bank in Red Rock
Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry are captured by Harry Waggoner and forced to rob a Bank in Red Rock

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Published by: beejay on May 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Posse That Wouldn’t Quit(From Memory)
Currently there is a popular game being played on the ASJ Collection website messageboard called Quipable Kid, Noteworthy Heyes or something close to that. The idea is to post a quote from one of the boys. The next person posts which character said the quote,what episode it is from and posts the next quote. As you can see this is a real test of one’smemory. Incredible as it may seem, I’ve never played this game. That doesn’t mean mymemory is lousy, it just means that, well, it means I‘ve never played that game. But it occurred to me that people may get the wrong idea and think I have a rotten memory (if they think about it at all and why should they?). The truth is I can quote the show as well as anyone, and to prove it I’m not going to quote one meager line; I’m going to write awhole episode from memory. One that I haven’t watched for a couple of months. So hereit is
 Author’s note: On occasion a characters thoughts will be described. I am sure the reader will notice that this enriches the original teleplay by adding depth to the psychological aspects of the story. This may lead to some subtle differences between the episode aired and my version.
 Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry were on the run from a large posse. They rode their horseshard attempting to not only maintain a lead on the men following, but in the hopes of losing them as well. So far they were unsuccessful. They halted on a ridge overlookingthe riders to allow their horses to breathe."Heyes, you seen how many are following us?""Haven't stopped to count."The Kid looked at the men below. Quietly he began, "one, two, three…""Kid, we really don't have time for this.""Why'd you stop me? Now I have to start all over. One, two, three, four…"Heyes sighed. He waited impatiently for his friend to finish."Thirteen, there's thirteen of 'em. You know what that means?""Yeah, it's a baker's dozen. C'mon, let's get going."
They rode on. The posse continued its relentless pursuit. Again the two former outlawsstopped to rest."I can't believe it, Kid. They're still there. There's something different about that posse.It's been five days and we haven't lost them yet."Heyes paused to tie his hair back with his bandanna. Depending on how you view it, thismade him either incredibly sexy looking or gave him a somewhat ridiculous aspect. The point is you've probably never seen two men look so good after riding three days from a posse."I think I've got it. They've got an Indian tracking us. Probably an Apache.""How do you know he's an Apache?""We can't loose him, right?" The Kid nodded. "So he must be an Apache," Heyesreasoned triumphantly.The Kid looked puzzled. "Well if you say so." He paused. "You think he's one of themCheery cow ahs?""Cheery cow ah?""Yeah, you know. Heyes what do you know about Indians anyway?""Only what I heard as a child. And that won't reassure you. Not that it matters anyway.There's only one in the posse."Bullets whizzed past. The two men took off again.They came to a spring and forded it. The Kid, not wanting to spoil his new leather bootskept his legs elevated, causing him to list to one side. Once across, Heyes grabbed a branch to brush away their tracks."Heyes what the hell are you doing that for?""Whaddya mean what am I doing that for? You wanna loose them don't you?""Yeah, but if they got an Apache with them that won't work. You're slowing us down. Ithought you were supposed to be the smart one. That's a pretty stupid thing to do."Heyes threw down the branch in disgust. He mounted his horse and the two rode on,Heyes mumbling under his breath."I thought you were supposed to be the smart one. Well I am the smart one. Did I grow astupid looking moustache? Do I call attention to myself calling people walk-offs? Do Iconstantly shout out 'Heyes' when my life is saved from a firing squad? Do I provokegunfighters wearing my gun to breakfast? Do I…""What?!" The Kid turned to Heyes.
"Nothing, I was just thinking of all of your best traits. Making a list, so to speak. I'mmethodical. I make lists."A few moments later they saw a wagon approaching on the road beside the hill they wereon. Since their horses were all lathered up with yucky white foam and were about to dropdead, they figured it would be a good idea to hitch a ride from the lady on the wagoninstead. They slapped the rumps of the horses to send them galloping off. That way the posse would follow the horses. The men slid down the hill. The two tired horses stoppedafter a couple of feet."Howdy Ma'am." The Kid gave the lady in the wagon his most pleasant smile."Good afternoon. What are you two doing way out here with no horses?" She aimed her rifle at the men.Heyes smiled as well and replied, "Uh Ma'am, we were crossing the desert and let our horses drink from water we found, only it was alkaline and the horses upped and died.And our saddles were heavy and we dropped 'em way back," "way back" repeated theKid. "And we sure could use a ride, not to mention some food and a place to stay and…""Your horses died in the desert?""That's right ma'am.""This is Colorado; the nearest desert is in Arizona.""Your right again ma'am. We've walked a long way." Heyes opened his eyes wide lookingat the lady pathetically."A real long way ma'am,” added the Kid. “My legs are real tired.""I see." She studied the two men. They were either in trouble or were simple-minded or  both. They didn't look too smart so she figured they couldn't be in serious trouble. Didn'thave the brains for that. Well she wouldn't feel right about leaving these two to fend ontheir own out here."All right, you can come with me. Hand me your guns first, boys.""Hand you my gun?! I'd feel naked without my gun ma'am. You won't believe this butI've worn this gun for so many years that without it I limp.""So limp," shouted Heyes. "Give her the gun and hop up."They handed their guns over and jumped in the wagon. The Kid sat in the front next tothe lady."Ma'am if you'd like I can drive awhile for you."She looked him up and down."No thanks. I'd really like to get home sometime today. My husband's expecting me."

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