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Another Wrong Train

Another Wrong Train

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Published by beejay
Wade Sawyer is in town again and Heyes and the Kid have to get out before he sees them. The only way out is the train, and the train is a company train for married couples only.
Wade Sawyer is in town again and Heyes and the Kid have to get out before he sees them. The only way out is the train, and the train is a company train for married couples only.

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Published by: beejay on May 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wrong Train Too
Heyes and Kid Curry were walking down the boardwalk of Florrisant Colorado, on a bright clear cold day in October. Their stay had been a pleasant one because it had beenunremarkable. They had seen no familiar faces, had won a fair amount of money at thecard tables, and had otherwise enjoyed an uneventful week.Suddenly the Kid grabbed Heyes’ arm and pulled him back to a side street.“What?” hissed Heyes.“Over there. Look. That’s Wade Sawyer, ain’t it?”Heyes groaned. “Again? Did he see us?”The Kid shook his head. He peered carefully around the corner to keep an eye on thetroublesome lawman.“He sure does seem to show up a lot, don’t he,” observed Curry.“Guess that means we gotta leave town—again.”“You guessed right partner.” Heyes shook his head. Sawyer was between them and thetrain station. “Let’s see what time the next stage leaves.”It turned out the next stage didn’t leave for another week. Florrisant had a train station,and most people took that the stage manager informed them. “It was sure ruining his business,” he added as he stared at the backs of the two men. Next stop was the livery. “Sorry boys, them’s all rented or sold fer now. I don’t keepmany horses on hand no more ‘cause Florissant’s got a train station now, and mostfolks…”“…take the train,” Heyes finished the livery man’s sentence for him. “Yes, we know.”They left the livery still on the alert for Wade Sawyer. The Kid pulled Heyes back onemore time when he spied the lawman. Fortunately he was headed for the saloon.“Hopefully that’ll keep him busy for awhile,” Heyes said.“Well, you’re the thinker, Heyes. How do we get out of town this time? You wanna risk the train?”“Well that would seem to be the only way left, unless you wanna walk, Kid.”1
“Funny, Heyes. Guess it’ll have to be the train, ‘cause I sure ain’t gonna walk. I just hopewe have enough time to get tickets without Sawyer showing up at the station.” He paused. “Heyes, you remember what happened last time we saw Sawyer and took thetrain?”“Yep, but the odds are that can’t happen twice, and anyway Briscoe’s a ‘friend’ of oursnow, and he’s nowhere near.”“True Heyes. Good idea; ‘course it’s really my idea,” and the Kid smiled.The two friends arrived at the depot, and were slightly surprised and discomforted bywhat they saw.“Heyes, how come there’s so many people here?”“Well, Kid I guess the best way to find out would be to ask.”“OK, Heyes you’re the talker, go ask.”“You know Kid I’ve heard you talk, and you’re actually pretty good at it.”“Yeah, but I thought up the train, so now it’s your turn.”Heyes shrugged his shoulders, and went to the ticket booth. He returned shortly.“Well?”“Well, it’s a company train.”“A what?”“A company train, Kid. It’s going to Guffey. Only potential employees of the BradshawMining Company can board it. That’s why its so crowded. Most of these people arehoping to get jobs.”“Well, we can be potential employees, can’t we?”Heyes looked the Kid straight in the face. “Married employees only. They want a ‘moral’town. No single folk allowed.”“Um, well, can’t we…”2
“What--be married? Where you gonna find two women to marry so fast?”“Well, what are we gonna do? I don’t wanna walk to Guffey.”As they were talking Wade Sawyer came around the corner, and the Kid yanked Heyes back a third time.“I wish you wouldn’t pull so hard when you do that, Kid.”“What do you want me to do? You never see him. You want me to leave you out in theopen?”“No, sorry,” Heyes grumbled. “Maybe you could sort of warn me first, though.”“How?”“I don’t know how, you’re the one who sees him.”The two ‘discussed’ the finer points of warnings as they walked down a street nowhere inSawyer’s sight.They stopped in front of a milliner’s store. Heyes gazed distractedly at the broad windowwhile the Kid continued talking. There was a green dress on display, and a blue one. The blue one sort of matched Kid’s eyes, he mused.“Kid, I’ve got it,” he broke in.“Got what, Heyes.”“Got an idea. A Hannibal Heyes Plan. How we can get out of town.” Now the Kid groaned. “Heyes your plans haven’t exactly been workin’ out lately.”“What do you mean, not working out?” Heyes asked, looking slightly injured.“Not workin’ out. I think that’s pretty clear, what I mean by not workin’ out.”“Kid this one is different.”“Oh you mean it might actually work?”“Kid, of course it’s gonna work. It’s foolproof.”Kid groaned again.3

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