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Seoul Survivors RFC Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 2

Seoul Survivors RFC Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 2

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Published by Nagasnz
Seoul Survivors RFC Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2
Website: http://www.survivorsrfc.com/
Seoul Survivors RFC Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 2
Website: http://www.survivorsrfc.com/

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Published by: Nagasnz on May 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Nevertheless, the Survivorscrossed the line twicethrough skipper SimonWalsh and first five RichardJones who leaped on recy-cled ball to pinch a classic“forward’s” try.Half-time sounded and thereferee granted the Daesimsquad a penalty and a line-out after the break shouldhave been called. The whis-tleblower’s oversight leaddirectly to a Daesim scoreand the two teams went intothe halftime break at 13-8 tothe Survivors.Disappointingly, the Survi-vors went flat in the thirdquarter. Blitzed by Dae-sim’s slick backline andfurther baffling interpreta-tions of the rules, the Survi-vors leaked three tries andallowed the company men auseful lead. Tensions boiledover and utility back JamesTucker and the Daesim
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Saturday, May 2, 2009A spirited Survivors teamwent down to the semi-proDaesim Trading Companyside in a tense match inAnsan City last Saturday.
Despite an hour and a half subway commute to Ansan,the Survivors arrived in theGyeonggi Province city inhigh spirits and with a fullcomplement of players. Thematch was held at AnsanLake Park on an overcastMay morning.The day promised much.For the Survivors, thiswould likely be the toughestmatch of the year thus far.Many of the squad hadnever squared off against paid players before. The plan was to face a semi-proDaesim team under IRBrules with an accreditedreferee. Not all promiseswere fulfilled. At the Ko-rean’s request, there were to be uncontested scrums andno rucking (despite Dae-sim’s glut of big forwards)and the company-suppliedref’s sole accreditation ap- peared to be a Level 2course in how to direct air from the lungs into a high- pitched, noise-making de-vice. Considering Daesim’sstatus as a semi- professional” side, the ap- peal to play under tinkeredrules seemed odd, but theSeoulites had journeyed toofar and too early to back down now.From the very first ex-changes, the Survivorsseemed to be on the wrongend of the referee’s calls; afact that hadn’t gone unno-ticed by certain members of the team’s fanatical sidelinesupport squad. As timedrew on and the 50/50 callskept mounting, the Seoulexpats grew increasinglyfrustrated with the match.
Survivors Downed In Third Quarter Nightmare
Maybe Next Weekend
Training at Jamwon rugbypitch scheduled for 10amSaturday. Make your own way there or meet Kurtoutside Itaewon Paris Ba-guette at 9:15am.
YSC: The Rams upset theBeijing Devils 15-6 inGuangzhou.
A5N: Korea upset 30-27 byKazakhstan in Almaty.
A5N: Japan smash HK 59-6.
There are still Survivorsshirts to be bought. 10,000for players; 15,000 for non-players.
Subs are due to Roddy.100,000 won.
Philippines trip in June. Signup and play against a fullnational squad. ContactTed.
Ted Gray (President)011-287-9558
Roddy Bancroft (Manager)016-494-7363
Simon Walsh (Pitch Captain)010-9417-9554
Kurtis Taogaga (Media)010-7263-5878
Rawiri King (Coach)010-8698-4982
 Justin Jackson (Social Officer)010-5465-6122
Leave Apgujeong Stationthrough Exit 6. Walk straightdown two blocks and turnright between Hyundai HighSchool and Shinsa MiddleSchool. Walk to the end of the street and turn left fol-lowing the highway embank-ment until you can enter theRiver Park area about 50metres ahead on your rightthrough the tunnel. Look for the rugby posts.
Oakwood Worldwide spe-cialises in providing tempo-rary serviced apartments toclients in global hotspotsaround the world.Oakwood hopes to capitaliseon the Survivors' exposure tothe corporate sector through-out Korea and the rest of Asia.
Survivors Announce New Major Sponsor
Wednesday, May 7, 2009The Survivors will nowhave Oakwood splashedacross the chest of the new2009 uniform.
The Seoul Survivors RFCannounced last week thatOakwood Worldwide would become a major sponsor for the 2009 season.Many thanks to Oakwood for their vision and supportingthe Survivors.
Correction: the captainof the Northern Hemi-sphere squad for theInaugural North v Southmatch was actually RJKaras, not Justin Jacksonas first stated. Deepestapologies to Mr. Karasfor the mix-up.
Grover sees the junior squad as both a developmental tool for youth rugby in Seoul as well as afeeder club for the senior SeoulSurvivors squad. Already, a fewof the Colts train regularly andhave seen action with the men’steam. Ultimately, Coach Grover hopes that as these young ladsdevelop in the game and mature physically, they will be pushing
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009Today, the Seoul expatriatecommunity is as large and asvibrant as it’s ever been. Of-ten those who find themselvesbased in the Korean capital onbusiness or on diplomatic dutyfor years at a time bring theiryoung families along to ex-perience the flavour of one of the world’s largest metropo-lises.
Seoul may provide these youngforeigners with a life experienceunlike any other but; unfortu-nately, although you may catch a baseball match or fill up onfootball to your heart’s content,this city is hardly a hotspot for Rugby Union. For too long ex- patriate youngsters interested inrugby found themselves withoutthe stepping stone between jun-ior touch and the real deal. Nolonger.The Seoul Colts are a team thathave been launched with the aimof giving players in those vitalteenage years a chance to de-velop their skills and participatein rugby. Coached by SeoulSurvivor Dan Grover and under the patronage of Kiwi expat RexDuncan, the Colts are a combi-nation of the Royal Frogs teamand other interested kids from asfar afield as the UK and NewZealand. The Colts squad willensure that a stopover in Seoulwill no longer put a halt to promising junior rugby careers.Organisationally, the Colts teamwill come under the broader umbrella of the Seoul SurvivorsRFC, although they will runtheir own schedule; findinggames and touring when andwhere they can. Coach Dan
Back row: Gyuhang Kim, Tarek Hadid, Jake Attawell, Florent Darrou, LouisGaltié, Antoine Perennou, Jared SollowayFront row: Alban Fidry, Ben Attawell, James Sprake, Johnny Duncan, DanGrover (Coach)
The Seoul Survivors RFCare proudly sponsored by:
Colts A Welcome Boost For Youth Rugby
Know anyone interestedin playing for the Colts?Contact Dan Grover 010-4941-4455
eventuated and the firm pitch allowedKorea to turn on a great display of running rugby.The Koreans were visibly larger  physical specimens than their Singa- porean opposition, especially in theforwards where the hometown boysdwarfed the expatriate-dominatedLions squad. The disparity up frontallowed the Koreans to eclipse thevisitors in the rucks and ensured theLions barely figured in the set pieces.Korea’s burly forwards ran hard and provided each other good support inattack. In defence, the locals made
Singapore Given A Taste Of Kimchi
several telling tackles that rattled theSingaporeans attacking confidence andkept them on the back foot throughoutthe lop-sided match. Korea’s backlinelooked slick and, given a strong plat-form by their forwards and good servicefrom the halves, exploited every attack-ing opportunity they had. The Koreanssquandered little and never allowed their opposites a sniff of the action.Being fervent supporters of all thingsrugby, the Survivors were out in forceand provided vocal support for the hostcountry; making it a personal mission to
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Saturday, April 25, 2009Korea gave the newly promotedSingapore Lions national rugbysquad a rough introduction toAsia’s premier rugby division onan ominous Saturday afternoon atSeongnam Stadium in front of asmall crowd of dedicated local andexpatriate rugby fans.
The overcast April skies threatened adownpour that would have ruinedwhat turned out to be a great specta-cle of skill and dash from the Kore-ans. However, the heavy rain never 
(More photoson Page 4)
wage psychological war-fare on the visitors. TheSingaporean number 10and fullback came under  particularly harsh scru-tiny, the unfortunate duo probably not producingtheir best form on therugby field that day.To their credit, the Sin-gaporeans never gave upand held their heads hightill the end but weretaught some harsh les-sons by a fitter, faster and more skilful Koreansquad and will reallyhave to lift their gamesignificantly to competein the first division of the Asian 5 Nations andavoid relegation back to
Korea vs. Singapore
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second division nextseason. In the end, theKoreans ran up the scoreto 64-0 providing thespectators with somemagnificent rugby thatthey will hope to repro-duce against stiffer op- position over the comingweeks.
Korea faces HongKong on May 9th atMunhak Stadium,Incheon. Kickoff at2pm. Tickets are avail-able again on a ‘firstcome; first serve’ basis.A group will leave Jam-won after Saturday’sraining run for thematch.
incumbent Survivors for spots and providingsome youth and exuber-ance to the men’s squad.The Colts are currentlycomprised of around adozen regulars and arekeen to expand their roster to compete in 15-a-side rugby against Ko-rean high school teams.
More info available atthe Survivors website:www.survivorsrfc.com Seoul Colts
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Simon NgarangiWalsh
Fity; Panther;Manboobs
Ashhurst, NZ
Player Profile
The first of the Maybe Next Weekend Player Profiles will focus on the Survivorscaptain. Subsequent profiles will be cho-sen at random through a lottery systemso everyone’s in with a chance to get your mug in the newsletter if you’re signed upon the team list.
First rugby memory:
Lunch time rugby at school. The wholeschool played. It had to, there wasn’t thatmany people.
Any brothers or sisters?
Two bros (21,22) and one sister (26 andmarried!).
What do you enjoy about your posi-tion?
Getting the ball on D and putting in bighits.
What don’t you like about your posi-tion?
Every American plays it
What high school and university didyou go to?
St Peters College, Palmerston North andMassey University, Palmerston North
Do you have a good luck charm/ritualfor games?
Rub the dirt from the field into my hands.It’s been hard with the turf pitches.
What song psyches you up before amatch?
All Dre 2001. YEEEA!
What actor would play you in amovie?
Jake Heke.
What do you like most at training?
A break from reality. Good stress relief.
What do you like least at training?
Having it finish.
Apart from rugby I'm good at…
online Risk. There can be only one!!!
But I suck at...
shutting my mouth when on the drink.
I hate it when...
people are bullied.
I'm afraid of...
my true potential.
Survivorsalso spon-sored by:
I can't go anywhere with-out my...
head. Lucky because mymother always said I wouldlose it if it weren’t screwedon.
  Number Eight weregiven a rest in the sin binfor what amounted tonothing more than a bit of  banter and collar grab- bing. Towards the end of the third quarter and withDaesim holding a suspi-ciously handy lead, theref threatened to call thematch off prematurelyfor “fighting”, but theSurvivors were deter-mined to keep cool headsand play out the full 80
Survivors Downed
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minutes.There were no furtheincidents in the fourthquarter and Joshua“BumblebeePearcecrossed over for a barg-ing try. The ref still blewa glaringly short 20 min-utes while Daesim wereout of strike range andthe matched ended at 34-20 to the traders; reflect-ing more the skewednature of the arbitrationrather than the tightnessof the match. In spite of the loss, the Survivorsremained upbeat andwere glad to get somefooty under the belt before the real business begins in Shanghai onMay 23.
Hats off to all sup-porters and to Dae-sim for the great feed.Man of the MatchPoints:
T. O’Connor 3 pointsRJ Karas 2 pointsJ. Pearce 1 point.

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