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Minas Ithil

Minas Ithil

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Published by donmarcos36
List of stats of NPC that were mentioned in the MERP gamebook, Minas ithil, but no stats were provided.
List of stats of NPC that were mentioned in the MERP gamebook, Minas ithil, but no stats were provided.

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Published by: donmarcos36 on Jul 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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16.4 Minas Ithil’s other inhabitants
These NPC were mentioned in the given texts but lacked MERP statistics or were mentioned as part of a ready run adventure butcould be used as a NPC in other settings. Also included in the list are NPC not listed in the texts but were created with the idea of adding flavor to the texts and assist the Game Master by creating ready-made NPC.
House of Telegar other notable NPCs
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Minadil 10 15 97 Pl/45 Y10 118bs 88lb 79 45 Warrior/Dunadan, son of Dromil, a wandering knight, hire tothe House of Telegar, +15 sword of Orc-slaying.Sarien 8 20 88 No/25 N 68da 52da 57 62 Thief/Dunadan, elder daughter of Dromil, an actress much toher father's displeasure.Ulidan 11 15 113 Pl/40 Y10 121bs 93lb 81 36 Warrior/Dunadan, Uncle of Dromil, +10 sword of Troll-slaying, possess horse named Glaros 7
lvl.Feonwe 10 20 78 Sl/55 N 61da 27da 57 41 Bard/Dunadan, Elder sister to Dromil, +10 enchanted robes;acts as soft leather, magic ring *2PP to essense, PP40*2, DS 51, BS 10, Knows all Bard list to 10
lvl and 1 open Essense to 10
lvl.Hasmir 8 25 89 Sl/35 Y5 89ss 93lb 59 72 Thief/Lsr. Dunadan, Husband of Feonwe, wealthy merchant,travels to and from Gondor, +10 magical belt to DB, +10 short sword.Ariel 9 15 81 No/25 N 61ss 31lb 38 68 Rogue/Dunadan, Beautiful daughter of Feonwe, eagerly sought by many suitors, unknown to all a member of the infamous Cabal, AP 100, +10 magic robes to dance maneuvers, +10 short sword, Enchanted amulet adds +10 to all perception rolls.
Other notable NPCs of Minor Power
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Gerlon Perianneth 7 5 58 No/10 N 57da -- 34 49 Scholar/Dunadan, Steward’s representative, honest and noble.Doronvil 9 10 69 Sl/20 N 63ss 27da 69 57 Rogue/Dunadan, Wealthy grain merchant & traveler, found inmarket selling goods, +5 short sword.Kalin 5 15 57 No/20 N 47ss -- 32 46 Scout/Haradan, Sells false magical items, sly.Dindamil 8 10 63 No/15 N 78ss -- 68 31 Rogue/Dunadan, Money lender, kind.
Herthien 4 15 58 No/10 N 61da -- 37 21 Warrior/Dunadan, Young Potter, adventurous.Tathine 9 0 43 No/0 N -- -- 21 48 Animist(witch)/Dunadan, Ancient woman, herbalist, Member of the Sisterhood, Magic staff *2PP for Animist(witch) user and can cast fly I once a day, Magic Potions increases the potency of herbs, PP27*2, DS61, BS18, Knows all Animist to 10
lvland Sound and Light Ways to 5
lvl (or Knows all of Witch list to 10
lvl).Hervondar 2 10 47 No/5 N 33ma -- 22 36 Scholar/Dunadan, Unwitting friend of Palvano the smuggler,Well like Brewer.Gomer Rain 11 20 107 Ch/35 Y10 118bs 100lb 71 40 Warrior/Dunadan, son of Sondinwe, hire to the House of Rain,Conservative & outspoken.Madril 7 10 97 RL/40 N 87bs 95lb 60 40 Ranger/Dunadan, Royal Ranger of Ithilien, +10 Sword of Orc-slaying, +5 bow. Special Trait
- +10 to ambush attacks. (taken from
Game Workshop Battle Game Strategy
Quarter of Coins notable NPCs
Name Lvl MM Hits AT/DB Shld Melee OB Miss OB Gen Sk Subt Sk Notes
Terrien 9 10 78 No/35 N 67da -- 34 59 Alchemist/Dunadan, Jeweler, moody and busy, Possess magicring *2PP, PP18*2, DS61, BS18, Knows all Alchemist list to 10
lvl and 2 open essense to 5
lvl.Mytum 13 15 141 Ch/50 Y 133ss 127da 79 57 Warrior/Dunadan, Blademaster and leader of the Cabal, +15holy sword glows red whenever in the presence of an evil mage or cleric. +10 Elven rope to climbing rolls. Elven Cloak adds +25 to hiding & stalking rolls.Tanis Otharin 7 25 97 Rl/25 N 97ss 102cb 82 66 Scout/Dunadan, Of the House Otharin, cousin to Hyarmadil,Member of the Cabal, +5 short sword, +10 crossbow, arrows possess Core snake poison (4
lvl), +15 pick lock kit.Strombul Trenten 7 15 102 Sl/15 Y 83bs 79lb 68 51 Rogue/Dunadan, Of the House of Trenten, Brother to Urthrin,Member of the Cabal. +10 soft leather.

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