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Published by Michael_UK
Part III in the series looking at important locations and the history of the cottage
Part III in the series looking at important locations and the history of the cottage

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Michael_UK on May 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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House of HorrorsHouse of Horrors
Part III:Part III:House of HorrorsHouse of Horrors- The external- The externalsurroundingssurroundings
House of HorrorsHouse of Horrors
This is the next in the open work-in-progress (already some elements of prior presentationsare subject to updating or correction) of presentations concerning the Giallo de Perugia.The situations presented here are with ideas or event relationships which are not necessarilyof my own. I have rather served as a graphic scribe of the excellent multi-point-of-view, multi-timezone, and multi-cultural discussion resulting from Steve Huff’s True Crime Weblog on thistragedy:http://www.truecrimeweblog.com/. This presentation concerning the external situation of the house at the centre of the Giallomakes less (hardly any) reference to specific elements of the case, than others. It’s objectiveis to set the physical / geographical scene for the tragic circumstances of the crime.Since the victim has no means to reply to any comments herein or scenarios described inother presentations, and the repeated use of her name in this context would only further hurtanyone close to her, I refer to her simply as “the victim”. This is not meant by any means totrivialise the pain and suffering, and butal senseless murder she experienced, nor to reduceher memory.That was Meryl Streep on the cover slide, in the movie “
 A French Lieutenant’s Woman
”. In thebook by John Fowles (better than the movie) there are 3 forks / endings to the story. In theGiallo di Perugia, as we go through the scenarios of what may have happened in the crime, Ican only hope that there will be one single ending, that justice is served to those responsiblefor each of the crimes which may be determined by the ILE. I am buoyed by the fact that thevictim’s family has expressed confidence in the Italian justice system.-
Kermit krmt123@gmail.com
House of HorrorsHouse of Horrors
“ “ Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone …” Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone …” 
Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi 
The house. The girls’ house. AK was ecstatic about it in her blog. And the truth is, it seemslike it was quite a neat place.In the early days of November as news seeped / filtered out concerning the Giallo, I needed tobetter visualise the house situation, both inside and out. Inside, thanks to segments of ahouseplan seen on Italian TV, we could get a feel for the general layout of the cottage (theinternal floorplan is being updated, will come out as a second part to this presentation).Externally, I wanted to relate the house to the town, something which is relatively easy, giventhe availability of on-line maps, and the timelines of key movements and locations we’vecompiled on the blog.There is another geographical dimension to the Giallo, however, which is the subject of thispresentation: the house itself, why is it there, what is it’s background, are there any particular characteristics of the house or its location which could contribute to the crime?As in many projects, I’ve had to cut off the development of this presentation. I had started toget references to mysteries, legends and “bad-vibes” in Perugia (for anything unrelated to theGiallo, it’s obligatory to google with the “-Knox -Sollecito” flag). But I think it’s better and we’llget more value out of the presentation, to get this out the door right now, having only verypartially met the initial objective, and allow the True Crime Webloggers to discuss it, andorient any further presentations on the subject.That said, Perugia, and what I’m calling the Northern Cwm, is very special. From theunderground Etruscan tombs in the area, to the pagan Roman temples, to the Templar knightpresence (just up the road from RS’s place), to Mother Nature rocking the ground on a regular basis, and many more natural and historical events.

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