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Why none of the known diets or none of the known weight controlling gadgets or none of the known surgeries could successfully keep our bodies in right form and shape?

Why none of the known diets or none of the known weight controlling gadgets or none of the known surgeries could successfully keep our bodies in right form and shape?

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Published by Love For Life
Why none of the known diets or none of the known weight controlling gadgets or none of the known surgeries could successfully keep our bodies in right form and shape? 21 July 2013 - Rev 19 by M. Falamaki (Dr.) B Sc, M Sc, Ph D, MIEAust, CPEng – NPER (Structural Engineer), MASCE, Certifying Engineer in NT, Registered Professional Engineer (R.P.E.Q) in QLD, Builder’s License Number: 79637C, Building Consultancy Licence Number: BC926
Why none of the known diets or none of the known weight controlling gadgets or none of the known surgeries could successfully keep our bodies in right form and shape? 21 July 2013 - Rev 19 by M. Falamaki (Dr.) B Sc, M Sc, Ph D, MIEAust, CPEng – NPER (Structural Engineer), MASCE, Certifying Engineer in NT, Registered Professional Engineer (R.P.E.Q) in QLD, Builder’s License Number: 79637C, Building Consultancy Licence Number: BC926

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Love For Life on Jul 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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       P     a      g       e 
21July 2013Why none of the know diets or none of the know weight controllinggadgets or none of the known surgeriescouldsuccessfully keep our bodies in right form and shape? REV19Synopsis
Every now and then we see various approaches made by businessmen for controlling our weight; but in all those approaches one important parameter is missing and that parameter isthe very powerful soul of intellect that we all have but do not have the knowledge on how touse it; as it is this soul that among other things could guide us on how to have a healthy body;and a body which is in proper form and shape by 
 proper fasting 
.The materials listed below first outlines the Hypothesis behind the proposalpresented in this Article (see
Part I 
 ) simply explaining on “how to make the best use of fasting”; while in
Part II 
the extraordinary outcome of the application of this Hypothesis is shown; that is, the attached blood test results indicate that over one month theLDL (Bad) Cholesterol drop from6.8 to
Part I: The HypothesisHow to make the best use of fasting
He loves us, and it is because of this love that He ordained for fasting; as by doing this we get access toits benefits.Therefore, I fast because He has ordained me to fast. He wants me to experience thirst and hunger onevery day of the month of Ramazan. So I minimize my daily food input to better feel hunger and thirst.I am sure that most of those whom love Him, if were also aware of the above simple concept (that one of many aspects of fasting that He ordained is to taste thirst & Hunger); then rather than eating excessivefood over the period starting from Maghreb (sunset) ending in Fajr (the beginning of dawn)to minimizetheir hunger and thirst would do otherwise.The benefits of this concept could further be achieved (in other months of the year) if we also follow thisDivine Ordain which is: "to stop eating before we feel satisfied".Is it not true that I am me; I am what is called "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani"; or I am the one that is called"soul of intellect"?Is it then not true that I ("Roohe Aghlani") during the time that I was in "Alame Arvah-The world of Spirits"; where every being had only two characteristics: i) Existence, and ii) Intellect had no access to abody to act and leave any deeds behind?Is it not true that I was granted leave by Allah swt to descend down to planet Earth and enjoy the use of this sophisticated body{already equipped with "Roohe Haivani"-the same souls that all animals have(that is, a combination of soul of body, soul of desire, and soul of power)} that under His guidance notonly I control this body but also control this"Roohe Haivani"(a soul which stronger than a "Wild Horse"that needs a strong master {"nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani"} to train it and make the proper use of it;otherwiseit could put the"nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani"under its chains)?Is it not true that this soul ("Roohe Haivani") is acomplex soul that its components are Soul of Body(doing all automatic body functions); Soul of Power (looking for food, a place to live, defending itsterritory); and Soul of Desire (desire to sex, desire to eat, desire to drink, desire to rest)?Is itnot true that if I {that is, "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani"} get released from the chains of "Roohe Haivani"then I would become that powerful that it could stop a moving train just by moving my finger?
       P     a      g       e 
Whynotto go to extremes
Is it then not true that inputting our bodies under hardship we should follow His divine laws that areavailable to us through His Living Proof on Earth?Is it then not true that
if we go to extremes
{in putting our bodies under hardship} same as whatSufis,Orafa, Mortazin do {that is, they are all aware of all the above-mentioned facts and most of them go tothe extremes}, then we would suffer from its consequences?In other words, is it then not true that mostSufis, Orafa, Mortazin by putting their bodies under 
although might be able torelease their "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani"from the chains of("RooheHaivani") but they will be a losers?There are two possible scenarios for those whom go to extremes:
i.An Aref, Sufi or Mortaz might spend his whole life in extreme hardship and not reach to the stageof achieving this type of powers {stop a moving train just by moving his finger}; so he has lost hislife without having any enjoyment and without achieving anything.ii.He might achieve this sort of powers; so thenwhat; is it not then true that this person faces anew danger; and the danger is this that he becomes so proud of himself to the effect that hewould feel that he is so great that it is OK to even cut his relationship with Allah swt and pays noattention to Masoomin. For example, when a person has no power and is in need it approachHim and His Living Proof on Earth for assistance; but when it feels that it has something; the proud that comes with this ownership makes him / her to feel independent; while this"KEBRIAEIYAT" only belongs to Him and no one else; therefore it is not wise to go toextremes.
Thegreatest achievement
On the other-hand, if a person rather than practising the above extremes; enjoys life under the guidanceof His living proofof Allah swt; then the love and light that it would feel deep in its heart causes him/henot only to be submitted to Him and His Living Proof of God but also devotes all it has to assist to end theoccultation of Imam Mahdi; without showing any interest to have any of the above-mentioned worldlypowers; as it is well aware that even if it loses its life (as a normal death) while serving Imam Mahdi; hewill be one of Shohada; whom not only will have and eternal life and therefore not dead but also willreceive sustenance from Allah swt on a continuous basis; and this achievement is not comparable to anyworldly powers.
Sharing Knowledge
This strength; that is, the strength of "Roohe Aghlani" will reach its maximum, if we (as "nafs" or "Roohe Aghlani")doopposite to what "Roohe Haivani" dictates us to do; say when its sends the hunger or thirst
signals toour brain we remain patient for a short time and then eat or drink to a certain limit (which is tostop before feeling satisfied); or when"Roohe Aghlani" asks for revenge, we practice forgive and forget;when "Roohe Aghlani" tempts us to approach Haram (eating or drinking Haram Food, practising HaramSex, or approaching Haram Wealth, ...) we remain patient and stay in the right path; orwhen "RooheHaivani" tempt us to waste our very valuable time{that was granted to us to staying in this world}we goto extreme, that is,rather thanwe spend this valuable time for His sake to assist His living Proof on
earth...we waste it by being deeply involved in development / construction works on planet Earth which islike building our houses over a bridge) to gain more wealth / comfort;Inotherwords, control ofthis"RooheHaivani"whichislike the control ofawild horse ( )has many aspectsamong them having patience; when reacting to people's wrong doing; that is, beforeanything else remembering forgiving and forgetting.
The aggressivebehaviouror the violence seen in most people is a clear sign of the lack of presence of "Roohe Aghlani"{their souls of intellect} as the governing authority over their bodies.
       P     a      g       e 
For the person whom is lucky enough that its body is under the control of its "Roohe Aghlani" {soul of intellect}the hunger waves thrown by its Soul of Body {a component of "RooheHaivani"} over him/her would be easy totolerate.
Fasting is a challenge of the ability of the control of our "Roohe Aghlani"over our"Roohe Haivani".
It is His ordain to fast no matter what reaction in terms of thirst or hunger"Roohe Haivani"shows.
The soul of body {a component of "Roohe Haivani"} might then act like a wild horse that needs to become under control ().
Feeling of having this power {or control} over our"Roohe Haivani"gives us happiness; and this a happinessextends when your"Roohe Haivani"asks for food while someone else needs more and you pass the food tothat person.
Everything such as hardship or misfortune "BALA" that causes discomfort for our body and consequently for the"Roohe Haivani" could be treated as a blessing or mercy provided first we rely upon Him and then remainpatient; as by being patient (while being submitted to His will) this hardship and misfortune also disappears bythe passage of time; same as the waves of hunger and thirst that they eventually disappearby the passage of time.
"Be cautious of the ones whom have no helper but Allah swt”:
 ﮔ ﭘ : ﯿ
This might well refer to those whom are much satisfied of what He has granted them and are thankful to Him for all His blessings and spent all they have (life and assets) for His sake to expeditethe return of Imam Mahdi, andhave no helper beside Him.Then, when Khannas hurt their feelings by the way of showing disrespect to them or insulting them or stealingtheir assets or making them house arrest, ... what they do is to seek His help by saying: "O' Lord I only praiseYou and have no helper besides You, I seek Your help to remove this misfortune and in the mean time You willfind me to be one of the patient ones".
 Also, notonly they forgive all those whom have hurt him and forget their mischief(even before the start of thenext daylight) but also they ask Him for the forgiveness of all those whom have hurt them; as the oppressedones are well aware that if He does not remove the thick layer of sins covering their hearts {that stops Hislove/light touches them}; there would be no way to expect any love (instead of hurt) from the people aroundthem.
One of the signs of the sins covering their hearts is this thatthe ones whom committed sins
say by hurting someone, watching a prohibited movie,listening to a prohibited music or ... }
every now and then could easily
review most of things that they did to others or exposed their eyes and earsto, just by concentration; and what
they see in this review is in fact a sound picture of their layer of sins that is covering their hearts; while no one isable to remove that layer of sin except the Almighty God.
Those (whom wish to be good companions of Imam Mahdi) should keep both their souls and bodies in goodshape and form; that is, similar to the case that they are very careful not to expose their eyes and ears tounpleasant movies, pictures and music; as well as not to mix with those whom give no credit to moral values;rather than exposing their bodies to all types of food and drinks;they very carefully pay attentionto the qualityand quantity of everything that they decide to eat and drink (while they would stop eating and drinking beforethey get satisfied).
Being His Guest
Those whom start their days by fasting are in fact starting their days while getting themselves releasedfrom chains that were tying them to all worldly restraints; that is, they escape from all restrains caused by

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