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Published by Ko Nge

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Ko Nge on Jul 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Updated on 26 July 2013
Frequently Asked Questions on Blue Chip Investment Plan (BCIP)BCIP Application 1.
What do I need to start BCIP?
For Cash subscriptions all you need is an OCBC deposit account and a BCIP account. If you wishto subscribe using SRS, you will also need an OCBC SRS account. You do not need to open anysecurities trading account or Central Depository (Pte) Ltd (CDP) account to start BCIP. Thedeposit account/SRS account will be used to fund investments in the BCIP.
Mode of investmentOCBC depositaccountOCBC OnlineBankingOCBC BCIPaccountOCBC SRSaccountCash
 If you do not have an OCBC SRS investment account, you may open one online through OCBCOnline Banking.If you do not have an OCBC deposit account or Online Banking, the Blue Chip Application Formallows you to apply for these two accounts at the same time. Download the application form onwww.ocbc.com/bluechip,complete and mail it in.
How long does it take for my BCIP account to be opened? How do I know if it is successful?
You will receive an SMS on whether your BCIP account has been successfully opened 7 businessdays after submission of your BCIP application online/ upon receipt of your mail-in BCIPapplication form. This notification will be sent to the contact number as per your instruction inthe application form.If your account opening is unsuccessful, we will notify you via SMS.
Can I apply for a joint BCIP account?
No, you can only open the BCIP account in single name. 
Can I use a joint account as my settlement account?
Yes, you can use a joint account only if you choose OCBC deposit account as your settlementaccount. However, any account that requires 2 or more signatures is not allowed.
If I apply today, when does my plan start? Is there a cutoff time for submission?
Your BCIP Application Form has to reach us by the last business day of the current month inorder for your first purchase to take place on the 22nd of the next month. If it happens to be ona non-business day, the purchase will be carried out on the next business day.
BCIP Mechanics - General6.
How is the list of 20 counters selected?
The 20 counters comprise of 19 share counters and 1 Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).The share counters are shortlisted from the 30 companies which make up the Straits TimesIndex (STI), on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, and are traded on the Singapore stock
 Updated on 26 July 2013exchange. The Nikko AM STI ETF is an ETF which is an Excluded Investment Product (EIP) withsufficient liquidity.
Will these share counters be reviewed? Will new counters be added and existing counters beremoved in future?
The constituents of the Straits Times Index (STI) are reviewed every half-yearly by FTSE Group(FTSE). Index reviews take place semi-annually in March and September. The list of sharecounters available for purchase under BCIP will only be changed if companies are added to, orremoved from the STI based on the index reviews, and not based on performance.
Am I entitled to dividends under BCIP?
Yes, you will be entitled to dividends, whenever declared by the respective company or ETF.
How are dividends paid out?
If you use cash as your settlement mode:Cash dividends will be credited to your designated deposit account you had used to purchaseyour existing share holdings. Stock dividend or bonus issues will be safe-kept with
OCBCSecurities Pte. Ltd, appointed by OCBC Bank.
 If you use SRS as your settlement mode:Cash dividends will be credited to your designated SRS account. Stock dividend or bonus issues
will be kept in an account in the name of OCBC Nominees Singapore Private Limited.
BCIP Mechanics
Purchase and Sale10.
How is the Average Purchase Price of the share determined?
On the Purchase Date, we aggregate the orders of all customers to purchase the shares. TheAverage Price is calculated by dividing the total cost of purchasing the shares by the totalquantity of shares purchased. All customers who purchase the same share counter will becharged the same average purchase price.
How is the quantity of shares I am allocated determined?
The quantity of shares you are allocated is calculated by taking the investment amount you haveindicated (less fees), divided by the average purchase price.The quantity will be rounded to the nearest whole number. If rounded up, there will be noadditional charges. If rounded down, we will not credit any residual monies to you.
How is the Average Sale Price of the share determined?
On the Sale Date, we aggregate the orders of all customers who wish to sell the shares. TheAverage Sale Price is calculated by dividing the total proceeds from the shares sold by the totalquantity of shares sold. All customers who sold the same share counter will be credited withproceeds using the same average sale price.
Do I need to wait and accumulate a full lot size of 1000 shares before I can sell off my sharesaccumulated under BCIP?
No, you don’t have to. With BCIP, you have the flexibility of selling off odd lots of shares
on theunit share market. You may sell any quantity of shares which are accumulated through the BCIP.However, you should consider accumulating your shareholdings to a full lot size before sellingthem, instead of timing the market. This is because when you sell off odd quantity of shares that
 Updated on 26 July 2013are not in standard lot sizes, you may not get a price that is as competitive as a full lot size dueto lack of liquidity. Also, the fees applicable to sell orders are on a per transaction basis, so itmay make sense to accumulate your shareholdings to a reasonable size before selling.
What is a “buy
in” and why does it happen?
When you sell more shares than you own (known as a "short-sell"), SGX may conduct a "buy-in"to ensure that the quantity that was short-
sold is covered. When a “buy
in” occurs, you
will beliable for any losses and charges in relation to the buy-in.
BCIP Payment15.
When will my funds be deducted from my account?
For OCBC deposit account, GIRO deduction occurs on the 15
of every month. If it happens to beon a non-business day, the deduction will be carried out on the preceding business day.For OCBC SRS account, deduction of funds occurs 2 business days from the purchase executiondate.
BCIP Custody of shares16.
Do I need to open a securities trading account or Central Depository (CDP) account to safekeep my shares?
You do not need to open a securities trading account or CDP account.If you are investing using cash, OCBC Bank has appointed OCBC Securities Pte. Ltd to safe keepyour shares in a sub-account.If you are investing using SRS, your shareholdings will be kept in a sub-account in the name of OCBC Nominees Singapore Private Limited.In addition, we keep detailed records of our customers, and these are reconciled regularly withthe sub-accounts to keep track of the unit allocations.In the event of insolvency of either OCBC or OSPL, the holdings and monies of the BCIPcustomers will be protected against creditors as the customer sub-account is segregated from
both OCBC and OSPL’s assets.
Can I use my existing CDP Account to safe keep my shares?
No, you will not be able to use your existing CDP account as a custody option under the BCIP.Under the BCIP, you will be able to view your shareholdings through OCBC Online Banking aspart of your overall portfolio.
View share holdings18.
How do I check how many shares I have accumulated under BCIP?
You can view your shareholdings by logging on to OCBC Online Banking. The shareholdings willbe updated 4 business days after the purchase or sale date.
How do you determine the market value of the shares shown in Online Banking?
OCBC Online Banking shows an approximate value of your shareholdings under BCIP, based onthe last done price 2 business days before.

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