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Vaccine Dangers

Vaccine Dangers

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MAKE SURE u all SANE people go to lots of LINKS. RESIST! May ALLAH help us all. Amen.
MAKE SURE u all SANE people go to lots of LINKS. RESIST! May ALLAH help us all. Amen.

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Published by: Yusuf (Joe) Jussac, Jr. a.k.a unclejoe on May 22, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Ken Adachi <Editor@educate-yourself.org>http://educate-yourself.org/vcd/index.shtmlThe dangers of vaccinations to your child's long term health prospects and longevity itself far outweigh any potential benefits touted by the pharmaceutical industry for vaccines. The LIESand misinformation about vaccine benefits from the drug industry is voluminous, over-whelming, and statistically provable. Don't allow your child to go on the chopping block for these Liars and their profit margins. They aren't working for you, they're servants of thecorporate elite/Illuminati and the Illuminati has a surreptitious population reduction agenda in place. 
Just say NO!
 Tell the doctor, tell the clinic, tell the school, tell the nurse, tell the employer, tell thegovernment bureaucrats, tell the health department, or anybody else who is trying to forceyou or your kids to take vaccines against your will...."because you must take them", Tellthem... NO. No matter WHAT they say or threaten you with, tell them ....NO. No vaccines.... ever. Period. You can read why below:
 Featured Article
****New York Parents Take Note!***
Vaccine Dangers
A top web site for info on vaccine dangers and what to do toavoid 'mandatory' vaccination. For more info, contact DonnaCarillo or Ingri Cassel :
 Services4Health@aol.com>1. To obtain school vaccine exemption forms:http://www.vaclib.org/exemption.htm2. State by State Anti-vaccine Resources(http://www.vaclib.org/legal/stateresource.htm)
http://www.trackingvaccinations.com/Extensive new web site with loads of info on the dangers that early vaccination present to babies and very young children. Well worth the time. .
Edda West – VRAN Co-ordinator, (250)-355-2525, email:info@vran.org VRAN is Canada’s premier group to advocate for informed choice in making vaccinationdecisions. Formed in 1992, it was born of the committee that ten years previous won anexemption of conscience from vaccines required by the Ontario ‘Immunization of SchoolPupils Act’. VRAN recommends consumers beware of flu shot propaganda; we holdindividuals and organizations accountable for misleading information about influenza and itsvaccine.
Web host Ian Sinclair has written 3 books to date defining thedangers of vaccines. His 17 years of research into the pitfalls of vaccines is summarized on his page describing his background(http://www.vaccinationdebate.com/about.html). He offers anopen challenge to debate any doctor in the world on the meritsof vaccinations. In 1985, Ian decided that his one year oldchild's first severe allergic reaction to vaccinewas going to behis LAST reaction to any form of vaccine. He already wasstudying the Natural Approach, but now decided to jump inwith both feet. He wants you to discover the same truths that hehas found in following Nature's Rules. An excellent web site.Check out hisLinks pagewhile you're there.
Welcome to the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institutewebsite. We offer an extensive selection of 
uncensored information on childhood shots and other immunizations. Because this is such an important topic,we believe that parents are entitled to a full disclosureof all pertinent data, and the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children.
Dr. JB Classen has some revealing info on the problemsgenerated by the use of vaccines. Have a look. (Email:Classen@vaccines.net 
Titled simply "Vaccine Web Site", this site offers some of the best documentation and intelligent justifications for NOTgetting ANY vaccine at ANYTIME (sound familiar?)
( http://www.garynull.com/_vti_script/LibrarySearch.htm0.idq )
I did a serach under "vaccine dangers" at Gary Null's web siteand came up with over 200 articles.
( http://www.generationrescue.org)
An international movement of parent volunters helping morethan 10,000 children begin biomedical treatment. Our childrenare experiencing epidemics of ADD/ADHD, Asperger's, PDD- NOS, and Autism. We believe these neurological disorders("NDs") are environmental illnesses caused by an overload of heavy metals, live viruses, and bacteria. Proper treatment of our children, known as "biomedical intervention", is leading torecovery for thousands. The cause of this epidemic of NDs isextremely controversial. We believe the primary causes includethe tripling of vaccines given to children in the last 15 years(mercury, aluminum and live viruses); maternal toxic load and prenatal vaccines; heavy metals like mercury in our air, water,and food; and the overuse of antibiotics.Generation Rescue is a parent-founded, parent-funded, and parent-led organization of more than 350 families. Our missionis to share the truth with parents about the cause of their child's NDs so they can focus on treatment.**
 I was told two years ago by a CIA scientist working against his will that in truthmicrochips were so small they were being inserted by injection during "vacination." This is  yet another crucial reason not to have our children vacinated....
David Icke(seehttp://educate-yourself.org/mc/mctotalcontrol12jul02.shtml#vaccineimplants)**"DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINATIONS. This is the standard deceptive way you aregiven the Establishment’s Biological Warfare infections."... Dr.William D. Kelly

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