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Lin Math Manual

Lin Math Manual

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Published by Keefe Roedersheimer

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Published by: Keefe Roedersheimer on Jul 31, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Illustrated Matrix Problem with LinMath
Below you will find a common problem and several ways of approaching it with LinMath. Throughout the execution of the program, threewindows are visible on the screen – however only the one active at aparticular time will be shown. You may notice slight variations in graphicsacross different version of LinMath - however, functionality remains the same. The ProblemLinear Mathematics, 3
edition, Stephen E. Newman, p55 problem 2121. Solve the following system of equationsx
+ x
– 2x
= 1x
+ 2x
– x
= -1-x
+ x
= 2 The SolutionFirst, select Matrix | New Matrix. Then, in the input frame, enter the numberof rows and columns you would like to have in the new matrix. Press Createwhen finished. Select Matrix | New Matrix
 The input frame will look like thefollowing, use it to enter rows andcolumns.If “Augment” is not selected, youwill not get an augmented matrix.Press create to create.
Now that you’ve created a matrix, the input frame will havechanged to contain a single button, and you will see a series of fieldswith 0.0’s. Use those fields to enter the data in the system. The matrix window, before data is entered.The new status of the inputwindow.Now, enter the data for the matrix. When you are done enteringdata, press the enter button on input frame. We do enter an error inrow 1, column 3.Data Entered ignore the error for now.Press Enter to Continue.Now that we’ve entered our data, let’s say we notice that weentered in row one, column three, incorrectly. Do we need to restart,and go through the whole process again? No, we can simply edit thematrix and change the data. Editing a matrix is very similar to the stepabove. Simply select Matrix | Edit Matrix and then change whateverdata you like.
 The matrix, after being entered incorrectly.Select Matrix|Edit Matrix to fix. The Action Completed state of the input frame, which it enterswhen needing no input.Correct any errors you can see.Press enter to continue, asbefore.Now that we’ve fixed the error, we can go on to pivoting thematrix. Select Matrix | Pivot Matrix. Pivoting can be done graphically orby entering coordinates.

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