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Free Jazz RockLicks

Free Jazz RockLicks

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Published by dr_aknagar3049

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Published by: dr_aknagar3049 on May 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Free Jazz Rock & Blues Licks and JamTracks
The licks on this page have been compiled by John Robson to show a crosssection of the type of thing he regularly gets asked for in his lessons. Theyalso give a good impression of what can be heard on his albums "NeverLearned To Dance" & "Elbow Grease". Excerpts from these albums areavailable by going to the CDs page.
Guitar Lessons
John Robson has a limited number of vacancies for new students of alllevels of ability. If you live in the Teesside area of the North East of Englandand would be interested in booking some lessons with an experiencedprofessional guitar teacher, then go to the "BOOK A LESSON" page for moredetails.
Meanwhile, here's the free licks. Just click on the TAB to hear the lick beingplayed. You can also download FREE jam tracks to try the licks out over.Simply click on the track of your choice to download the mp3 music file. Thechord sequence/tab for each jam track is available by clicking on the "tab"link for each track. It is strongly recommended that you take a look at thetab for each track before using them - especially in the case of the jazz tune.
Rock Jam Track: |Music| |Tab| Blues Jam Track: |Music| |Tab| Jazz JamTrack: |Music| |Tab|This lick uses the notes of The G major scale (G A B C D E & F#). It would beparticularly effective in either an E Aeolian or A Dorian context.
A lick using the A minor Pentatonic Scale (A C D E G). Watch out for theright hand taps (indicated by "T").
A sweep picked arpeggio starts this one off. Try to play the whole sweepwith one flowing movement of the pick. The rest of the lick uses the A minorPentatonic with an additional Eb passing note. Watch out for the tapped Anote after the sweep.
Another tapping lick, this time using the A Dorian Mode (A B C D E F# G)with the addition of Eb as a passing note. Each time you move to a newstring, you should do so with a hammer-on using your 4th finger.
A simple A minor arpeggio with the addition of chromatic "neighbour tones"- simply approach each chord note from a semitone below.
A good old fashioned blues scale lick in the style of Gary Moore. Nothingunusual about this one, just aim for fluency & the speed will take care of itself.
Another lick using the G major scale. The main technique shown here is theuse of "legato" - a smooth flowing sound created by repeated hammer-ons,pull-offs & slides. The tonality of this lick is based around Am, making itDorian, but you could quite easily use it in other contexts without too muchmodification.
Another Dorian lick. However, it could be used in a D Mixolydian or E Aeoliancontext by simply shifting the focus away from the final A note.
Another Gary Moore "blues scale" lick. This is just the A minor Pentatonicscale with the addition of the Eb passing note. Once again, aim for fluency.

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