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Unwritten Sayings of Our Lord

Unwritten Sayings of Our Lord

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BY REV. DAVID SMITH, m.a., d.d.

Professor of Theology in the McCrca Magee College, Londonderry

BY REV. DAVID SMITH, m.a., d.d.

Professor of Theology in the McCrca Magee College, Londonderry

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Aug 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UWRITTE SAYIGS OF OUR LORDBY REV. DAVID SMITH, m.a., d.d.Professor of Theology in the McCrca Magee College, LondonderryHODDER AD STOUGHTOEW YORK AD LODOPREFACEThis volume — except the Introduction, ChapterVI, which was spoken at the close of theCollege Session, and Chapters VII and VIII — is composed of lectures which I delivered atthe beginning of the present year on theSmyth Memorial Foundation.The name of the late Rev. Professor RichardSmyth, D.D., M.P., is remembered and reverednot only in the Presbyterian Church butthroughout Ireland. He was a truly remark-able man, endowed with many gifts and graces,and in the course of his too brief career heplayed various parts. He was a preacher, aprofessor, and a politician ; and in each capacityhe won distinction.He was educated at Glasgow, Belfast,London, and Bonn, acquiring thus that large-ness of outlook and catholicity of sympathyviii PREFACE
which experience of the world brings to aman, yet retaining to the last a steadfast loyaltyto the faith of his fathers. His ministry beganin 1855 at the little town of Westport, inCo. Mayo, immortalised by Thackeray in hisIrish Sketch Book (pubHshed in 1843). "Itforms an event in one's life to have seen thatplace, so beautiful is it, and so unlike all otherbeauties that I know of. Were such a baylying upon English shores, it would be a world'swonder. Perhaps, if it were on the Mediter-ranean, or the Baltic, English travellers wouldflock to it by hundreds : why not come andsee it in Ireland ? " The Presbyterian con-gregation of Westport was numerically small,but, like many another in the remote Southand West, it was composed of intelligent,kindly, God-fearing folk, mostly of Scottishdescent ; and they recognised and appreciatedthe qualities of their young minister. Thefame of his eloquence was noised abroad, andin 1857 he was called to the pastorate of thelarge and influential congregation of FirstDerry. This charge he held, with conspicuousand ever increasing distinction, until the year1865, when he was appointed by the GeneralPREFACE ixAssembly to the chair of Oriental Literatureand Hermeneutics in the Magee College, Derry.Three years later he was transferred to thechair of Theology, which he occupied until hisdeath in 1878.His closing years were the most strenuousin his career. Stirred to indignation by a great
wrong — " the condition of the class from whichhe sprang, the honest and intelligent tenantfarmers of Ulster, ousted from their patrimonialor purchased rights by the tyrannous capriceof landlords " — he had lent the support of hiseloquence and enthusiasm to the demand forremedial legislation ; and in 1874 he waselected senior Member of Parliament for theCounty of Londonderry, and deputed to advo-cate the cause of Tenant Right in the Houseof Commons. Its triumph was largely due tohim, but it was dearly purchased. The burdenof his double office was more than he couldbear, and he sank beneath it. The cause wasindeed worthy, and the sacrifice was not un-availing; yet the loss was great, and it isdifficult to acquiesce in the untimely removalof one who might have made an abiding con-tribution to theological literature.X PREFACEThe Smyth Lectureship was founded as amemorial of him in 1879 ; and, by the courtesyof my friend the Rev. James McGranahan, B.A.,the present incumbent, these lectures weredelivered from his old pulpit in First DerryChurch.DAVID SMITH.4, The College, Londonderry.1913.COTETS

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