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The Representative Women of the Bible

The Representative Women of the Bible

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Aug 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE REPRESETATIVE WOME OF THE BIBLEBY THE REV. GEORGE MATHESOCopyright, 1907By A. C. ARMSTROG & SOPREFACEI HAVE already published three volumes onthe representative men of the Bible. I havebeen asked to supplement them by a volume onthe representative women. By the representa-tive women of the Bible I mean, not the womenwho represent the Bible, but those women of Scripture who are types of female qualities rep-resented in all time. Fifteen of these types havebeen portrayed; and, as no quality has been re-peated, this represents a considerable number of individuals. I have dealt with the women as Idid with the men. I have imagined myself standing in a gallery studying the portraits of female .forms just as they have been delineated,without inquiring either into their date or thenames of their artists. In other words, there hasX PREFACEbeen an avoidance of all questions of BiblicalCriticism, not from ignorance but from design.If one were studying the characters of Shakes-peare he would not choose that time for consider-ing whether Shakespeare or Bacon were theirauthor; the student of the Bible should occasion-ally be allowed the same privileges.
In a previous volume I compared the life of Joseph to the Preludes of Chopin, which are gen-erally free in their beginning, entangling in theirmiddle part, and free again at the close. I mustmake the same remark of the Bible women. AsI have said in the Introduction, their middle pe-riod is not free and is therefore not representa-tive. It is at the beginning and the close of theBible narrative that they come out into the openand claim their place as types of universal hu-manity. The portraits of the men have not thisbreak in their continuity. The women of theSacred Gallery were much more dependent onenvironment than were the men; the men couldPREFACE xiseek foreign influence, the women had to waittill foreign influence should seek them.As in the previous volumes, 1 have closed eachchapter either with a short invocation or a shortprayer.G. M.Edinburgh f 1906.COTETSCHAPTER IIntroduction
PAGECHAPTER IIEve the Unfolded „ ... 27CHAPTER IIISarah the Steadfast . . . • 5^CHAPTER, IVRebekah t he Far-seeing . . -75CHAPTER VRachel the Plactx) .... 99xiv COTETSPAGECHAPTER VIMiriam the Gifted . . . . 123CHAPTER VIIDeborah the Drastic . • . , 147CHAPTER VniRuth the Decided 171

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