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Messages of Hope

Messages of Hope

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Published by glennpease



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Published by: glennpease on Aug 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MESSAGES OF HOPEBY THE REV. GEORGE MATHESO, D. D.1908PREFATORY OTE.Some ten or twelve of the brief treatisesembodied in this book have already appeared inthe pages of The Christian World. The remainder,on the author's death, existed only in the blind-type characters which constituted his own peculiar** Braille." His secretary, however, has contrivedto render this MS. into ordinary copy, word forword; and, at the publishers' request, the dis-courses are here offered in collective form. Theyrepresent some of the ripest fruit of the author'sintellect, as they are largely the product of hislatest hours ; should any one " Message " bring" Hope " to the weary and heavy-laden, GeorgeMatheson's latest labours will not have been invain.W. S.Edinburgh, igo8.MESSAGES OF HOPEThe Anniversaries Kept in Heaven" The Lord shall count, when He writeth up the people, thatthis man was born in Zion." — Ps. lxxxvii. 6.
I UDERSTAD the meaning of the passage tobe that the anniversaries of the future will beheld for the righteous. We observe at presentthe anniversaries of the intellectually great — of the poet, of the statesman, of the distinguishedgeneral, of the scientific discoverer. But, withoutdisparaging these, the psalmist looks forward to atime when the birthdays observed will be on theground of goodness. We hold the natal days of the heroes of history. What a surprise it wouldcreate if it were to be announced that a com-memorative service was to be held to keep thecentenary of some humble woman historicallyunknown ! And yet, it is not too much to saythat in the large majority of cases the distinguishedhave been indebted to the unknown. Many aman who has had his theatre in the world has had7MESSAGES OF HOPEhis metropolis in the nursery; the crucial hoursof his life have been the hours the world neversaw — the hours spent at a mother's knee andbrightened by a mother's teaching. Many a greatthinker has got his wisdom from some obscureschoolmaster " never heard of half-a-mile fromhome " — from one who had all the thought in hissoul but just lacked the gift of expression. Manya successful candidate for life's favour has owedhis power of endurance to the cheering words of some optimistic Christian who met him at a timeof despondency and prevented him from giving in.Many a toiling wrestler for the cure of humandisease was first taught to love humanity bywitnessing the holy patience of some humble
sufferer who bore without repining, who wasafflicted and murmured not, who carried the crossand made no sign. The man who has reachedthe top of the mountain has been stimulated bythe cry, " Excelsior " ; but it has been oftener thevoice of another than of himself. It has comefrom the valley, from the place of the lowly, fromthe scene of the undistinguished. The deeds osilent sacrifice, the homes of humble piety, theacts of covert kindness, the words of unrecordedrighteousness, the examples of unpubfished purity — these have been the sources of human greatness.8THE AIVERSARIES KEPT I HEAVELord, Thou hast in Thy future a place for allsouls; but Thy monuments are for the men of Zion— the sons of sacrifice. Thou hast a crownfor each sphere of successful toil ; but Thineanniversaries will be given to the sowers of theseed. We of the present world uncover ourheads to the flowers in their bloom and the treesin their foliage. But the bloom was not thebeginning of the flowers ; the foliage was not thebeginning of the trees. The beginning of bothwas underground — in a lonely place, a silent place,an unseen place. It is on these lonely and silentand unseen places that Thine eye resteth ; it isthere Thou lookest for the birthdays of the great,I often say in despair, " Is my humble life wortha future world ; what have I done for the makingof this ? " Teach me, O Lord, the fallacy of mythought ; show me that the sphere of the humbleis ever the sphere where worlds are made !Reveal to me the future majesty of things thatnow seem poor ! I would see, not the crown, but

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