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Wagener Monthly

Wagener Monthly

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Published by Aiken Standard
Wagener Monthly July 2013
Wagener Monthly July 2013

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Published by: Aiken Standard on Aug 01, 2013
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Submitted by: Dawn Laudenslager RichbourgAnticipation leading up to and excitementand lots o un the day o, is what you goton Saturday June 22, 2013. Te WagenerSalley High School Class o 1993 held theirrst ever class reunion. Te reunion marked20 years since their graduation rom WSH .With about 35 class members andteachers the night was lled with oldriends, lots o catching up and joyousreunions. Te reunion was held at theCourtney Center in Wagener. Te night started with a social hour oreveryone to catch up. Russell Stillinger andDawn Laudenslager Richbourg welcomedand thanked all who came out or theoccasion. Acknowledgement went out toDawn who spent a lot o time and did lotso work to make the event possible.During the reunion a copy o thegraduation ceremony played on a V. Terewas also a power point presentation o thesenior picture. Special thanks to Ms. Peggy Williamson or providing the graduationceremony and power point. Tere were alsoseveral picture collages o special eventsrom senior year. Tere was also a collage tohonor the classmates we have lost over theyears. Tere was lots o music, dancing andcorn hole throughout the night. We wouldlike to give special thanks to all those whohelped with the decorating and clean up orthe reunion.. We would also like to thank allo those classmates that helped track downclassmates. We are still missing a ew o thegraduation class so i you graduated withthe class o 1993 and would like to come tothe next reunion please send us an email atWSH93reunion@gmail.com.With technology this day in time may o us keep in touch through Facebook. Many le the night wondering why it had takenus 20 years to get our rst reunion togetherand looking orward to the next reunion. othe Class o 1993, see you in 5 years.
For more photos see Page 13
covering wagener and eastern aiken county
Aiken Standard
Wednesday, August 29, 2012
War Eagle football starts on high note | pgs. 14-15
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Wagener-Salley High commemorates 9/11 | pg. 16
Wednesday, September 26, 2012
Can’t Keep A Good Man Down Jim West is Back! pg 4
Wednesday, July 31, 2013
WSHS Class of 1993 Reunion
School Registration
• Busbee Corbett - Tursday, Aug. 1 (noon to 6 p.m.)• Wagener-Salley High - Tursday, Aug. 1 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
High School Class Reunion
by Mary Gantt Pearson
May, 1963-May, 2013
A.L. Corbett Class of 1963 Celebrates
Te members o the 1963 class o A.L. Corbett High School united on May 31 - June 2, 2013 to celebrate their GoldenAnniversary Reunion at the Hilton GardenInn in Aiken, S.C. What a joyous occasion!We had a ball!Many had not seen some o theirclassmates since graduation which wasMay 3, 1963. Many had seen some o theirclassmates here and there on sundry occasions. Some even attended collegetogether. Nevertheless, the reunion wastruly awesome!Tere were a ew, however, who did notrecognize some old classmates aer 50years. But, on the other hand, most o usknew each other even though there were aew more pounds here and there, snow onthe mountain and a ew bald spots.In this class o 30 plus students, only one couple married each other--EugeneSteadman and Betty Lou Jenkins.Tis gala afair class reunion originatedwith a “ Meet & Greet” session on Friday evening lled with hugs and kisses,laughter, sharing and reminiscing.Te “Blue & Gold Banquet” convened onSaturday evening with more laughter, hugsand kisses, dining, dancing, singing,speaking and presentations and muchmore. Our classmate, Apostle GeorgeRowe, delivered the enlightening keynotespeech..Te culminating activity took place onSunday morning at Saron Baptist Churchin Wagener where our group worshipped.Our classmate, Mae V. obin, was thespokesperson or our group giving aninspirational sermonette.Please see
Page 12
Barbara(Wooden)Gantt, Carolyn(Williams)Quattlebaum, Teacora(Swedenburg)Kent,Ruby(Lee)Tucker, Sirvasteen(Brown)Ulmer, Gloria(Lloyd)Woodward,Vernell(Danley)Morant, Mae(Tyler)Tobin, Mary(Gantt)Pearson, Betty(Jenkins)Steadman, Retha(Gordon)Schofeld, Dorothy(Kitchings)James, and Blondell(Stroman)Howard. Last Row--L--R--(Standing) Edward Stroman, Robert Staley, Jr., Willie Samu-els, Jr., Warren Morgan, Willie Cannon, Xavier Livingston, Ervin Rowe, George Rowe,John Williams, Arilus Gunter, Robert Green and Eugene Steadman.
Memories are precious. Memories are something that cannot be taken away rom you. Memoriesbring you great comort and joy. Memories cansustain you through dicult times. Memories al-low you to remember rom where you came and look orward to where you are going. Memoriesare God’s gif rom thepast or the uture.
A Ride Through Life
A ew days ago, my husband Garry and I visited in Mooresville, N.C. Wewanted to get away or a ew days, yetnot be so very ar rom home. Garry said or me to pick a place to go. Sincewe generally stay in a Hampton Inn,I always have the Hampton Inndirectory in my travel tote. I turned tothe North Carolina section and beganto thumb through the various townswhere a Hampton Inn is located. My eyes stopped on Mooresville; thenI looked up Mooresville in my N.C.travel book and discovered that itis located about 25 miles aboveCharlotte and that many o theNASCAR greats’ headquarters arelocated at Mooresville. I am not abig race an; however, Garry generally watches NASCAR races on television,so I thought that he would enjoy someo the Mooresville attractions.Since neither one o us is able to domuch walking, we did a lot oriding.We ound the headquarters’ districtwithout any trouble and managed tosee JR’S center o operations. Our mapshowed that Petty Enterprises was alsolocated nearby; we rode up and downand around and around and up anddown. I drove real slowly all throughthe district; I drove so slow that aman in a silver colored truck behindme blew the horn and madeunmentionable gestures. I drove closerto the edge o the road; he gunnedhis truck and ew around me. Aerall o this, we still did not nd Petty Enterprises. We also went to an exoticanimal arm and to Mt. Airy, N.C.However, the highlight o our trip wasthe N.C. Auto Racing Hall and Walk o Fame in Mooresville.Garry and I spent several hourslooking at the many restored race cars,pictures, and memorabiliashowcasing past and present racing.Te Walk o Fame honors eachmember o the hall. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the restored racecars. It took me back to the late 50’sand early 60’s when I was a teenagerand my early driving days. My rstcar was a ’55 two door Chevy; it wasalso Daddy’s quail hunting car beorehe got his inamous ’66 Bronco. My riends and I would ride and ride andride in that oldChevy. A dirt road wasthe best place to sh tail; the sandbanks would allow you to bounce o with out hurting the car. Yet, in the oldChevy, it did not make muchdierence or it was covered in dentsand scratches. As I look back, much o my teen years’ entertainment centeredon riding in the old Chevy.Aer Sunday church, I would gohome with Wilsie Boyd or she wouldgo home with me. Once we hadnished dinner, we would get in thecar and ride and ride and ride. Mrs.Bea Kitchings’ store was always openon Sunday aernoon; we would buy adollar’s worth o gas, a pack o cigarettes, and each a Pepsi Cola, andwe were good to go. O course theold Chevy did not have a climatecontrolled heating and coolingsystem, power windows, powersteering, Blue ooth, GPS, or any othermodern technology that automobileshave today. It was a straight stick withthe gear shi on the steering wheelcolumn. Tat was alright with me,since I had learned to drive in Daddy’scoon hunting jeep. I could “doubleclutch” with the best o them. Anothero our un past times was playinghide and seek at night in our cars atA.L. Corbett School. As you may haveguessed, you had to have a least twocars to play. Te old Corbett schoolhad two rows o classroom pods withcovered sidewalks in between the podsand a wide open space in the middle o the two rows. Te object o the gamewas to turn o your car lights, driveover the sidewalk and hide the car inthe middle space next to a pod. Tenas the outside car drove slowly by, youhad to escape to the outside withoutthe other car seeing you andblocking your way. Tat old Chevy was well worth the $400.00 Daddy paid or it.I was talking with Mama about ourtrip and telling her about the old racecars and how seeing them broughtback old memories. I asked Mamaabout an old Ford that she and Daddy had when I was about 5 years old.She said it was an “A” model Ford. Iremember riding with Mama rom ourhouse to Daddy’s store which was onthe corner at the trafc light inWagener. Tis was beore childrestraint laws were enacted. AerMama got me situated in the car sheput my brother Charlie who was about6 months old in my lap and told me,“Now hold tight, don’t let go o Charlie.” She got the old Ford cranked,turned around, and out the driveway we went. We were living where Mamastill lives today and once we were outon the highway theroad was and stillis a gradual incline. We chug, chuggedalong nally reaching the store. Mamasaid that by time we got to the storethat I was still holding on tight toCharlie but that he had slipped so ardown until he was almost lying on theoor board.Mama and I usually go or a ride onmost aernoons; we requently drivepast Wagener Salley High School.
When school is in session, Mama oencomments on all o the cars parked atthe school, and I always tell her thatthere are more cars behind the schooltoo. Mama said when she went toWagener High School that only 3 or 4 o the aculty members had an automobileand that most o them lived in town andwalked to school. Even when I was inhigh school not many students drovetoschool, and i they did, their vehiclelooked about as good as the old ’55Chevy that I drove to school.As Mama and I were returning roma ride the other day, Mama asked mehow long did I intend to drive my GrandMarquise. I told her that since Ford wasnot making Mercury cars any more thatI planned to drive it until the steeringwheel ell o, and as many o you may recall that is literally what happened tomy 1999 Grand Marquise. You just neverknow what can spark a memory. 
Make a memory, share a memory.
Wagener Monthly
Wednesday, July 31, 2013
by LeMyra Young
Wagener Monthly
Wednesday, July 31, 2013
CAWS – South Carolina Coaches Association o Women’s Sportsrecognizes Marcia Lee Blizzard as this year’s MVP Honoree in the29th Annual All-Star Sofball Series and Awards Ceremony.
SCCAWS honors 338 emale athletesthroughout the year. Seniors [All-Stars]are honored by playing in the North/South Games in Volleyball and Soball.Players represent all our classications[1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A] and the upper andlower state. In addition to recognizingSenior Athletes, players are also chosenas CAWS All-State in volleyball andsoball, as well as, Players o the Yearrom each classication in every emalesport. Scholarships are ofered todeserving student-athletes pursuingcareers in education and the medicalelds. Sixteen Coaches are also honoredby coaching the North/South All-StarVolleyball and Soball Games and twoindividuals are recognized each year asMVP Honorees or their dedication towomen’s sports. All o these awards aremade possible through the dedicationand hard work o the SCCAWSExecutive Board, the schools, coaches,athletes, and private businesses.Te University o South CarolinaAiken hosted the 2013 SCCAWS SoballAll-Star ournament June 19-20, 2013.Marcia Lee Blizzard, ormer coach o the Wagener-Salley Lady War Eagleswas honored as this year’s Soball MVPHonoree.Marcia Lee Blizzard attendedWagener Elementary School and thengraduated rom Wagener-Salley HighSchool in 1979. Marcia Lee’scoaching career began in 1988-89 whenshe returned to Wagener-Salley HighSchool to teach. Eager to helpencourage and mentor teenage girls,she agreed to become the cheerleadersponsor and gladly accepted the role asassistant soball coach. Aer assistingthe soball team or one year, MarciaLee became the Head Soball Coach.Te W-S Soball eam’s passion orsoball, spirit to excel, coachableattitude, and heart to win carriedthem to the play-ofs each o the 13years that Coach Blizzard was part o the team. Te Lady War Eagles wereRegion Champions or 6 years, LowerState Champions in 1997 and 1998, andwere State Champions in 1991, 1992,and 1993. Coach Blizzard was honoredas Region Soball Coach o the Year 6times and served as a North All-StarCoach in 1993 and 2002. Her playersreceived numerous individual awards:Heisman Finalist, Region Players o theYear, All-County Players, CAWSAll-State Players, and CAWS All-StarPlayers. Several o Coach Blizzard’splayers attended college on athleticscholarships, one was named “Rookie o the Year” her rst year playing collegesoball, and some have becometeachers/coaches.Within her 13 years o coaching,Marcia Lee also coached junior varsity basketball and volleyball. During thetwo years she coached volleyball, theLady War Eagles won the Region andCoach Blizzard was named RegionVolleyball Coach o the Year. “Whenyour heart is or the players and not thesport, it’s easy to transition rom oneseason to another – ling in until theright coach comes along!”Marcia Lee shared, “Just as seasonschange in sports and throughout theyear, seasons in our lie also abruptly begin and end. With no plans to quitcoaching soball, Coach Blizzard wassitting in the Soball Coaches Clinicwhen she was led to resign. “A man’sheart plans his way, but the Lord directshis steps.[Proverbs 16:9] In 2003,Coach Blizzard’s passion to see teenagersdevelop character, establish goals, ndtheir purpose, and succeed in lie movedher rom the soball eld to the missioneld. Marcia Lee’s new “coachingposition” started with children andyouth rom the Wagener and Salley areasat Perry Baptist Church OutreachMinistry on Wednesday Evenings. Asher passion grew, so did the desire toenlarge her territory or ministry. MarciaLee’s rst overseas trip was to Bolivia in2005. Since then, she has traveled eachyear with JSMI - John Smithwick Minis-tries International – also called “GlobalVentures” [GlobalVentures.V] tominister in Arica, Guatemala, Tailand[4 years], and Peru [7 years].“It is an honor to go on Mission ripsand actively express the love o Christ by sharing the gospel and to witnessdemonstrations o the power o theWord through maniested healings.Words cannot express what I eel when Ilook into the eyes o people who have noidea who Jesus is – many o which havenever even heard the Name o ‘Jesus.’God doesn’t just want us to tell othersabout Christ, He wants others to know Who Jesus is. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”“Tere are so many memories tied upin the season o my lie which includedbeing Soball Coach at Wagener-Salley High. One o the most importantaspects o coaching is buildingrelationships. While on the eld,relationships have diferent degrees:teammates, ans, rivalries, opponents,and submission to authority betweenUmpires/Coaches/Players. But the joy is… once the game is over, therelationship takes on a diferentmeaning. It’s exciting that even aer somany years, the bond makes comingtogether riendly and rewarding.“Coaching/eaching/Ministry – it’sall the same! You’re changing lives andimproving yours… endeavoring to‘Practice what you Preach!”Marcia Lee had the privilege o speaking to the SCCAWS All-Starplayers and coaches at a luncheon onWednesday, June 19th. “Since the playersare reerred to as All-Stars, I highlightedthe word SARS when speaking -emphasizing words that were vital whileI coached and are still important in my  job as a teacher and in my calling as aMissionary.
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