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Events of the Cold War

Events of the Cold War

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Published by cjmonkey182

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Published by: cjmonkey182 on May 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EventRatingDateYalta91945Potsdam71945America uses the A-Bomb6.51945Soviets Takeover Eastern Europe61946Iron Curtain Speech51946Marshall Plan4.51947Truman Doctrine4.51947Berlin Blockade31948Formation of NATO31949USSR uses the A-Bomb2.51949China goes communist2.51949Korean War21950Stalin Dies71953Hungary-Polish Revolution51956Space Race31957U2 Incident21960Bay of Pigs21961Berlin Wall1.51961Cuban Missile Crisis11963U2 in Cuba11963US-Soviet Hotline51963Test Ban Treaty51963L.B.Johnson3
L.Brezhnev31964Troops help in Vietnam2.51965Prague Spring31968Non-Proliferation Treaty51968US in Vietnam War2.51969Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I)31970Soyuz-Apollo Space Link41975Helsinki Agreement51975President Carter critisizes the USSR41977Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II)51979Iran Crisis41979Nicaragua Angola31979Soviet SS-20 in Eastern Europe31979USSR invade Afghanistan 31979US boycott Moscow Olympics21980Reagan becomes President1.51981Intermediate Range Missile Talks41981Andropov replaces Brezhnev41982START51982Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars)31983US crush communist revolution inGrenada21983LA Olympics boycotted by Soviets31984Chernenko replaces Andropov41984Gorbachev replaces Chernenko51985Glaznoz and Perestroika61985INF Treaty71987Eastern Europe Capitalist Revolution91989Berlin Wall Falls91989Formal End Of the Cold War9.51989

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