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The Extended Report

The Extended Report

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Published by: acniebauer on Aug 01, 2013
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MBA Program of Global EntrepreneurialManagementand Business Administration
Advisor: Dr. Tsai
The Impact of Mobile Devices on theDevelopment of Emerging Economies; theRole of Mobile Banking in EnablingFinancial Inclusion
Anneliese Niebauer
Title of Business Plan:
The Impact of Mobile Devices on the Development of Emerging Economies; the Role of Mobile Banking in Enabling FinancialInclusion
 Financial InclusionName of Institute :
MBA Program of Global Entrepreneurial Management andBusiness Administration Fu Jen Catholic University.
Name of Student :
Anneliese Niebauer 
Advisor : 
Dr. Tsai
Total Page :
In the quest for alleviating poverty and enabling connectivity in developingcountries, no technology has exhibited more promise or generated moreexcitement than the rapid penetration of mobile devices into developingcountries. As of 2011, 85% of the world’s seven billion had cellular devices, andthere is validating evidence that illustrates how this increased connectivity canimprove emerging economies. In India, one study proved that for every 10%increased in mobile penetration, there was a 1.2 increase in GDP. Mobiledevices, which historically have been used for texting, gaming, and talking in thedeveloping world, are beginning to impact other sectors of the economy,enabling economic and social development. One of the most exciting promisesmobile brings to developing countries is the ability to leapfrog the traditionalinfrastructure required in many of these industries – agriculture, health,government and money.
Of the areas that are promising for mobile development, no industry hasgenerated as much hype as Mobile Money and Mobile Banking. Mobile money,which allows financial services to reach the poorest of the poor in a cost-effectivemanner, has been growing in success in the developing world. The mostsuccessful implementation of mobile money has been M-PESA in Kenya. Theservices has seen widespread adoption within Kenya and has since spread intofive other developing countries.
Keywords :
Financial Inclusion, Mobile Revolution, Developing Country,Emerging Economies, m-Finance, m-Money, m-Banking

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