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Arguments for and against praying to the Prophet Muhammad and the saints

Arguments for and against praying to the Prophet Muhammad and the saints

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Published by Hassan Basarally
An analysis of some arguments that are commonly used to justify praying to the Prophet Muhammad and the pious.
An analysis of some arguments that are commonly used to justify praying to the Prophet Muhammad and the pious.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Hassan Basarally on Aug 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Knowledge International University
Final AssignmentCourse Name: Aqeedah IIICourse Code: AQD IIIInstructor: Shaykh Abu Salman Deya ud Deen EberleStudent DetailsName: Hassan BasarallyStudent ID: 1120020Batch:Semester: 3 (Spring 2013)Assignment Question:
Discuss three of the arguments for and against praying to the Prophet(pbuh) and the saints. (Maximum 1200 words)
 Amongst the Muslims today are many who claim that it is permissible to pray to the ProphetMuhammad, , and the “saintsor Awliya. Amongst the reasons that are givenfor this belief are since the Messenger, , and the Awliya have Mu’jizah(miracles) and Karaamah (supernatural acts) this makes supplication to them having a greater chance of being accepted. Another reason is that their piety allows them to intercede for people.Finally, it is believed that some of the Awliya have knowledge of the unseen and can help peoplewho supplicate to them. However, this act is not in accordance with the Islamic creed andimpermissible in the Shariah because having Karaamah does not make one a Wali, any worshipthat is directed to human beings means that one is giving those human beings attributes that belong only to Allah, , and finally, intercession is only from Allah, .A few points must be mentioned firstly about the Messenger, , and the Awliya.Imam Tahawi states about the Messenger, :
He is Leader (Imam) of the Pious,He is Chief of the Messengers
He is very dear to the Lord of the Worlds.
A Muslimaffirms all these characteristics and it is supported in many places in the Quran and Sunnah. For example, Allah, , says:
)(3:31. Say (O Muhammad to mankind): "If you (really) love Allâh then follow me (i.e.accept Islâmic Monotheism, follow the Qur'ân and the Sunnah), Allâh will love you andforgive you of your sins. And Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."
It is evident here that love for Allah, , is equated to obedience and following theMessenger, . The superiority of and nearness of the Messenger, ,to Allah, , is seen in the following verse:
) …(17:55. And your Lord knows best all who are in the heavens and the earth. And indeed, wehave preferred some of the Prophets above others…
Imam Ibn Abi Al Izz explains that the Messenger, , has the highest form of lovefrom Allah, . This is called
which is a love that fills the heart of the lover.
However, this does not afford him, , any ability to answer supplications. In facthe, , directed all supplication to Allah, alone as seen in the followingHadeeth narrated by Abu Hurairah, :
" ""By Allah! I ask for forgiveness from Allah and turn to Him in repentance more thanseventy times a day."
The Messenger, , is nothing but a man who Allah, selected to be a prophet, who called people to Tawheed or the sincere worship of Allah alone. Allah,says:
)(18:110. Say (O Muhammad ): "I am only a man like you. It has been inspired to me thatyour Ilâh (God) is one Ilâh (God i.e. Allâh). So whoever hopes for the meeting with his
1Ibn Abi Al Izz, Sharh Al Aqeedah At Tahawiyyah, Translated by Muhammad Abdul Haqq Al Ansari, Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Sa’ud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, p. 922Sahih al-Bukhari 6307

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