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Book 1 - Untitled

Book 1 - Untitled

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Published by musiclover928
The first chapter and a couple pages of chapter two of my book, which is called 2:35.
The first chapter and a couple pages of chapter two of my book, which is called 2:35.

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Published by: musiclover928 on May 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1Prologue“Breaking news,” I listened intently to the tv, “Around three o’clock today, there was amass shooting at UConn. The murderer, whose name will not be released at the moment, bargedinto a weekly GSA meeting. He shot everyone in the room, including himself. Of the eleven thatwere in the room, eight were killed. The shooter had been known to constantly bash the group,along with the gay and lesbian community. More information will be released as the storydevelops. Ursula Crawford, News Channel 8.”I could only think of one word to say, wow. That’s insane...okay that’s more like threewords, but who cares really.Yawning, I looked over at the time: 11:30. Maybe it’s time for bed...My heart started pounding. My breath started quickening. Our faces drew closer andcloser until suddenly, we kissed. Her lips tasted a little like strawberries and melon with a hint of  pineapple. It was probably from the fruit salad we had earlier. As we pulled away I looked intoher eyes and whispered “I love you” with a smile. And then I woke up.Looking around frantically I wondered what that dream was about. What was it tellingme? I’d never kissed a girl before! Hell, I’ve never even kissed a guy before. But by no meanshave I ever thought of a girl in that way. But now that I think about it...I looked at the clock and it was then, at 2:35am, August 9
, that I realized I was gay.Chapter OneSo lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my life. Like really thinking about it. It’s beenexactly two years to the day since I discovered I was a lesbian and yet I’ve never even kissed agirl. Come to think of it I’ve never been kissed period. If only my best friend was gay, I would sokiss her in an instant.But first I should probably introduce myself. Hi, my name is Tammy O’Reily. I’m practically a social outcast and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s just the way things work outhere in Branford, Connecticut. I don’t really feel like I fit in anywhere, hence the social outcast part. It seems as if no one really gets me, you know? Not to mention there’s nothing specialabout me. I have no special talents or anything of the sort. Hell, I’m not even attractive in myeyes. With light brown eyes, muddy brown hair, small boobs, and only about 5'4", I sure don’tstick out in a crowd.But yeah, no one understands how hard it is to be a 15 year old lesbian who refuses tocome out even if it is the last thing left to do. And yet, maybe people would be accepting. Maybethey wouldn’t care and they could still see me for who I really am. And maybe I’ll be famous in5 years. Not going to happen. You know, I’m not even the type of girl people would think wouldn’t be straight. Then again, no one knows the true me. Or at least I don’t try to show it.Only my best friends really know who I am. But I don’t know, it’s weird. Then again when wasmy life ever normal. Now that I think about it, I should probably explain a bit about where I live. It is part of the reason why my life is so messed up after all. Branford, Connecticut. What is there to say
about it? Well let me tell you, it’s about as fun as watching grass grow. Okay maybe a little better. There are really only three main attractions in this vacuum of excitement: the beaches, thecenter, and the movies. Yes, it’s so bad here that the movie theater is one of the best things aboutthis place. The beaches aren’t too bad though. If you call about 50 square feet of sand your ideal place to be during the summer. At least the center is somewhat entertaining. With two, yes two,ice cream parlors, about four mini restaurants, and tons of shops, who wouldn’t love this place?Oh right, me.But in all seriousness, let’s talk about some of the heated discussions us Branfordions partake in. Which pizzeria is the best in town? Well there is Marco’s, Pepe and Rose’s,Pacileo’s...oh forget it. There are at least a dozen in this tiny town, and everyone argues aboutwhich one is the best place to go. And I definitely can’t forget about the infamous ice cream battle! Ashley’s Ice Cream or Ben & Jerry’s? I prefer Ben & Jerry’s but that’s just me. See, thehorrifying part about that feud is that they are only a couple tiny shops apart. Talk about intense.But enough about me ranting on about this craphole I live in.Ah but I have a few minutes to spare before I get yelled at for not cleaning my room, whynot let out a bit more. Did I mention how quiet it is here? It is so peaceful, almost too peaceful. Nothing ever happens here. Ever. Like I said, about as boring as watching grass grow. Speakingof grass, did you know that at least half of my school smokes weed? Not that I think about it,there’s definitely more than that. And there’s even more who drink all the time. There are probably more high school students who drink and smoke weed than play sports. But that’s just ahumble, sober kid’s opinion. It doesn’t really matter to anyone anyway, even if they are riskingthrowing away their lives and futures.Anyway, back to my best friend, Coral Barringer. She is absolutely amazing, totallygorgeous, and I love her to death. But more than a best friend. I think I am IN love with her, andI have been for about a year now. But I don’t know what to do about it. She’s straight, of course,my luck. The only girl I’ve ever really truly loved has to be straight. Yeah I know, it sucks. I’ve been debating whether or not to tell her the truth, well half the truth anyway. I’ll make sure toleave out the fact that I’m in love with her. I mean, she is my best friend after all. What’s theworst that could happen?“Tammy! Phone!”Ugh. Way to interrupt my thinking.“Who is it Mom?”“It’s Coral!”Well now isn’t that ironic? Then again, who else would know I’m awake this early in thesummer. I couldn’t get downstairs quick enough to get the phone. This is it, I’m telling Tammythe truth. It’s about time too. I grabbed the phone from my mom and raced back to the porch justoutside of my room.“Hey Coral! What’s up home skillet?” I said jokingly“Not much, not much,” she laughed a little. God I love that. “Just wanted to see if youwere busy today.”“Me? Busy? You should know me better than that! What did you have in mind?”“Well do you wanna come over? We can just chill at my place.”Her father spoke to her in the background, “Not today Coral, I’m having some veryimportant people come over for lunch to discuss some things with work.”
“Damn, okay just kidding then. Not trying to invite myself over, but can I invite myself over?I laughed at that. “Of course you can invite yourself over. I’ve gotta talk to you aboutsomething anyway. I guess it goes along the line of boys and all that fun stuff.”Okay so it doesn’t exactly have anything to do with a boy, but she’ll figure that part outsoon enough.Coral gasped but you could tell it was so fake.“Tammy is having boy issues? Maybe her first real boyfriend is coming soon! Hope it’snot like the last one. Oh my gosh I need to record this moment!”Seriously now, just because my first, and last “boyfriend” had been a total dud doesn’tmean she has to bug me about it every day. His name was Parker, and the only reason why I evenwent out with the guy was to prove I was straight. Even though I’m not...But I didn’t wantanyone else knowing that! This girl had accused me of being a lesbian and to try to keep mysecret I asked out Parker, who of course had to say yes. Ha, that lasted all of two days.Oh shoot, I really need to stop thinking about every little thing she says.“Very funny, look, can you be here in an hour or so? It’s pretty serious stuff. And no I’mnot about to get a boyfriend.”“Aw darn,” she sounded disappointed, “Okay, see you in an hour. Bye!”I hung up the phone, and that was it. That right there just sealed the deal. I’m coming outto Coral in about an hour and there is no going back. And to think, just 5 minutes ago I wasn’teven considering this. Oh god what am I going to say to her?!The next hour was spent getting ready and trying to look at least halfway decent. After 45minutes of cleaning my room and finding the right outfit I sat down on the couch in the livingroom to wait for her. It seemed like time couldn’t pass any slower! And then she barged right inlike usual.“Hey Coral!” I said jumping up with a huge grin.We hugged just like we do every time we see each other. You know, this really isn’thelping towards the whole crush thing.“Don’t tell me you were just sitting there for 15 minutes waiting for me!” she said with asmirk.I could kill her. I really could. But I’d miss her too much. Way too much.“Wow you know me so well it’s kind of embarrassing.”“Oh, I was just kidding! So now tell me what you wanted to tell me!”“Well...um...you see.”I couldn’t help but tap my hands on my legs and play with my hair. Oh great, this is oneof those days. The hyper, jittery, I-can’t-sit-still days. This is gonna make things extra fun for me.I rolled my eyes.Whatever. Might as well get it over with. “Okay, okay, okay, let’s go upstairs to my roomand we’ll talk.”Coral’s long, golden hair swished from side to side, as dashed up the stairs, way faster than I could’ve managed. Did I ever mention that she plays four sports? Field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer during the summer. I on the other hand don’t even have enoughcoordination to run track during the spring.“Come on,” I grabbed her hand and opened the door leading outside, “let’s go out on my porch. I don’t want to run the risk of my parents hearing.”“Oh it’s that big of secret is it?” We sat down. “Okay,” she got calmer, “tell me.”

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