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Human Development Quiz

Human Development Quiz

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Published by Carla Joyce
measurement and evaluation
measurement and evaluation

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Carla Joyce on Aug 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Republic of the PhilippinesPolytechnic University of the PhilippinesQuezon City CampusLong Quiz in General Psychology (PSYC 1013) Name:________________________________ Date:______________________________ Year & Section: _________________________ Prof.:______________________________ 
Read the following statements carefully. Write the word/s on the space provided that will best answer the following. _______________1. It is the approved behavior in which men and women are expected to behave. _______________2. It is the stage wherein children begin to experience changes of puberty andare concerned about their appearance. _______________3. At this stage, children begin to perform logical thinking in relation toconcrete object. _______________4. It is the stage of development wherein an adolescent is faced by variousidentification. _______________5. Family vs. Friends, body image, boredom and attitude are thedevelopmental task of this stage. _______________6. It is marked by puberty in girls. _______________7. He sought to determine whether there are universal stages in moraldevelopment. _______________8. This stage is classified by infants from birth to two years old in cognitivedevelopment. ________________9. Children at this age are learning about their bodies. ________________10. It refers to the awareness of a child about objects which continue to existeven when it is no longer visible.
 ________________11. It describes the growth of humans throughout the lifespan, fromconception to death. ________________12. According to this principle,
ndividuals of the same family have similar genes and traits. ________________13. It is the environment which is consist of all the genetic materials held bythe cell membrane. ________________14. It is the end or goal of development and growth. ________________15. These are microscopic particles which carries the hereditary units wereceive form our parents and transmit to our offspring.
Write TRUE on the space provided if the statement is true; FALSE, if it isfalse.
 _______________1.Piaget describes children as moral philosophers. _______________2. Rebellion, sexuality, parent conflict and morals are the developmental tasksof middle adulthood. _______________3.Generally, boys mature earlier by 2 years than the girls. _______________4. In concrete operational stage, children can think in abstract terms and canfollow logical operations. _______________5. There are four stages in cognitive development.
Read each pair of words below carefully. Write your answer on the space provided to complete the following pairs.1.
Infancy: Birth to two years : ___________: seven to twelve years2.
Female: Menopause : Male:_____________ 3.
Female:___________ : Male: Sperm4.
Embryonic Stage:__________: Fetal Stage: 2-9months5.
XX: Female : XXY:___________ 

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