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HTML Images
HTML Elements
HTML Element Syntax
Nested HTML Elements
HTML Document Example
HTML Example Explained
Don't Forget the End Tag
Empty HTML Elements
HTML Tip: Use Lowercase Tags
HTML Attributes
Attribute Example
Headings Are Important
HTML Lines
HTML Comments
HTML Line Breaks
HTML Text Formatting
HTML Formatting Tags
HTML Text Formatting Tags
HTML "Computer Output" Tags
HTML Hyperlinks (Links)
HTML Link Syntax
HTML Links - The target Attribute
HTML Links - The id Attribute
Basic Notes - Useful Tips
More Examples
HTML Link Tags
Try it Yourself - Examples
The HTML <head> Element
The HTML <title> Element
The HTML <base> Element
The HTML <link> Element
The HTML <style> Element
The HTML <meta> Element
<meta> Tags - Examples of Use
The HTML <script> Element
HTML head Elements
Styling HTML with CSS
Inline Styles
HTML Style Example - Background Color
HTML Style Example - Font, Color and Size
HTML Style Example - Text Alignment
Internal Style Sheet
External Style Sheet
HTML Style Tags
Deprecated Tags and Attributes
Norwegian Mountain Trip
HTML Images - The <img> Tag and the Src Attribute
HTML Tables and the Border Attribute
HTML Table Headers
HTML Table Tags
HTML Lists
Try-It-Yourself Examples
HTML Unordered Lists
HTML Ordered Lists
HTML Description Lists
HTML List Tags
HTML Block Elements
HTML Inline Elements
The HTML <div> Element
The HTML <span> Element
HTML Grouping Tags
Website Layouts
HTML Layouts - Using <div> Elements
HTML Layouts - Using Tables
HTML Layout - Useful Tips
HTML Layout Tags
HTML Forms
HTML Forms - The Input Element
Text Fields
Password Field
Radio Buttons
Submit Button
More Input Examples
Color Values
16 Million Different Colors
Shades of Gray
Web Safe Colors?
Color Names Supported by All Browsers
Sorted by Color Name
Sorted by Hex Value
The HTML <script> Tag
The HTML <noscript> Tag
A Taste of JavaScript (From Our JavaScript Tutorial)
JavaScript can write directly into the HTML output stream:
JavaScript can react to events:
JavaScript can manipulate HTML styles:
HTML Script Tags
HTML Entities
Non-breaking Space
HTML Entities Example
HTML Useful Character Entities
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
Common URL Schemes
URL Encoding
Try It Yourself
URL Encoding Examples
What is HTML5?
How Did HTML5 Get Started?
Minimum HTML5 Document
HTML5 - New Features
Browser Support for HTML5
HTML5 References
New Elements in HTML5
The New <canvas> Element
New Media Elements
New Form Elements
New Semantic/Structural Elements
Removed Elements
What is Canvas?
Browser Support
Create a Canvas
Draw Onto The Canvas With JavaScript
Canvas Coordinates
Canvas - Paths
Canvas - Text
Canvas - Gradients
Canvas - Images
Image to use:
HTML Canvas Reference
The HTML <canvas> Tag
What is SVG?
SVG Advantages
Embed SVG Directly Into HTML Pages
Differences Between SVG and Canvas
Comparison of Canvas and SVG
Drag and Drop
HTML5 Drag and Drop Example
Make an Element Draggable
What to Drag - ondragstart and setData()
Where to Drop - ondragover
Do the Drop - ondrop
Locate the User's Position
HTML5 - Using Geolocation
Geolocation object - Other interesting Methods
Check if your browser supports HTML5 video
Video on the Web
HTML5 Video - How It Works
Video Formats and Browser Support
MIME Types for Video Formats
HTML5 <video> - DOM Methods and Properties
Example 1
HTML5 Video Tags
Audio on the Web
HTML5 Audio - How It Works
Audio Formats and Browser Support
MIME Types for Audio Formats
HTML5 Audio Tags
HTML5 New Input Types
Input Type: color
Input Type: date
Input Type: datetime
Input Type: datetime-local
Input Type: email
Input Type: month
Input Type: number
Input Type: range
Input Type: search
Input Type: tel
Input Type: time
Input Type: url
Input Type: week
HTML5 <input> Tag
HTML5 New Form Elements
HTML5 <datalist> Element
HTML5 <keygen> Element
HTML5 <output> Element
HTML5 New Form Attributes
<form> / <input> autocomplete Attribute
<form> novalidate Attribute
<input> autofocus Attribute
<input> form Attribute
<input> formaction Attribute
<input> formenctype Attribute
<input> formmethod Attribute
<input> formnovalidate Attribute
<input> formtarget Attribute
<input> height and width Attributes
<input> min and max Attributes
<input> multiple Attribute
<input> pattern Attribute
<input> placeholder Attribute
<input> required Attribute
<input> step Attribute
<input> list Attribute
What is HTML5 Web Storage?
localStorage and sessionStorage
The localStorage Object
The sessionStorage Object
What is Application Cache?
HTML5 Cache Manifest Example
Cache Manifest Basics
The Manifest File
Updating the Cache
Example - Complete Cache Manifest File
Notes on Application Cache
What is a Web Worker?
HTML5 Web Workers Example
Check Web Worker Support
Create a Web Worker File
Create a Web Worker Object
Terminate a Web Worker
Full Web Worker Example Code
Web Workers and the DOM
Server-Sent Events - One Way Messaging
Receive Server-Sent Event Notifications
Check Server-Sent Events Support
Server-Side Code Example
The EventSource Object
What is Multimedia?
Multimedia Formats
Video Formats
Sound Formats
HTML Helpers (Plug-ins)
What is The Best Way to Play Audio/Video in HTML?
QuickTime - Play WAV Audio
QuickTime - Play MP4 Video
Adobe Flash Player - Play SWF Video
Windows Media Player - Play WMV Movie
Problems, Problems, and Solutions
Using Plug-ins
Using The <embed> Element
Using The <object> Element
Using the HTML5 <audio> Element
The Best HTML Solution
Yahoo Media Player - An Easy Way to Add Audio to Your Site
Using A Hyperlink
A Note About Inline Sounds
HTML Multimedia Tags
Playing Videos in HTML
The <embed> Element
Using the HTML5 <video> Element
HTML 5 + <object> + <embed>
The YouTube Solution
A Note About Inline Videos
Playing a YouTube Video in HTML
Example - YouTube iFrame
Example - YouTube Embedded
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HTML n HTML 5 Tutorial

HTML n HTML 5 Tutorial

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Published by Rohit Actuarian
html n html 5 tutorial
html n html 5 tutorial

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Published by: Rohit Actuarian on Aug 02, 2013
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