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Family Code in the Philippines

Family Code in the Philippines

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Published by invictus0446

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Published by: invictus0446 on May 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I, CORAZON C. AQUINO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby order nd promul!te the "mily Code of the Philippines, s follows#
Chapter 1. Requisites of Marriage
 Arti$le %. &rri!e is  spe$il $ontr$t of permnent union between  mn nd  womn entered into in $$ordn$e with lw for the estblishment of $on'u!l nd fmily life. It is the foundtion of the fmily nd n inviolble so$il institution whose nture, $onse(uen$es, nd in$idents re !overned by lw nd not sub'e$t to stipultion, e)$ept tht mrri!e settlements my fi) the property reltions durin! the mrri!e within the limits provided by this Code.
 Art. . No mrri!e shll be vlid, unless these essentil re(uisites re present# *%- e!l $p$ity of the $ontr$tin! prties who must be  mle nd  femle/ nd *- Consent freely !iven in the presen$e of the solemni0in! offi$er.
Art. 1. 2he forml re(uisites of mrri!e re# *%- Authority of the solemni0in! offi$er/ *- A vlid mrri!e li$ense e)$ept in the $ses provided for in Chpter  of this 2itle/ nd *1- A mrri!e $eremony whi$h t3es pl$e with the ppern$e of the $ontr$tin! prties before the solemni0in! offi$er nd their personl de$lrtion tht they t3e e$h other s husbnd nd wife in the presen$e of not less thn two witnesses of le!l !e.
*+1, ++-
 Art. 4. 2he bsen$e of ny of the essentil or forml re(uisites shll render the mrri!e void
ab initio
, e)$ept s stted in Arti$le 1+ *-. A defe$t in ny of the essentil re(uisites shll render the mrri!e voidble s provided in Arti$le 4+. An irre!ulrity in the forml re(uisites shll not ffe$t the vlidity of the mrri!e but the prty or prties responsible for the irre!ulrity shll be $ivilly, $riminlly dministrtively lible. *n- Art. +. Any mle or femle of the !e of ei!hteen yers or upwrds not under ny of the impediments mentioned in Arti$les 15 nd 16, my $ontr$t mrri!e.
Art. 7. No pres$ribed form or reli!ious rite for the solemni0tion of the mrri!e is re(uired. It shll be ne$essry, however, for the $ontr$tin! prties to pper personlly before the solemni0in! offi$er nd de$lre in the presen$e of not less thn two witnesses of le!l !e tht they t3e e$h other s husbnd nd wife. 2his de$lrtion shll be $ontined in the mrri!e $ertifi$te whi$h shll be si!ned by the $ontr$tin! prties nd their witnesses nd ttested by the solemni0in! offi$er. In $se of  mrri!e in
articulo mortis
, when the prty t the point of deth is unble to si!n the mrri!e $ertifi$te, it shll be suffi$ient for one of the witnesses to the mrri!e to write the nme of sid prty, whi$h f$t shll be ttested by the solemni0in! offi$er.
 Art. 5. &rri!e my be solemni0ed by# *%- Any in$umbent member of the 'udi$iry within the $ourt8s  'urisdi$tion/ *- Any priest, rbbi, imm, or minister of ny $hur$h or reli!ious se$t duly uthori0ed by his $hur$h or reli!ious se$t nd re!istered with the $ivil re!istrr !enerl, $tin! within the limits of the written uthority !rnted by his $hur$h or reli!ious se$t nd provided tht t lest one of the $ontr$tin! prties belon!s to the solemni0in! offi$er8s $hur$h or reli!ious se$t/ *1- Any ship $ptin or irplne $hief only in the $se mentioned in Arti$le 1%/ *4- Any militry $ommnder of  unit to whi$h  $hplin is ssi!ned, in the bsen$e of the ltter, durin!  militry opertion, li3ewise only in the $ses mentioned in Arti$le 1/ *+- Any $onsul9!enerl, $onsul or vi$e9$onsul in the $se provided in Arti$le %:.
 Arti$le. 6. 2he mrri!e shll be solemni0ed publi$ly in the $hmbers of the  'ud!e or in open $ourt, in the $hur$h, $hpel or temple, or in the offi$e the $onsul9!enerl, $onsul or vi$e9$onsul, s the $se my be, nd not elsewhere, e)$ept in $ses of mrri!es $ontr$ted on the point of deth or in remote pl$es in $$ordn$e with Arti$le ; of this Code, or where both of the prties re(uest the solemni0in! offi$er in writin! in whi$h $se the mrri!e my be solemni0ed t  house or pl$e desi!nted by them in  sworn sttement to tht effe$t.
 Art. ;. A mrri!e li$ense shll be issued by the lo$l $ivil re!istrr of the $ity or muni$iplity where either $ontr$tin! prty hbitully resides, e)$ept in mrri!es where no li$ense is re(uired in $$ordn$e with Chpter  of this 2itle.
 Art. %:. &rri!es between "ilipino $iti0ens brod my be solemni0ed by 
$onsul9!enerl, $onsul or vi$e9$onsul of the Republi$ of the Philippines. 2he issun$e of the mrri!e li$ense nd the duties of the lo$l $ivil re!istrr nd of the solemni0in! offi$er with re!rd to the $elebrtion of mrri!e shll be performed by sid $onsulr offi$il.
 Art. %%. <here  mrri!e li$ense is re(uired, e$h of the $ontr$tin! prties shll file seprtely  sworn ppli$tion for su$h li$ense with the proper lo$l $ivil re!istrr whi$h shll spe$ify the followin!# *%- "ull nme of the $ontr$tin! prty/ *- Pl$e of birth/ *1- A!e nd dte of birth/ *4- Civil sttus/ *+- If previously mrried, how, when nd where the previous mrri!e ws dissolved or nnulled/ *7- Present residen$e nd $iti0enship/ *5- =e!ree of reltionship of the $ontr$tin! prties/ *6- "ull nme, residen$e nd $iti0enship of the fther/ *;- "ull nme, residen$e nd $iti0enship of the mother/ nd *%:- "ull nme, residen$e nd $iti0enship of the !urdin or person hvin! $hr!e, in $se the $ontr$tin! prty hs neither fther nor mother nd is under the !e of twenty9one yers. 2he ppli$nts, their prents or !urdins shll not be re(uired to e)hibit their residen$e $ertifi$tes in ny formlity in $onne$tion with the se$urin! of the mrri!e li$ense.
 Art. %. 2he lo$l $ivil re!istrr, upon re$eivin! su$h ppli$tion, shll re(uire the presenttion of the ori!inl birth $ertifi$tes or, in defult thereof, the bptisml $ertifi$tes of the $ontr$tin! prties or $opies of su$h do$uments duly ttested by the persons hvin! $ustody of the ori!inls. 2hese $ertifi$tes or $ertified $opies of the do$uments by this Arti$le need not be sworn to nd shll be e)empt from the do$umentry stmp t). 2he si!nture nd offi$il title of the person issuin! the $ertifi$te shll be suffi$ient proof of its uthenti$ity. If either of the $ontr$tin! prties is unble to produ$e his birth or bptisml $ertifi$te or  $ertified $opy of either be$use of the destru$tion or loss of the ori!inl or if it is shown by n ffidvit of su$h prty or of ny other person tht su$h birth or bptisml $ertifi$te hs not yet been re$eived thou!h the sme hs been re(uired of the person hvin! $ustody thereof t

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